Get it While it’s Hot.
Venus in Aries is a passionate and dynamic combination.
From February 19th to March 16th, Venus streaks through Aries, and our passions gather irresistible momentum. It’s time to grab the good things in life by the horns and let our instincts take the wheel as we relaunch our lust for life.

Time to dial Up the heat.

The Dance Coven class this month will be a spicy Venus in Aries embodiment.

In traditional astrology, Venus finds itself in detriment in Aries. A bit like an actor playing against character, the gift of this placement is friction that generates endless creative heat. Channel your inner punk and embrace the delight of rough edges.

I love musing on fierce feminine archetypes and brave historical figures when I think of Venus in Aries.  The Woman King, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Xena the Warrior Princess,  Denery’s Targaryen, She-Ra, Wonder Woman and the Amazons of Themiscera are perfect examples of Venus in Aries  embodied.

Venus in Aries is adventurous, self aware, confident and magnetic.

The stakes are always high in matters of the heart, but fear can be your fuel, and luck will get you far. Venus in Aries wants to burn the rule book entirely, and fortune favors the bold.

She knows what she wants, her desires burn hot, and she does not hesitate to go after them.
In fact, she loves the chase.

Venus in Aries reminds us that we can have all we desire in life, and with our own personal brand of confidence, charm, and self-awareness, we truly can.

She is passionately independent and cunning with her horns on display.


It’s impossible to ignore our yearnings when Venus unites with the fiery sign of Aries. Venus is the planet of love, prosperity, beauty, and desire, and when she moves through independent Aries, we’re reminded that our own needs matter, and it’s up to us to make sure they get met.

When Venus moves through Aries, she offers us all a chance to make a fresh start in matters of love, money, and self-awareness. Old patterns and lackluster relationships have no place anymore once she enters this cardinal house of fire. Instead, she inspires us to thrive on new experiences and adventurous encounters, and dares us to be more spontaneous in our pursuit of pleasure.

First and foremost, Venus in Aries is known to do what it wants, when it wants, and without having to answer to anyone. As the planet of love, beauty and money, Venus is extremely impulsive in Aries, allowing this romantic placement to jump in headfirst to any situation without thinking about the future. The only thing that matters to this astrological sign and planet is the here and now. To be honest, there is a certain kind of poetic and adventurous ring to living and loving in the present, without thinking about anything but the passion in your heart for what fuels your flames of desire. 

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