Here is the month of April ANIMARA Oracular Transmission by Memorie Ov Eden


You have many names,

Daughter of Zeus.

Revered archer,

With your torch you bring light to us all.

In the mountains of eastern Crete they call you Diktynna of the Dancing Plants.

Helper of labor you will never know,

Virgin, huntress, fire your arrows and drive our worries away.

You are the moon roaming the wilds.

Redeemer, fame-bringer,

Nurturer of the young, 

Immortal, yet earthly.

Your realms are the forests,

And mountains where hounds love to run with you through when you hunt.

For you girls with pine torches dance around laurel trees.

Hear us, savior,

Banish pain and disease to the most distant mountain peaks.

Give us uninterrupted peace.

~ From the Orphic Hymns

As we are just now arriving on the other side of the emotional full moon in Scorpio square Pluto, riding on the coattails of the monumental Jupiter / Uranus conjunction – Mercury Retrograde is nearing its end, while the whirlwind of dust is finally beginning to settle from the highly charged eclipse portal. The month of April has been a doozy… And we still have one more conjunction to go. Mars and Neptune are about to come together in Pisces – Which can be cute… If we let it. It’s all about riding that wave of creative energy and going with the flow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many topsy turvy astrological events happen within the space of 30 days. At least, not as long as I’ve been paying attention.

If you are feeling somewhat off-kilter, you’re not alone. 

My advice for the remaining days of April: Ride that wave into shore, ground out, rest up, tune in, and get ready to stride into the land of pleasure and possibility, because the month of May will be our most shining beacon of benefic signatures all year long.

Beltane is nigh! The veil between worlds is growing thin and the land of faerie beckons.

Artemis reminds us to keep a sure footing and get into practicing the art of the prowl until the time finally arrives to strike. This Goddess of transitions reminds us to take our time pulling back our arrows and make sure they are aimed true before releasing them towards the target of our hearts desire. 

As we wade through the winding down of the residual swells amidst the wilderness of our personal and collective unconscious, it is important to remember that the best hunters will stalk in silence by getting low to the ground and listening to every nuanced rustle and turning of leaves, as spirits move in mysterious ways…


The waning moon phase is an ideal time for clearing blockages and enacting banishments. It is also a potent time for divining and protection magic. The Beltane portal has been recognized by the ancients as a time of high spirit activity – equal in measure to Samhain which sits just opposite this sacred cross quarter on the Wheel of the Year.

Setting up household wards or re-charging the ones you already have is an excellent practice to engage with in the days leading up to Beltane. Sweep the house and give the floors a magical wash to clear out the old and welcome in new, positive energy and happiness in the home.  

Cleansing and protecting can be very meditative. They also raise awareness, amplify inner senses, and are known to be healing too. You might also want to cleanse yourself if you feel unbalanced, emotional, unfocused, or uninspired. You may want to cleanse others as well. Cleansing is a reset button for your energy. A single daily ritual to banish negative energies is one of the wisest things a witch can engage in for good energetic hygiene.


Remove clutter and deep clean. This is the number 1 way  to remove negative energy from any space, including your home. Tidy up and organize your possessions – even move furniture around – then give everything a thorough clean. Even just some good old soap and water will do the trick (I like to add a splash of Florida water to my house cleaning solution of vinegar and water). Energies get stuck to furniture, objects and even floors and ceilings. Give it all a cleansing bath. Renew your altars and rearrange furniture. 


You can cleanse yourself and your space of unwanted energies by using the smoke of herbs, resin, or incense that have the properties to clear, cleanse and banish. Here is a cleansing smoke recipe that calls on the divine protection of Artemis that you can create for cleansing your home and clearing your sacred space before ritual:

(You can find these ingredients at your local apothecary to grind into a loose incense for burning over charcoal. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can forage, gather and dry them yourself to bind them into a smudge stick).


1 part Mugwort

1 part Rosemary

1 part Cedar

If you’re feeling extra spicy – Add 1/8th part Dragons Blood

Grind the ingredients in equal measure in a mortar and place it in a jar or bottle with a moonstone and charge it with your athame by aiming it at the mixture and reciting the Orphic Hymn to Artemis listed above at the top of the Artemis Power Prompts. Label it with her name, and you can place it on, or near your altar for a continual charge. 


Spiritual room sprays are a great alternative if you don’t want smoke in your space. You can make them by combining the herbs or resins that have the desired properties with essential oils.


