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Get ready to move those feet!

This dance is a celebration of life and the movements I have chosen definitely reflect that. Try to envision, if you will ~ a grand ceremonial rite in a moon-kissed clearing of the most magical depths within an enchanted forest where the mystics of the ages have gathered to venerate all that they treasure about being alive. Family, our animal sisters and brothers, the bounty of the land and all of the spirits who are here to teach, guide and support us. We gather around a ceremonial pyre to dance in a rhythmic circle of gratitude and grace as we relinquish old versions of ourselves and step lightly with joy and reverence into a bright new chapter – blessed by our sacrifices and joys.

This is the dance I see when I envision us in this sacred place.

I am so honored to share this dance with you, for our global sisterhood of conjurers, our ancestors and our divine path that we share as magicians of movement.

The song we are dancing to is Szerelem by Stellamara ~ a band that is very dear to my heart, whith whom I have shared many unforgettable adventures with on my path as a dance mystic.

The song is FAST, but not to worry…. We start veeeerrrryyyy slow.

For this class, please come prepared with your amulet, something sweet to burn, a candle, something fun to tie around your waist, and your hydration of choice.