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Animara is a center for movement that provides an illuminated pathway for the Mystic Arts Practika (M.A.P.) approach to soul-centered cultivation of refined mythic embodiment. A 3 fold framework which merges Elemental Fusion dance and medicinal Moon Yoga with an integrative practical magic companion. 

The M.A.P. inspires activated artistic growth by nurturing creative development with an essential, interactive structure which serves as a gateway of guided technique for stepping into your power, connecting with Spirit and developing your own vibrant mythos of  impactful divine expression.  

With roots established in ancient arcane principles, the Mystic Arts Practika aligns our souls journey with the rhythms of nature, the wheel of the year, and the astrological houses, providing an in-depth curriculum of tried and true magical sciences to attain potent talismanic artistry.



Animara is designed for attuning  M.A.P. practitioners to the ever-evolving cosmic unfolding, vitality practices through embodied elemental alchemy, grimoire development and devised enchantment as our core trajectory for educational mentorship. Steeped in the wisdom of the ancients, M.A.P is an alchemized movement methodology for the modern day mystic to utilize as a holistic framework for achieving empowered embodiment of their uniquely divine mythos.

Memberships, courses, workshops and Elemental Fusion Dance Certification programs are among the exciting new offerings brought to you through the Animara portal. 
Join the movement as we launch with fervor into the dawning of a new era of Empowered Elemental Alchemy & Artistry. 
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The Mystic Behind the Magick

My name is Tiare Valouria, (She/Her) I am an animist, sorceress, and multi-disciplinary artist based in the ancestral lands of the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, and Tualatin Kalapua, Mollala tribes – also known as Portland, OR which has been my home base for 20 years.

Mystically driven, theatrical dance is my passion while my specialties are Fusion Bellydance, Classical Temple Dance, Vaudeville & Ritual Theatre. I was born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands and spent my formative years dancing classical ballet and Kahiko in the Hula Halau, while also studying numerous courses in theater arts. In 2002, I began to immerse myself in studying the spiritual lineages of Trika Yoga, Vajrayana Sadhana with Swami Chrtanananda and Lama Wangdu Rimpoche under whom I became a devotee, a Vajrayogini and Chod initiate and blossomed into what has now become 20 years of practice. 

Fun fact – I am the artist formerly known as NagaSita, and many of my previous workings can be found under that name. Ceremonial embodiment has been a lifelong pursuit for me, and my mystical practices have always played a role as key components in my Ritual Theatre offerings. Portland is where I began my career as a performer, & toured with a circus for 8 years eventually growing into the role of teacher, choreographer, director and producer. I birthed the Valourian Theatre company here, and have produced a considerable number of shows in the Pacific NW, always bordering on the avant-garde and conjuring the wyrd.  

It is my personal mission to bring about an awakening in the collective to the sacredness that is in everything, our inherent magical power and the responsibility that comes with it within the web of consciousness. I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to teach my Ritual Theatre – Temple Tableaux Format in 8 different countries, and I am now pouring all of my loving attention into new Valourian Theatre works while refining the Mystic Arts Practika here at Animara.

I am a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, Vajrayogini/Chod Initiate and devotee of Hekate with an extensive background in Ritual Magick, Folk Magick / Conjure, and Sorcery. My dance background is built upon Ritual Theatre, Fusion Bellydance, Indian Classical Temple dance, Modern Contemporary, Vaudeville, Ballet, Folkloric, Hula and Butoh. I currently offer regular Moon Yoga and Elemental Fusion dance classes through the Animara platform, in addition to the occasional workshop immersion and/or intensive deep dives , and always set a goal for keeping my classes fun and encouraging, with a teaching approach that is pleasantly informative, fused with a focus on feeling good in your body and attuning to the cosmic signatures of the present moment, therefore easy to digest, profoundly opportune and always inspiring.


Loving all this information and ritual/rites. Thank you for your wisdom sister and for being our guide during these pivotal times. So grateful for the teachings I received thus far. Such a beautiful, sacred container.

Cassandra Arias 

Pythia Priestess | Eternal Womb

 Tiare’s unique teachings have been truly transformational, and have profoundly effected me forever! For the past few years, Tiare has been my teacher and guide in seemingly countless ways… Ritual Theater, Sacred Belly Dance, Visual Meditation Work, Protection Magick, Mudra Magick, Yoga, Deity Devotion… (just to name a few). Her deep passion and long history of synergizing movement with Magick and Ritual, along with merging her awareness of astrology, runes, ancient deities, ancestors, the elements, the fae and more… makes her offerings not only endlessly rich in knowledge, but are simply dripping with full body decadence!! I feel like my entire Being… Energetic, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.. All balance and align together in ways that seamlessly echo and integrate into my daily life, and my own personal sacred practices. My life and relationship with the craft, my body, and Spirit..  has definitely been enhanced thru this entire process… and I am forever grateful.

