(February 1st – 3rd)

The festival of Imbolc celebrates purification, the approach of spring, and the awakening of the goddess in the Earth. It is a time to prepare for the planting season and a time to declutter, get organized, and to clean and bless our sacred spaces, altars and tools.

Occurring six weeks after the Winter Solstice (Yule) and six weeks before the Vernal Equinox (Ostara), Imbolc is the celebration of new beginnings. It takes place on February 1 & 2 in the Northern Hemisphere and November 1 & 2 in the Southern Hemisphere.

Imbolc marks the period of time when the days are getting longer and the hours of sunlight are increasing. Life is beginning to stir within the earth, buds are beginning to pop up through snow, and lambs are beginning to give birth.

As this happens in nature, so does it also happen within ourselves. Just as with plants, we also need water, food, sunlight, and a solid foundation from which we can grow.


While there are rituals you can follow, you can also do anything that helps bring more light into your life, gets your creative fires going, and helps you slowly begin to grow toward your goals.

Imbolc is a time of purification, so we clean our homes, open windows, and tend to our plants. This is also a wonderful time to hang chimes and set out white flowers. Many Imbolc rituals honor the goddess Brigid with candlelight and woven ornaments. Since Imbolc doesn’t involve feasting, it is an ideal time to enjoy the light coming into the home and into the soul.

Candles are the traditional way to celebrate Imbolc as a celebration of the sun’s growing strength and eventual return. At sunset, you can also turn on the lights in every room in your home or light a candle in each room for a period of time.

If you are planting seeds, especially to grow food, this is a great time to bless them for the upcoming planting and harvest seasons.   


This is a wonderful time to tune into the Dance of Imbolc from the Wheel of the Year Class Library. This all-levels class is one of my all-time faves!


As the Lunar New Year begins on February 10, 2024, we move into the year of the Yang Wood Dragon.

The Dragon is one of the most auspicious signs in the Chinese zodiac because of its ability to swim, fly, walk on land, and travel between between dimensions. The dragon represents power and courage, but is also a symbol of peace and signifies the need to come together as one.

The Year of the Dragon is said to be a prosperous year where innovation and business can flourish, and we can step into a greater power and authenticity.

Dragon energy is believed to help sharpen our intelligence, wit, and understanding of the world around us, so expect greater awakenings, ah-ha moments, and a deeper wisdom to unfold as the months progress.

The element of Wood helps to soften and slow down the energy of the Dragon. Dragons can be quite fierce and hasty. Their anger can easily rise, leading to outbursts or leading with the ego rather than the heart.

The Wood Dragon is quietly confident and does things with order and meticulousness. The Dragon is highly innovative and confident, but the element of Wood allows the Dragon to take its time and focus on building a solid foundation.

Wood energy allows us to grow, expand, and keep our vision on track for the long term. The Season of Spring is connected to the element of Wood, so this year of the Dragon will help us to create new beginnings, plant new seeds, and allow our garden to flourish.

The energy is ripe for new beginnings and undergoing new ventures, but we have to create stability and work from the heart.

The Yang quality that joins the Wood Dragon indicates decisiveness, taking action, and being firm and bold in our steps moving forward. Yang energy can be forceful, so we do need to be mindful of not pushing our way forward to get what we want.

We need to practice being calmly authoritative and respecting our boundaries and the boundaries of others.

Green is connected to the element of wood and the heart-chakra, so in the year of the Dragon, we are going to be constantly reminded to come back to the heart, and to open ourselves to receiving.

Relationship themes may also come up for us under the Year of the Dragon, which is mirrored in Western Astrology this year too. We may find ourselves needing to balance our relationships with our sense of independence and authenticity. We may find ourselves asking how we can be more of our true selves even when in partnership with others and with the world at large.

The Yang quality that joins the Wood Dragon indicates decisiveness, taking action, and being firm and bold in our steps moving forward. Yang energy can be forceful, so we do need to be mindful of not pushing our way forward to get what we want.

We need to practice being calmly authoritative and respecting our boundaries and the boundaries of others.


The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon is a fantastic time to start a new business or to begin growing and expanding your hopes and dreams. It is a year to push your horizons and be a little more daring. Confidence will be on our side, and especially if we are leading with the heart, we are likely to create a lot of success.

Opening ourselves to receiving, and recognizing the value we offer are also big themes this year. It seems we are being guided to love ourselves more deeply and to celebrate all that we have to offer.

We are in the Spring season of our lives this year, and under the Dragon, we can sharpen our skills, tap into greater wisdom, and find the bravery needed to live the life of our dreams.

Technology, AI, and creative industries will benefit the most from this year’s energies.


