Venus* is the brightest planet in our solar system – she follows only the Sun (technically a star) and Moon (Earth’s satellite). Her cycles have been studied since antiquity.

One of the most famous – and oldest records –of Venus’ cycles is the Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa, which is more than 3500 years old.

In a variety of cultures, Venus’ brilliance has been linked to love. Today, her astrological meaning emphasizes the concept of unification, that of bringing things together, and beauty – an energetic quality that derives from her physically pretty presence (a feature derived from her astronomical closeness to Earth).

Part of what makes Venus’ cycle, and Venus retrograde, so magical, is that she periodically moves from evening star (one that’s visible in the few hours after sunset) to morning star (one that’s visible in the hour or two before the sunrises).

Within this shift from evening to morning star and back again, Venus vanishes for short periods, remaining invisible. These distinct changes in Venus’ cycle also change the quality of her energy, with Venus as morning star known as Lucifer, and Venus as evening star known as Hesperus.

Venus’ retrograde cycle lasts about 40 days (does that time period sound familiar to anyone – biblical references have to be inspired by something.). To put it plainly – the story of Inanna’s descent is the original Heroine’s journey.  The Heroine being the feminine and loving aspects of  human nature and the various complexities surrounding these aspects.

Even though Venus retrogrades about every 18 months, each Venus retrograde will return to the same Zodiac sign every eight years, until she completes her retrograde journey’s through the decans of each of those signs and finally changes her star points. 

Venus star points are powerful indicators of particular ages within history, and are a profound unfolding to research and keep track of as they reveal themselves, both personally and collectively. 

Occurring in just five parts of the Zodiac, Venus’ retrogrades trace out a five pointed star – the pentagram or pentacle (the five pointed star inside a circle). This symbol is a potent Venus image.


Even though Venus retrogrades about every 18 months, each Venus retrograde will return to the same Zodiac sign every eight years, until she completes her retrograde journey’s through the decans of each of those signs and finally changes her star points. VENUS STAR POINTS are powerful indicators of particular ages within history, and are a profound unfolding to research and keep track of as they unfold, both personally and collectively. 

Venus changed a star point last year to Libra where she is in her heavenly domicile on October 22nd last year during her Superior Conjunction with the Sun (CAZIMI), after having been a Scorpio star point for almost 200 years. This change of star point to Libra will have a significantly positive effect on relationships in the new age we have just entered – marked by Venus’s shift to the Libra star point. 

Venus retrograde in LEO a sign of self-confidence and pride—makes this transit a deeply personal one. It is extremely self-love oriented, with a hyper-focus on being in a good relationship with yourself. While it may be tempting to throw blame at a partner for relationship issues, the energy of Venus retrograde in Leo will draw our awareness towards the importance of personal improvements and upgrades.

Venus normally only spends a few weeks in each sign, so this four-month detour is unusual for the planet of pleasure. We have Venus’ upcoming retrograde to thank for such an extended stay in the sign of Leo. Venus stations retrograde every 18 months, and this year, that retrograde will unfold between July 22nd and September 3rd. During this time, Venus will urge each of us to identify a personal pattern, habit, or narrative around love, intimacy, pleasure, or beauty that we are ready to reclaim, retrieve, or heal. 

Venus retrogrades require that we peer inward. Investigate how your relationships mirror the past parts of you that have felt loved or unloved, nurtured or neglected. Sure, this kind of work can feel like a buzz kill sometimes — especially because Venus in Leo is so playful at heart. But it also offers the medicine that will help your heart break away from outdated trauma patterns and regenerate into a healthier and stronger version of itself with an even greater capacity to love ourselves, and therefore others.

Transitioning from the Capricorn Starpoint to Leo Starpoint which is transformative in itself, think back to late January 2022 and what was unfolding for you at that time. 


Now think back to the Venus Cazimi superior conjunction in October 22nd of 2022 which is the first time Venus has touched Libra in 200 years. 


How significant has this time been for you?


Now look back even further and find for yourself 8 years ago. Summer of 2015. What was happening for you then?


More likely than not, you will find that Venus was playing a fated role in your life during those times. Quite often when we find ourselves at dramatic turning points in relationships and self-discovery – Venus is involved. 

Starting a Venus journal is a wonderful way to track your own progression in relationship with  Venus.


“She rises from the earth to heaven and then descends again to earth which happens in 36 days, thereby combining within itself the powers of above and below.”


Acquainting ourselves with the Venus retrograde cycles through a hermetic viewpoint brings us back to the simple law of “As Above – So Below.” With the light from above representing consciousness and the shadows of below being the unconscious or subconscious.


It is the mixture of the dark & the light that makes Venus retrograde purposeful. The merging of the conscious with the unconscious. A turning of our own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual mulch so that fresh life can grow. 




Complete awareness and complete ignorance are  just opposite ends of a spectrum. Anywhere we find ourselves in between renders all of us somewhat unconscious.


Making the unconscious more conscious is what it’s all comes down to in that underworld throne chamber of death and redemption.  


With Venus in Leo we will experience a very passionate application of this alchemical process.


Create an atmosphere and spaciousness for yourself where both of these things are welcome. 

The darkness and the light. The conscious and the unconscious. 


Allow yourself ample wiggle room to surrender yourself to the process of meandering through your own subterranean halls of the unconscious, while also taking time to tune in regularly with your guides and welcome fresh insights from the superconscious. 

The ideal experience is finding a liminal space by losing control and losing yourself in the process while in this Bardo state. Take a vacation from having to be in control all the time.  


 New things cannot be born from something old.

 New things can only be born from a place of liminality.


The old must give way to liminality, and from liminality something new can be born.

 Liminality is that space between the past and the future.