Autumn Sage Kalimah 

The Natural Witch 

Tiare has been a phenomenal Teacher, guide, mentor, ally, and friend in my dance journey as well as life. Her guidance and direction has helped me refine my artistry and poise. Collaborating with her has helped me fine tune visions and stay focused in the process of bringing them to the stage so that they come through strong, specific and clear.

SolAura Pearl

Tiare’s classes are easy to follow and touch on every aspect of moving with intention. The mystical qualities I’ve benefited from have opened channels and revealed deeper levels of subconscious work as she guided us brilliantly to develop our own movement to utilize within the preset choreography. I love that. Tiare shares ideas that challenge the mind, body and spirit while also providing a safe and sacred space to express our own magick through the work. I really appreciate Tiare’s ability to teach and inspire our own sacred movement. “Every movement has meaning” really hit home when she spoke it in class and will carry on in my intentional movement practice. The mystical aspects of her teachings laid a foundation for the movement and allowed us time to ground, tap in, and really connect with our altars, the ritual and our sacred space. I look forward to taking more of Tiare’s courses!

Lauren Davis Vulgaire

 Sui Generis Magicka

Learning from Tiare has been one of the deepest journeys I’ve ever been on. Throughout the years I’ve attended her ritual workshops, dance courses, craft workshops and yoga classes. With her leading me, I’ve not only learned how to dance or do yoga, but how to tune in… how to call on my inner soul and wisdom and bring these aspects of myself to be present in my body. I’ve learned how to Embody these connections through her guidance. Tiare didn’t just teach me how to move my hips or how to step to counts, she taught me how to dial in to the frequency of the elements within my body and channels of protection through mudras and energy work within the dance. The connection goes deeper than a surface level. She has helped me awaken my creative force and I’ve learned how to get the pranic vital life energy flowing from the base of my spine to the regenerative power of my heart. Through this embracing practice, I’ve been able to see beyond my limitations and found alignment in the truth that I belong to everything with a cosmic connection. I have found the deepest source of empowerment, warmth, love and connection dancing with Tiare. I couldn’t be more thankful for her presence as a mentor in my life.

Paige Roselene  

 Desert Rose Herbalism

Tiare transformed the way I approach choreography. Bolstering me with unwavering encouragement for writing my own unique expression through movement, she helped me break out of my shell and develop compositional skills faster than I ever imagined possible.

When it comes to performance prep, Tiare is second to none. She is generous with her hard-earned knowledge of costume construction and theatrical prowess. If you want to grow an unshakable technique and translate your magic onto the stage, Tiare will equip you with the practical skillset to get you there.

Jamila Tran Thomson

Tiare has been such a pillar in the Portland Dance community. She is a phenomenal, gentle and devoted teacher and practicer of her craft. I would highly recommend studying Ritual dance with her. She not only dives into technique and subtle nuances of the dance but explains with deep care the meaning and Prayer behind each movement, so that it integrates into our bodies in a divinely spiritual nature.

Chakaara Bliss

Tiare holds a mystical cosmic container for creating dance magic with reverence and joy!!! I love that I am merging and connecting my dance practice with my devotional practice and I am now seeing and honoring my dance hour as sacred. I’m curious to see how performing my personalized dance ritual each full moon will bring my magic to life.

Lisa Rose Devi

Tiare Valouria is a sublime and magically gifted dancer, teacher and artist. Her years of devotion to and deep love for her craft are felt deeply in her Transmissions of dance, ritual and alchemical teachings. She has been a profound influence, muse, inspiration and oracular guide for me in my own embodiment practices, from teaching me greater refinement in my dance skills, to embodying astrological aspects and mythological archetypes that I never would have had access to on my own. She holds a Sacred Mirror to the wisdom traditions of Magic, Ceremony and Alchemy that have been buried in Modern Times and breathes them to Life with her exquisite and unique offerings. Tiare has been a torch of fire and light that has illuminated my own darkness, awakening me to my own power that lay forgotten until I met her. She has provided me with tools of enchantment and grace to walk forward on my own path as solitary practitioner and has reminded me how deeply important this work is at this time. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with her and study with her every chance I get.

Nicola Thea (Emerald Visions)