  • Cleanse your home starting in early February of any clutter you no longer wish to keep
  • Decorate your home with red, green, or yellow – these are the lucky colors in the year of the dragon
  • Wear red to welcome in the start of the new year
  • Wrap up any unfinished projects or business so you can create space for the new
  • Add some positive elements to the east side of your home, such as plants, crystals, etc.



We have one more drills class in the realm of Earth that will wrap up our first cycle of the year communing with the Earth elemental and laying some solid foundations. After that we will transition into the realm of Fire.

We awaken the Witch Flame within our practice with our sacred mission and the alignment of will.

Fire corresponds with:

~ The Middle Realm ~

The solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra

Essence of Bay & the color Red





Divine Will

Core Heat

Vital Force


Sacred Rage



Within the Temple space Fire resides in the South

Dance movements: Fire Mudra (Mayura) Shimmies, quick staccato movements, upward momentum, lapping flames, quick serpent-like strikes, expression, playful and fierce articulations. 




When Venus — the planet of love, relationships, beauty, and creativity — strides into Capricorn all things lush reach their limits. In a good way. This Saturn-ruled sign isn’t the easiest place for the Goddess of romance and revelry to romp in because its focus on structure, discipline, and hard work tends to thwart more free-spirited pastimes. But Venus in the sign of the grounded sea goat offers up other gifts: high standards, timeless style, and a commitment to transforming frivolity into fine art.

Like the physical restraint employed by a gifted ballerina or the careful precision of a skilled painter’s linework, this placement understands how to dedicate itself in service of loveliness. Understated outfits, mature agreements with romantic partners or friends, and carefully set boundaries flourish here. In this cardinal earth sign, Venus is prepared to invest time and diligence into perfecting its many art forms. What’s lost in spontaneity is made up for in stamina and the ability to make passionate desires seem like the work of a true professional.

– Chani Nicholas

The dance I am writing for Venus in Capricorn will be regal and pristine, with a focus on structure, clear lines, a grounded sense of timelessness and class.


February 2024 brings us 29 days to play with, making it an extra special and powerful month of the year. All through the month, we have zero major planets in retrograde, making it a great time for taking action and moving forward. We also get a surge of motivating and fiery energy coming through, thanks to Mars and Pluto.

February also brings one of the most profound energetic alignments between Chiron and the North Node. This incredibly rare and auspicious alignment can bring deep healing. Hopefully, we can see this deep healing energy ripple out to communities and countries that need it the most. We also move into the final sign of the zodiac this month (Pisces), helping to bring a full-circle moment into our lives.


This is a very Aquarian New Moon! Aquarius is the sign of the free thinker, and we are likely to find ourselves stepping into this role. We may find ourselves longing to create more freedom, or we may feel the urge to be more of our true, authentic selves. The energy of change is also active around this New Moon, so we may find that something shifts abruptly. While Aquarian energy can bring freedom, change, and innovation, it can also be a little harsh and impersonal. We may have to be careful of offending or being insensitive to the feelings of others. The influx of unsteady energy may also have us feeling a little on edge, but our task is to release control and ride with the flow. Chariklo, the asteroid of Spirit Medicine, is also active under this New Moon, indicating a wave of healing energy. This is further amplified by the meeting of Chiron and the North Node in the coming days. We have strong waves of healing energy flowing in from this New Moon, so even though there is some unsettling energy around, we can still set intentions around our healing journey. Ask for Chiron and Chariklo to bring a softening and to guide you to the right medicines you need to restore balance.

We celebrate the start of the lunar new year. In Chinese astrology, we also enter the year of the Yang Wood Dragon. The Year of the Dragon is said to be a prosperous and lucky one, where we can rise up into a new power. Dragon energy can bring strength, perseverance, and intelligence. We can channel the energy of the dragon to get things done, to be productive, and to find the strength needed to move through our challenges. The element of Wood is connected to the season of Spring, making this Lunar New Year one where we can plant seeds and set intentions around what we wish to create. This is also supported by the fact that we are in a Number 8 year in numerology. 8 is also a very creative number that can heighten our manifestation efforts. This is a good time to pay attention to the thoughts and the energy you are putting out into the world for what you emit, you get back.

This is one of the highlight events of 2024! The North Node indicates our collective future and where we are heading. It is perhaps a predictor of what we should all be focusing on and where we need to head in order to keep progressing to the highest level of consciousness. Chiron is the asteroid of the wounded healer. Chiron doesn’t pretend that it doesn’t have wound and traumas, instead it channels them into powerful portals of wisdom, intuition, and teaching. Chiron reminds us that we can learn, grow, and blossom from our wounds, and that our wounds can be sources of healing and power in our lives. With Chiron and the North Node coming together, it seems there is a healing or a need for all of us to step into our healing powers. Hopefully, under this alignment, we will begin to see the end of suffering in communities and countries that are in need. You can read more about this amazing alignment here.


