As our Season of the Witch fast approaches, the upcoming Autumnal Equinox offers us a potent opportunity for aligning our actions with our thoughts and intentions.


Focus & Success Magick


You can use this incense at home while getting ready for any work project, academic pursuit, or magical working. It invites the winds of the Earth to push you high into the realm of success that you want, or to achieve all that you wish for in your workings.


A small bowl

A jar with a tightly fitting lid

2 tablespoons of ground nutmeg

1 tablespoon myrrh resin

1 tablespoon Dragons’s Blood resin or powder

1 tablespoon basil

1 tablespoon dried yarrow

11 drops of benzoin essential oil


 Combine all of the ingreditns in the bowl, then put the imxture inthe jar to use whenever you need it.

To use: burn a dash of this blend in a fireproof bowl or by another method you prefer. I like burning it over a hot charchoal.


~ What would stepping into my power feel like for this new cycle?

~ If I listended to my instincts without question, what would be my next step?

~ Some of my personal strengths are…

~ How can I find enjoyment in stepping out of my comfort zone?

~ How may I put my worthiness into practice?

~ How can I practice receiving with grace?


In order to take risks, to follow our passions, and express ourselves with authenticity, we must be firmly rooted in our courage. Confidence will be a common theme throughout this cycle – for this is the foundation for Leo’s playful yet powerful energy. When we don’t have confidence, we cannot even dare to imagine a better self, and without a picture of who we could be, and who we would like to be, we cannot move toward it.

1 – Past experience: What is ready to be released?

2 – A personal behavior: What is ready to retire?

3 – A seed: What is ready to be planted?

4 – Self Love: Where can I improve on taking care of myself?

5 – Personal Rewards: What will bring me inner warmth and energy as the days grow colder? 


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