This session is a gentle release, with a focus on restorative techniques for unwinding, regulating the nervous system and letting go.

Please come prepared with all of your essential yoga tools: Blocks, pillows, blanket, smudge, a candle and your hydration of choice.

This class also pares well with the Evening Primrose bath spell:

Evening primrose speeds recovery from any energetically draining experiences or circumstances, and will bring you back to your usual state if you have been feeling under the earther, or low on your energetic reserves. If you are lucky enough to have found, or grown evening primrose flowers, add them to your bath for an additional magical infusion. The inclusion of Evening Primrose will also allow your inner beauty to shine. 

PHARMAKEIA: Evening Primrose is native to North America, where Native Americans have used it as a sedative, a painkiller, to heal wounds, for muscle spasms, and as a cough remedy. 

MAGICAL USES for Evening Primrose include it’s use in spells connected with success and for increasing your desirability to lovers. 

Sea salt will assist in grounding you while supporting your emotions, and the amethyst crystal helps to focus and replenish your psychic gifts and intuitive nature. 


Balsamic, Dark Moon, or New Moon – late night


4 Tablespoons of Evening Primrose oil (Oenothera biennis) 

An Amethyst crystal

2 Tablespoons of sea salt

2 White candles


Set the candles safely on , or very close to your bath.

Light them and say: “White light of protection, Surround me in your grace.

Run your bath , add the Evening Primrose oil and say: “Benevolent ancestors, guardians, guides and helper spirits empower this Primrose to aid me in my magical workings to heal and glow!” Then add the sea salt and say: “Ground and balance.”

Once the bath is filled to your liking, take your amethyst crystal with you and immerse yourself in the healing and replenishing waters for as long as you like. 


None are completely suitable for this spell, although Lavender essential oil (only 10 – 20 drops) could make a similar bath.