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The next Elemental Fusion Dance Certification courses Levels 1 & 2 will be taking place in the Fall.

Sign up for the waitlist here:

    Registrations for the Autumnal Elemental Fusion Dance Certification Course open on September 1st

    The next Level 1 training course begins on October 3rd.

    Welcome to the home of Elemental Fusion Dance. A format that has been in development, revised and refined for the past 15 years. It is the foundational ANIMARA dance vocabulary which seamlessly fuses the power of the elements of nature with your dance practice, merging them in a healthy relationship from the get go – vivifying and charging your movements with their honed energies. These movements are hermetically endowed with esoteric wisdoms. Ancient alchemical, magical practices embedded within the foundational dance structuring to awaken our connection with the elementals through every movement. This grants meaning to our actions, while imbuing them with the energetic signatures and elemental forces of nature.

    Here at Animara, we avidly practice everything on both sides of the body to balance the right/left brain and acknowledge these alchemical workings as an empowering method of meditation in motion. The elemental embodiment aspect of this dance formula infuses every dance signature with vitality and meaning, while connecting our pathways of movement with the very life force of existence itself.

    This is a path of empowerment. A methodology for embodiment, paired with vitality practices, movement therapy guidance for self-care, and a magical toolkit curated for deepening our experience by rooting our physical relationship with materia magicka as an integral aspect of the curriculum. This Level 1 course provides the necessary education in historic evolution, practical magic application and essential tools for grounding the vocabulary within your muscle memory. Elemental Fusion wields an ever-present trajectory towards refinement of the physical vessel while awakening the divine spark within.


    Level 1 – Initiation (Fundamentals + Practical Magic)

    Level 2 – Expansion ( Animara Format Technique Layering & Dance Mandala Development)

    Level 3 – Cohesion (Intermediate Vocabulary, Choreography Construction & Magical Practice Companion)

    Level 4 – Fruition (Performance Pro-Track & Advanced Ritual Theatre Embodiment)

    Level 5 – Empowerment (Teacher Training)



    ~Setting Sacred Space: Onboarding Welcome Kit – Pre-recorded course intro class and monthly written curriculum. 

     ~ Awakening the Elementals of Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Spirit.

    ~ Practical Magic applications for communing with each element.


    October | Week’s 1, 2, 3 – Earth & The Path of Sovereignty (Foundational Structuring )

    November | Weeks 4, 5, 6 – Fire & The Path of Power (Staccato Movements & Vivification)

    December | Weeks 7, 8, 9 – Water & The Path of Love (Circulatory Movements & Inner Chalice Arts)

    January | Weeks  10, 11, 12 – Air & The Path of Truth (ANIMARA Level 1 Vocabulary Sequences, Pathways, Sacred Geometry, Adornment & Intention)

    February | Weeks 13, 14, 15 – The Quintessence of Spirit (Improvisation, Embodiment, Final Exam & Certification)


    Each Month I will provide new curriculum for home studies and 3 LIVE mini-intensive dance sessions in addition to sequential practice video’s that you can follow along with on your own time.


    All classes will be recorded and shared in post. It is perfectly acceptable for you to work with the recordings.

    Each class will be taught LIVE on Thursday’s from 12-2pm, 3 weeks per month with breaks for observance of holidays. 

    The final exam will consist of a written test and a home made video demonstration of your capability to perform the foundational movements of the framework. I am not going to overburden you, and I am eager to support you – the most important thing to me is that sincere effort is demonstrated in addition to completion of the curriculum.

    Once per month I will be offering a LIVE Q&A for all of the course participants to submit their questions to me, which they can send in advance or meet with me in the live session for 1 on 1 support.

    All of this will take place in the Animara Secret Society – our private social network, which you will have immediate access to upon registering for this course. The Animara Secret Society is a curated safe container for the Animara global kindred to share our thoughts, musings and magicks with a beautiful community of likeminded spirits who all share an undying passion for movement, magic and impactful ritual embodiment.

    Do you yearn for grounding into the stability of a movement method that empowers you to embody your art and magical prowess through the modality of sacred expression?

    Are you ready to commit to a dance structure that dares to venture beyond mere technique, while nourishing your body mind and spirit with vitality practices for self-care, empowerment and practical magic along the way?

    Does a hermetically informed dance curriculum charged with elemental empowerment, imbued with captivating mythological storytelling sound like it might be your cup of tea?

    Yes. We are all witches here… And it definitely shows.

    This is a community of dancers and dreamers who crave something deeper. Something significant, and undeniably enriching.

    At Animara we are breaking the mold of modern entertainment and going all in. Here we are honoring spirit through the offering of ritual theatre and aligning with our Soul Path as we cultivate confidence through refined mythic embodiment while practicing techniques from the northern deserts of Africa, to the Jungle temples of India and Java. From the Sacred mountain peaks of the Himalayas to the volcanic islands of Hawaii. With honed postures and dramatic lines passed down through the expertise of ballet, the haunting nuance of Butoh and the showstopping art of the Vaudevillian reveal ~ Elemental Fusion Dance has it all.


    My name is Tiare, (She/Her) I am an animist, and multi-disciplinary artist based in the ancestral lands of the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, and Tualatin Kalapua, Mollala tribes – also known as Portland Oregon which has been my home base for 20 years. A lifelong dancer with 30 years of experience in training and 20 years as a professional performance artist.

    Mystically driven, theatrical dance is my passion while my specialty’s are Fusion Bellydance, Classical Temple Dance, Vaudeville & Ritual Theatre. I was born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands and spent my formative years dancing classical ballet and Kahiko in the Hula Halau, while also studying numerous courses in theatre arts, which continued well into my adult life. 

    I am a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, Vajrayogini/Chod Initiate and devotee of Hekate with an extensive background in Theatre, Fusion Bellydance, Indian Classical Temple dance, Modern Contemporary, Vaudeville, Ballet, Hula and Butoh. I currently offer ongoing Moon Yoga, Elemental Fusion Dance , Intermediate Embodiment and Practical Magic classes on a subscription basis through the Animara platform. I always set a goal for keeping my classes fun and encouraging, with a teaching approach that is pleasantly informative, fused with a focus on feeling good in your body, therefore easy to digest and always inspiring. 

    I look forward to dancing this magical legacy with you as we move with intention, divinity, awareness and grace into the dawning of a new era. 


    Cassandra Arias

    Dance Coven

    Loving all this information and ritual/rites. Thank you for your wisdom sister and for being our guide during these pivotal times. So grateful for the teachings I received thus far. Such a beautiful, sacred container.

    Selena Madden PHD


    I cannot thank you enough for your teachings! You are offering the guidance and tools I have felt lacking for many years and I am incredibly grateful. I feel inspired! ~ Selena Madden

    Luna Moon


    Thank you so much Tiare for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow magicly from you. It has been such a blessing. You are such a beautiful light, and such a talented lady. You have given me so much. You have no idea!