Mars enters Aquarius, joining Pluto at the powerful and sacred 0-degree point of the zodiac. This energy will linger for a few days and bring a rise of power and passion. We can channel this energy into our projects and goals and wherever we need more motivation. We can also channel it into a new exercise or self-care routine. Think of this energy as a spark that you can use to bring more fire to an area of your life. This energy however, can also be a bit harsh and volatile. If there are tense situations, this alignment can bring more heat, causing things to overflow. We may experience power struggles or clashes with others. On a global level, this planetary combination can sometimes bring protests or violence.

Now it’s Venus’s turn! Venus enters Aquarius and aligns with Pluto at the powerful and sacred 0-degree point of the zodiac. This is an incredibly powerful energy that we will feel over the coming days. Venus is the planet of Love, and as it enters Aquarius and joins with Pluto, we can feel a surge of love energy flowing into our higher chakras. Venus in Aquarius teaches us to love and accept others for who they are, rather than trying to make them into something they are not. The more we can embrace someone’s true authentic self and help them to shine bright, the deeper our love can grow. Venus and Pluto are also a power combination, indicating success in partnerships, especially monetary success. Venus and Pluto however, can also bring power struggles when it comes to relationships and a need to assert and stand in our power. It’s time to take back control of who we want to be, and how we are showing up in our relationships.

Pisces season begins! Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so this is our final chapter before we begin a new trip around the Sun. We may feel a sense of closure, endings, and completion. We may also feel that we have reached a full circle moment where we are able to look back and appreciate the journey we have traveled. Pisces is a very soft, intuitive, and creative energy, so we may be feeling extra creative or even emotional on this day. Spending time in creation mode, with loved ones, and by the water are all great ways to embrace this beautiful Piscean energy.

February 2nd and 22nd, bring us the number codes 22 and 222. 22 is a Master Number in Numerology, and on these days, we can tap into its energy with greater ease. 22 is the Master Builder number, which is all about working together to create. 2 is the number of partnerships and coming together to achieve a common goal, so 22 and 222 activate more of this energy. These are good days to focus on creating healthy relationships with yourself and others, and encourages us to think of ways we can work together to build our dreams. People are often willing to help, sometimes we just have to ask.

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into the sign of Pisces. With Mercury in Pisces, communication and our thinking process can feel a bit scattered. We may be feeling extra indecisive or have a hard time pinpointing how we truly feel about something. This is our opportunity to go with the flow and to trust our hearts over our minds. If you are feeling this scattered energy, try to imagine energy flowing from your head into your heart and lower chakras.

The two cosmic lovers come together on this day! This is a wonderful energy for bringing the divine masculine and feminine energies into balance. Work on creating this balance in your own mind, body, and soul by setting intentions around your masculine energy and your feminine energy. Perhaps spend time meditating on what those qualities mean to you. This is also a great time for love and relationships. The energy of Mars and Venus combined helps us to bring more of a balanced approach when it comes to seeking out a partner. It is also interesting that Venus and Mars meet at 8 degrees of Aquarius. The 8th degree of Aquarius is said to bring the freedom needed to achieve our goals and highest vision.

We have a beautiful Full Moon in the sign of Virgo! This may feel like a bit of a heavy Full Moon, but that is only because Saturn is hovering near, and Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our actions and how we truly feel about something. Saturn is the Master Teacher of the zodiac, he wants us to level up and step into our highest karma, so very often he brings challenges to keep us moving and growing. We may feel these challenges rising up under the Full Moon. It will be important for us to set boundaries and to keep coming back to this idea of responsibility. The Full Moon falling in Virgo makes it soft, sensitive, and a beautiful time for getting in touch with our emotions. It is also a good time to focus on our routine and how we can create a daily schedule that supports our health.

The Sun and Saturn come together for their annual alignment. Mercury is also adding its energy to the mix too, giving this year’s alignment a little more flair! The Sun and Saturn coming together help us to appreciate the lessons that Saturn is trying to instill in our lives. As mentioned earlier, Saturn is our Master Teacher and is considered to be the planet of Karma. He brings us the hard lessons, but never anything more than we can handle! On this day, our lessons from Saturn can start to feel a little more like gifts. On each Saturn lesson that we master, we grow in strength and wisdom. Pay attention to the lessons and teachings that the Universe has been delivering to you. Honor how far you have come, and keep in your heart that life is truly a beautiful journey of growth.

A leap day is an extra day of the year to bring the calendar into the correct alignment, however, this extra day can have us feeling somewhat scattered… Leap day’s are time portals. We can feel a little energetically off-center, however, we can also channel this to our advantage. Think of this extra day as an opportunity to leap forward in an area of our lives and to play catch up on all that we need to do.