Ritual Theatre

Let’s Talk About Magic I love magic. I love magic so much that 16 years ago I decided to dedicate my life’s work to the spirit of magic. Spell craft, divination, astrology, ritual… It all sounds so romantic doesn’t it? And yet, to embrace the Witch within is like an eternal homecoming to your most natural state of being. Maybe it all sounds so romantic because it’s something that the soul inside of everyone secretly yearns for? Perhaps its because the word Witch still carries with it a hint of taboo that ignites a flame of passion within us? Could that be because our magical rights/rites were taken from us by force, by torture and for some even pain of death? Perhaps its because the majority of humankind has become so disconnected from this enchanted way of living in relationship with our magical potential, due to the oppressive nature of modern society, that it is prone to enter the realm of fantasy within our psyche? Not to say that there is anything wrong with fantasy, and when I speak of fantasy in this moment I am referring to what most would equate to fiction.  Mythology has always played a very important role in the survival of treasured wisdoms and magical keys throughout the course of time. For myths weave enchanting tales around some of humankinds most sacred truths, granting them immortality within the web of consciousness. This is also a testament to the importance of myth and the role that it has played in benefiting the longevity of traditions, medicinal wisdoms and the creative wellbeing of the human race.  As much as I love fantasy, and even if we were very gently set fantasy aside for a moment, it is my sincere belief that everyone is in fact inherently magical. And why would I say this you might ask? Now, don’t go running home right a way to tell Grandma, because in most cases, Grandma doesn’t want to or isn’t ready to accept the reality of the matter which is that A: Everyone on earth is born as a magical creature and. B: Magical consiousness has been woven into the tapestry of our collective DNA by the miraculously wise hands of our ancestors since the dawn of humanity. Yes, some of us may excel at some forms of magic while feeling completely hopeless when it comes to others because they maybe tried something once or twice and it didn’t work the way that they wanted it to. For example – Tarot vs. pendulum work, potions vs. kitchen witchery, second sight vs. oracular prowess, sigil magic vs. enchantments… I could go on. Each of these practices can come easily for some, while others might find them more of a challenge, and for many people some of these arts may simply seem downright impossible which dangerously entices us back into the dreamspell of calling it all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. The reason for this is due to a word I mentioned just a moment ago, and the key word here is practice. Magic in essence is a craft. Magic is an artform that works in relationship with the elementals of Spirit to achieve mystical insight, spiritual evolution, or aid in our desired outcomes concerning the mundane world, AKA – practical magic.  What do I mean when I say Spirit with a capital S? Let’s talk about that for a moment.  In Hermetic alchemy, all of the primary elements that form this existence we were gifted the opportunity of being born into; Earth, Water, Fire & Air – our sacred pillars of reality as we know it. We cannot have one without the other, and each element is united within the realm of Spirit.  To take this further, Spirit in essence goes beyond just being a realm, it is within itself a matter of substance that many would describe as consciousness made manifest. We can say the same about every element and everything in existence for that matter which would bring us into more of an Animistic perspective, which is definitely something I think everyone who is magically or mystically inclined should take some significant time to look into. Along the pentacle path of Elemental Magick and Embodiment, the final stroke is one of completion within the topmost point of the star. This top point represents the wholeness of divinity both within matter and transcendent as Spirit. It is through this understanding that we can truly verify Spirit as an essential element. The fifth element if you will. Many would equate it to Love. Spirit is our primordial pixie dust and our reason, if not reasoning behind everything we do as artists, practitioners of magic or seekers of enlightenment. And it is through a harmonious relationship with all 5 of the elements that we can  find ourselves in a state of continual growth and magical empowerment. Which brings us to a very exciting conclusion, which is that everything is magical.  So let’s say you were someone who finds themselves somewhere within a certain spectrum of thought. A spectrum ranging anywhere from “where do I even begin?” to “how can I make this practice sustainable within my busy schedule just trying to thrive in a capitalist society?”