The sign of Aries brings energy, initiation, courage and drive. With this new moon under the sign of Aries, we can tap into this energy and use it to kick start any area of our life that feels stagnant, lacks confidence or needs a restart.

Pick an area of your life that needs an instigating fire under it to get going.

 Where are you ready to reclaim your power? 

Or where are you ready to build confidence? 

Perhaps you have one or more projects you want to get started on, or a new routine that will motivate and empower you, or maybe you want to take initiative on your health. 

Or… If there is one thing in particular that you would love to see come to fruition more than anything else this year, this is THE moon to announce your priority of it to the universe and call it in.

The following ritual is crafted for being enacted on the new moon in Aries on March 22nd or 23rd (after having done the Equinox home clearing mentioned in the Conjure Companion on or near the Equinox proper with the dark moon). 

Either Wednesday the 22nd (Day of Mercury the messenger) or Thorsday the 23rd are perfect because the moon will just barely be beginning to wax, baring the slightest sliver of light. This is the most ideal time for working manifestation magic, and with Aries involved, at the kick off of Aries season, within the Equinox power portal, we we are granted an added blast of cosmic success mojo.

Make sure that you start thinking about your intentions now so that they are crystal clear by the time you are ready to do the manifestation ritual. Write them down multiple times and in different ways if you have to. Whatever it takes to make sure they are fully formed and refined for spell time.

Now is also an ideal time to begin gathering your ritual items and herbs so that you aren’t scrambling to get everything the day before or day of the ritual (mega props if you already have all of these things handy)!

A taper candle

 (red is ideal, or white can work in its place)

paper (hand crafted if you can find it) + black or red pen

a small Citrine, Pyrite or Tigers Eye crystal (or Clear Quartz)

A small hand bell

A small bowl

1 teaspoon crushed Bay Leaves

1 teaspoon Nutmeg 

1 teaspoon crushed Ginko leaves

1 teaspoon Cinquefoil (5 finger grass)

1 fl oz (30ml) Basil essential oil

1fl oz (30 ml) Oakmoss essential oil

A strand of your hair, or 3 nail clippings, or both

A small pouch or bag (red is ideal)


~ Set up your sacred space by placing anything around you (or on your altar) that represents fire, expansion, growth and drive + any imagery you would like to incorporate.

Gather your ritual ingredients.

CLEANSE + PURIFY the air and yourself with smudge, then ring the bell 3 times to move the energy around the room.

Lay out your spell items and sit or stand in front of them.

GROUND YOURSELF by taking deep, slow breaths. Breathe into your solar plexus + connect to your inner fire and drive, and raise the energy in the room.

~ Make an anointing oil by mixing the herbs and essential oils in the bowl going clockwise

~ With the pen, write on one side of the paper exactly what you want to manifest, right down to the tiniest detail.

~ Now lightly spread a dash of the herb mixture over all of your words – its totally ok if it smears the ink; the point is to get the mixture to lightly touch all of your words.

~ Fold the paper in half, folding the furthest edge toward you first, turn it once to the right and fold it towards you again. This will bring what you desire into your life. 

Set the paper aside

~ Anoint your candle with the oil and herb mixture from top to bottom while speaking your intentions into the wax to enchant it. Visualize your desire while holding your enchanted candle, live it, and bring it into your presence so that those energies are soaked up by the candle. 

~ Take the strand of your hair + fingernail clippings and wet them with your saliva.

~ Wrap your hair around the candle, and push the clippings into the top of the candle around the wick. Place the candle into its stand, or on a plate standing up and take a moment to feel the energies around you. Take a deep breath in and blow slowly onto the unlit candle to seal it with our inner Magick.

~Set the candle by a window so that it can soak up the Moon’s energies and leave it until sunrise.

~ Cleanse the surrounding space and yourself again (not the candle). Ground yourself and sit for a moment while you come back to self.


A plethora of thresholds, a golden doorway, time to make the power move.

~ At sunrise the next morning, bring the candle to your altar or anywhere else you like. Take 3 deep breaths and with the last breath blow slowly around the candle to seal the Moon’s energy into the candle. Place your folded intentional note under the candle and arrange the crystals around it.

~ The candle is now ready to light, and to manifest what you desire. You should let it burn all the way down.  (Make sure it is in a safe space to do so, if this is not possible, use a candle snuffer to put the flame to sleep if you have to leave your home, and light it again with an offering of sweet incense when you return). 

~ LIGHT YOUR CANDLE and continue to feel your intention growing and building. Aries energy likes to be physical, so if it feels right, move your body. 

You can put on a song and dance, do some Sun Salutations, shake your body out, whatever works for you. This not only gets the energy moving in your body, but it helps to build + grow the intention you’re sending out.

You can also use the Venus in Aries, or Dance of Aries to amplify your intentions.


Before closing your ritual, always send massive GRATITUDE + BLESSINGS to our Earth who continues to support and nurture us through her ever changing cycles + rhythms, and through all the seasons of our life.

Once your candle has burned down, take your written intention, your crystal + your herbs (and any remaining wax), and place them inside of a pouch or bag this is your talisman!

Keep your talisman somewhere where you can see and hold it daily. Do not let anyone else see or touch it. I like to keep mine as close to me as possible. This may mean you can put it in your wallet, your coat pocket, beside you at your desk etc. Let it serve as a constant reminder of the intention you’ve set to take charge of your life and keep those energies flowing.

When you are ready to stop moving and wind down in an intentional way, light some of your favorite incense, grab your tarot deck and pull some cards to help you gain clarity on attaining your desire. You can do this while your candle is still burning or just after it has finished burning and you’ve made your talisman.

Click on the link below to access your Tarot Spread prompts for the Equinox New Moon courtesy of Memory OV Eden: