I’ve been hearing a lot of conflicting information going around regarding this eclipse… And although it is a potent opportunity for metamorphosis, setting intentions and renewal, It’s not quite time yet for manifestation magic. The New Moon in Taurus at the beginning of May will be the ideal time for prosperity magic – which we will focus on at that time. 

During this Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, Mercury will also be retrograde and we will be under the influence of a Mars | Saturn conjunction soon afterwards. This is a time for introspection, getting very clear on our personal goals and focusing on self care. 

The month of April is LOADED with planetary conjunctions. I have never seen so many back to back within the span of 30 days. We are undergoing some of the most massive shifts of the entire year… Or years for that matter. These cosmic signatures are monumental and extraordinary. One thing I cannot emphasize enough is REST. Seriously. Slow down and try not to overload your schedule. Stay hydrated and focus on your daily rituals to keep you grounded through all of the changes. 

You can take a look at the monthly astrological forecast in the Conjure Companion to get a better idea of what I am talking about by following this link:


The great warrior burnished by flame glinting in the dark. We start with the sharp edges. Knives are tools of violence, destruction, revolution and also of piercing through to something new. Our fates are not determined by our tools, or by our traumas. This is fundamental to the philosophy of Witchcraft and of activism both: your life and your will matter. Your choices cut and shape the fabric of the world. For many magicians the black-handled athame is used to channel and direct power. It’s point can be called upon to draw the circle, to consecrate offerings, to call the corners, to close a circle, to thank and send the powers of the four directions home. Then there is the white handled boline for cutting herbs and cords and for carving candles. In many traditions a ritual knife is kept away from the mundane world; the tool gains in its power as you consecrate it to a task. 

There is a magic particular to the sharp edge. Maybe it’s in the hairs breadth between helping and hurting. Lancing a wound or severing an artery; freeing a captive or taking one. Delivering a vaccine or feeding an addiction. Carving something new where there was only potential before, or brutalizing that potential away. This is a tool of magic that requires muscle memory and practiced care to walk its edge. Intuition alone is not enough; you have to put the time in. 

The stories of Witches and Indigenous knowledge-keepers around the world branded Witch (or Other) by colonizers, who used knife and sword in ways that gave them power, that defended their people, and that helped them cut a shape for themselves in a suffocating history.

Humans have a complicated history with knives. Our first encounter with this world is at a knife’s edge: most of us are severed from the body that birthed us by a blade cutting the cord. Birth and death straddle the blade. It is our oldest tool; it’s the start of how we made a place to live, made a space for ourselves. It’s a tool we built with cunning about the different ways of stones; about the ways stones are formed over millennia. 

Flint defined the Stone Age as people found it in deposits often marked with fossils and learned to chip and grind it to an edge to make sparks in the process. To make fire.

Ultimately all of our tools and selves come from the first fire, the great cauldron of the universe exploding. That is the heart of the power in the division of cells, the splitting of atoms. It’s why we sanctify our knives with fire symbols and strengthen them in flame. It is the fundamental power we can connect with in our magical practices. Our strength has been formed under pressure for millennia. Early blades are still a source of mystery. They disappear into the archaeological record, lost in centuries of sediment and other stones. What people needed to do and make, how they lived and what they believed in, how they connected and what they severed, is an open question. What we know about those ancestors and their relationships with their tools and their environment is largely thanks to the people who still care for this kind of bushcraft today. Let your knife remind you of this: Witch’s craft and bushcraft, the spirit-muscle-memory of artisans, craftspeople, hunter-gatherers and nomadic people, are profoundly intertwined. Building a relationship with an ancient tool like a knife can help us approach that interconnected craft with practicality and power with reverence.

There are Witches who wield the blade to heal and to resist. Women who led by listening to birds, who knew their tools, who chose to fight, who died with their swords in their hands, and who speak to us still with that blade held high. Witches who stand like monoliths in the desert, symbolizing lakes that could return.

This figure echoes with another icon of Western Witchcraft and mythology: The Lady of the Lake, she who rises with the sword. She is a crucial figure, if only as an arm outstretched. She reverberates in Celtic and romantic traditions, emerging in Arthurian legend from her castle beneath the water to give Excalibur to Arthur, to learn magic from Merlin or to teach him, to find love and exact vengeance, and then to return beyond the edge. She is Nimue and Viviane, she is part of a heritage of water priestesses and magical liminal women and goddesses like Brigid and Cerridwen. She is a hand extended from the place we cannot live. She lives in the world beyond, she pierces the veil, and she comes with a blade that changes the course of the world. 

The knife channels our power and focuses it like a point of light and fire. It’s message is that what’s cut cannot be uncut, pieces cannot always be mended, a life cannot be untaken. Our power is real and thriving and life-giving, and deadly. We choose every moment of our lives to weave and stitch and heal and defend all that is living and good and to have hope and to stay on this side of the blade. A knife, a sharp edge, calls us to break the surface of things, to end toxic cycles, to remove what is holding us back from our greatest potential. 

The knife represents the true nature of the mind and awareness itself as it cuts through common thoughts that are generated by things that are not truly you: your upbringing, the media, trauma etc. When you think of the mind as a cutting tool, you can think of meditation and ritual as a cutting process wherein you cut away illusions until you uncover a deeper and higher awareness that is beyond description. The dagger is symbolic of cutting through our own limitations and illusions. Of drawing clear lines for the spirits of existence to respond to accordingly.

This Aries New Moon Eclipse is an ideal time to sanctify our blades so that they can become powerful tools for enacting magical rites. If you have already done this to a blade or athame, the Aries New Moon is an ideal time every year to revisit this practice.