1 cup spring water

1 tsp alcohol ( I use vodka)

1 small sprig of rosemary

20 – 30 drops of mugwort essential oil

20 – 30 drops of cedar essential oil

1 moonstone

Label it with the name Artemis and charge it with your athame reciting the Orphic Hymn to Artemis listed above at the very top of the Power Prompts. 


This is an easy and very effective method that I have used many times. Place bowls or open jars containing some salt in the corners of your home or space, even on top of your hightest furniture or shelves. Leave the bowls out for about 24 hours, then remove them and get rid of the salt. 

Salt naturally absorbs negative energy, so taking a bath with salt will also help to purify you. Dissolve two cups of sea salt or Himalayan salt into your bath – don’t use table salt (it irritates the skin).

For an Artemisian boost, add essential oils of Mugwort, Rosemary and Cedar to your bath with a moonstone and white candle. 


The sound of bells or wind chimes in a Witch’s home is a must. As the bells vibrate they shake the negative energies out of the space, then realign to create a flow of positive energy and revive your surroundings. You can also hang bells or wind chimes outside your house or on door handles. Ring a handbell on a daily basis, especially in spaces where you feel stagnant energy and where negative events, such as arguments, have taken place.


Playing feel good music that connects with you and moves you is great for keeping your energy at a high vibration and shaking off any negativity that has stuck to you. 


Fling open your curtains and windows! Let some light in; allow Mother Earth to bring you her healing. Let the breeze move across your house and keep your energies flowing beautifully.


Plants are magickal. Not only do they have the power to purify the air, fill your home with our Mother’s healing and love, and vibrate enchanting notes into your soul, they also keep negative energy away. They’re natural protectors. Some of my favorite plants to keep in and around the home for protection and cleansing of negative energy are orchids, pothos, monstera, spider plants, rosemary, basil and rue.


Garlic has long been understood to have protective properties. Hang a bunch of garlic outside your door to keep away negative energies and unwanted spirits. Carry a clove in your purse or wallet (make sure to wrap it in tin foil or some cloth). It repels thieves too. You can also put a clove of garlic under pillows to protect from nightmares and unwanted spirits during the night. The plant Rue has a similar effect; carry it with you or plant it by the entrance to your home.


Having protective crystals in your home and carrying or wearing them is a great way to aid protection and banish negative energy. You can place them anywhere and on anything, such as windowsills, coffee tables, and shelves, and in doorways. I even place crystals in my plants and under my bed. My favorite crystals for protection are black tourmaline, smokey quartz, obsidian, and labradorite.


Each of us has the ability to create a personal energy shield. There are many ways to do this and many types of shield, but one of my favorite and easiest methods is for a light shield that is both protective and healing.


At any time during the day. I like to create this shield for myself every morning before I get out of bed. Or at my altar during my hour of power. It helps prevent evil and ill intent from affecting my energy, and brings strong healing power by lifting my energy’s vibration.


Find somewhere quiet and still to sit, smudge the space, then ground yourself (run the tree breath). Firmly plant your feet on the floor and take three deep breaths.

Now visualize a ball of bright white light pulsating in your core, just behind your belly button Imagine this light spreading throughout your entire body and filling every part of your. You’re now a brilliant pulsating white light.

With every breath you take, imagine this light expanding outward and forming a sphere with a thin, bluish outer layer, extending 4 – 5 feet around you – even under the ground beneath your feet.

Sit within the sphere for a few more breaths ad feel it vibrating all around you. Ask it to protect you from all negative energy, ill intent, evil and anything that doesn’t serve you well.

When you feel ready, go on with your day and enjoy the benefits of your own inner power. 


“I want to release….”

“I feel most blocked when….”

“Habits that no longer serve me are….”

“I stress too much about….”

“It’s time to shed…”

“I release my control over….”

“I have grown to realize…”

Aim to write for at least 10-20 minutes. Encourage yourself to dig deep. After writing, read over what you have written and reflect on any insights or ah-ha moments. If you have identified things you wish to release, perhaps think about ways to support yourself in doing so, or alternative actions you can take instead.

Take your papers, and on your next exhale, begin ripping them into strips. Imagine that on every rip, you are actively releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves you. You can also recite the following as you tear- 

“Under the light of waning moon, I ask that all that no longer serves me, all that holds me back and keeps me playing small, all that inhibits me from being my truest self and living my most authentic life, is gently and effortlessly released from my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

You can burn the papers or place them on a plate and melt ice over them which is symbolic for releasing, evaporating and letting go, then bury them.

Whatever feels most appropriate for the method of release. Just please make sure you rid yourself of them immediately.


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