What you need:

A knife or sharp implement 

A white taper candle with a safe stand

A lighter or matches

Dried basil, dandelions, eucalyptus or pine (plants ruled by fire)

A Chalice or Bowl 

Spring Water

A clean cloth

A journal and pen

Head to the woods, or someplace in nature where you will be safe and uninterrupted. If that place is not available to you, just be safe somewhere. If you must enact this rite indoors, make sure you have something that you can cut into like a cardboard box, or a block of wood. Take your knife or sharp implement that will be able to symbolize for you the blade of truth. Bring your cutting tools, and tools for writing, along with one, some or all of the plants listed above. Or any plant that represents fire for you (that isn’t poisonous).


A circle big enough for you to sit in with your tools. If you are not outside, you can draw a circle with chalk, or salt and follow along the line of the circle with your blade. Carve it with intention. You are turning this knife to its new life, and yourself too, and it begins with this act. You could chant to yourself: 

“In this womb works one so dear, naught but true can enter here.”

Make the circle, sit inside of it and breathe. 

Inside the circle, light your candle and call out to Earth, Air Fire and Water; North, South, East and West. Anchor your safety with the love and protection that the circle creates all around you becoming a sphere of luminescence. Remember: the circle is where the unseen sphere of protection meets the earth. The knife draws the meeting place between seen and unseen. It makes a meeting point for our mind and the lunar communal mind. But the sphere is beyond the circle, the sphere itself radiates above you and below. It contains you completely.

Picture the sphere of light and sing to it. Build it with your breath and resonance. Even if it’s just a low growl, sound reverberates around the sphere, within your  bones, down the length of the blade. Nothing can enter that does not have your greatest joy and most beautiful life at heart, and everything inside is harmonized to that purpose.

Hold your blade so that it rests gently in both of your hands.

Practice the EARTH meditation to practice oneness with the Tree of Life.

Now hold the handle of your blade with both hands.

Draw in breath from your branches and your roots into your heart, anchoring your awareness in your heart and breathe this awareness of the above and the below through your heart into your blade. Anchor your awareness within the blade. 

Light your fire plant over the chalice or bowl. Bathe yourself and the knife and your pen in the smoke. You can say the following incantation:

I cut the fabric of the world

I carve the circle

I craft the real

I cut the bindings that are unseen

My voice is sharp

My hands are free

I cut the fabric of the world

I craft what is real.

Cut through the smoke with your blade 9 times. Cut into the earth again, not deeply, enough to carve a symbol that compels you to tell the truth. If you are not outside, this is when you can carve into your cardboard or wood. May it be a rune, ancient symbol, sigil, or letter of your name. Carve a symbol that works for you and say:

“Spirit take the hand of my Shadow and my Light, tell the truth tell the truth tell the truth.

Now speak aloud our write down your truth. Whatever it may be. Speak it to all that is.

If you wrote it down, you can bury the paper or burn it. 

Whatever feels most appropriate to you at this time. 

Afterwards, take the knife and place it in the bowl or chalice, and pour the water over it. Picture the water flowing through sky and stream and all of life, purifying the blade.

Now pour some, but not all of the water over yourself.

Touch the tip of the blade to your third eye envisioning a blue flame within your minds eye and welcome the sacred truth that the blade now carries into the seat of your intuition. 

Any remaining water can now be poured out onto the earth as an offering.

Lay down your tools carefully. Sit in the circle and allow yourself to receive any more messages that may wish to come through. Take note of them.

Feel the wind, the breath of the world, touch the smallest hairs on your skin.

Feel the pleasure that is possible on your skin, the gentleness in your hands.

Feel all of the Witches who love you and are protecting you across generations. Feel the spirit eyes of all your most loving kin across a hundred thousand generations. When you are ready to leave, thank the corners and sweep the circle away. Carry your blade with you whenever you can from now on, cool and sanctified, or leave it in a safe and loved spot on your altar. Hone and balance it whenever you can. Use it, build up your confidence by cutting yarn, cords, dead branches for forest art, foraged medicine etc.

Hone your blades and your truths, by vowing to always speak your truths. Hold your hand high when you do so. You are a beautiful and powerful Witch, one of generations of brutalized and traumatized beings, sitting at the cataclysmic edge of the world, calling your healing and heroism out from the mound, out from the dark of the moon. Hone your blades and your truths, and honor your warrior ancestors. You are a knife that will change the future.



This lunar potion for the dark moon gathers the energy inward to attune to our truths and our intuition to strengthen and nurture our foundations. It helps us see clearly and rebalance before the waxing time of the moon returns.


1 cup of spring water 

1 tbsp rosemary

1/4 tsp yarrow (optional but ideal)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp ginger

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 cup concord grape juice


Set your spring water to simmer

Brew the first 4 or 5 ingredients in the hot spring water for 3-5 minutes.

Stir in the grape juice and stir everything clockwise saying:

“Lunar Darkness empower this brew

open my eyes to see what is true

ground and align

potion divine

nurture my thoughts 

to strengthen my mind.

Drink and enjoy. This would also be a great time to pull some cards.


Space: What parts of my life should I be prepared to re-assess and shift during this eclipse cycle?

Lunar Gift: What is emerging from within me that will challenge my sense of who I am?

Growth: How will this help me grow over the next six months?

Understanding: Why is now the right time for this particular emergence?

Care:How can I best support myself when things get uncomfortable?

~ Blessings on your Eclipse Portal ~