 In the case of metamorphosis, it could be something about yourself that will become somewhat different or something entirely different – sometimes its difficult to tell, especially when you are in a place of complete surrender. 

Being in a liminal space for this kind of alchemy offers maximum potential for the best possible transformational outcome.


Solve = break apart 

Coagula = put back together

There are 2 aspects to shadow – which are:

1- That which is no longer you | that which you are going to allow to pass away.

2 – And there is that which is not yet you. Things that you don’t know yet about yourself, the unlived life of your human experience as spoken about by Jung.

The first step is in recognizing that it is up to us to consciously separate out these facets of shadow by acknowledging the aspects of ourselves we are going to let go of.



1 – Separation (Acknowledgement of what must be relinquished / sacrificed, self- separation)

2 – Initiation (the liminal churning, solitary journey)

3 – Return (the reintegration)

And it isn’t always the case that you or aspects of yourself are in need of, or going to go through a complete transformation.

This process could just be a nice upgrade to aspects of yourself that are in need of it.

It’s a process of purification for the Body, Mind and Spirit during which amazing new insights and instincts emerge within our programming and ripe with potential for endowing us with newly attained superpowers.

Think of it as if you were inviting a new guest into your home and wanting to clean up a little before they arrive, you want to do the same thing for yourself before welcoming in a new version of yourself to return as a divine guest who you wish to honor with the most accommodating environment that we are capable of creating for them, so that their presence can vivify and re-complete us into the upgraded new version of ourselves.


1 – BLACK : The Blackening. The initial descent. A decomposing, burning away and or purification. A cleansing of the outdated versions of self and our environment. Clearing out the dead wood. Taking the time to actually face the dead parts, acknowledge what is ready to go and actively engage in separating out these aspects (habits, tendencies, relationships, patterns, insecurities, blockages, leaks, cobwebs, clutter, dust, grime, rot). Assess what of these things need to be truly let go or simply broken apart and put back together. This is where the black shadow of self resides. The concealed self. It’s either something that we are terrified of, ashamed of, or even something perfectly healthy like being a bit of an outsider. Aspects of yourself that you keep concealed from the rest of the general public for your own personal reasons, which could use some light shed on them in order to become more comfortable in your own skin around everyone else regardless of what their opinion may be of you. 

Images that often go along with Negrito (and often show up in dreams): 

The Crow – the carrion that can carry messages regarding what is dying. 

Skulls, bones, manure, death and decay. 

Purification by fire, purification by water. 

Dragon Fire (the internal alchemist burning away natural excess). 

A malefic fire intended for destruction. 

The Golden Shadow of what is to come. There may be healing powers or survival instincts that gained from this process of blackening.

“The grand plan upon which the unconscious life of the psyche is constructed, is so inaccessible to our understanding that we can never now what evil may not be necessary in order to produce good though an antidromic and when good can very possibly lead to evil.” – Jung



Yes, we have to have morality and do what we can to live a just and good life, and yet we also seek out an aire of caution when ascribing any labels of good or evil to the fate that existence bestows upon us.

For example: Animara wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for the 2 + years of tragedy, heartbreak, and numerous traumatic experiences that forced me to walk a path of solitude and self discovery for an entire year before I was finally ready to spread my wings as a professional magician of the arts. It was through the numerous trials by fire that I found my greatest strengths, virtues and passions.


We must crush up the grapes to make fine wines and sacrifice beautiful herbs to make essential oils etc. And yet, be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Seek out the jewels of character and authenticity that make you so uniquely wonderful amidst the rubble and decay.


Relinquish something valuable that you’re attached to. Alcohol, sweets, frivolities, fasting from negative behaviors and thoughts, anything that is overdone is a negative. To much of anything requires a rebalancing whether we like it or not… And if we go for too long without rebalancing ourselves – nature will do it for us which can be a much less desirable method for experiencing it.

Contemplation, meditation, therapy, art. Gathering medicine, gathering allies – connecting with nature. Seeking out spiritual advisors. Practicing mindfulness and just being in the moment. If you’re normally a heavy thinker, it could be about just getting into your feelings. Whatever your opposite is and embracing it.

It is not nihilism – its sacred sacrifice for personal liberation from our own bondage.

After the burning away of the decay – the cleansing comes. 

2 – WHITE: Cleansing Illumination – Washing away the old And from this washing away comes the white light of the Albedo with a sudden influx of spiritual awareness. 

(Power prompts for the White Cleansing of the Albedo are coming in August)

3:RED – Revido The Reddening / revivifying. The hard work of creating the new reality out of this vision that comes from the Albedo. Re- enlivening of what the albedo gave to us. 

(Power prompts for Revedo coming in September)


The days leading up to transformational rituals such as this are just as important as the ritual itself. Preparing the physical form for our cosmic downloads goes hand in hand with nurturing our mental and energetic state as well. The beautiful thing about it is that they all benefit each other in the same regard. So taking the necessary time to follow the steps listed in this manual will guarantee a holistic cleanse trifecta for the entire being, harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It is imperative that we take this time to reset our emotional, mental and physical batteries, so that we can better show up for ourselves, our communities and mother earth in the days ahead. 

Everything listed in this manual is completely optional and also strongly encouraged for the maximum benefit of the Ritual Invocation. I trust that you will follow these steps to the best of your ability, and enjoy the profound, transformational process of sacred purification. 

1 – Cleanse your Microcosmos: 

It’s time to sweep that dust off the altar. As you approach your sacred space with care, listen closely to the spirit of your home. What does it have to say to you? What kind of attentive care is your home requesting so that it can better support your unfolding? Are your altars ready for a redo? If you’re going to give any one thing your attention at this time, it’s probably best to focus on the altars. Your altar is the center of your microcosmos, which inherently becomes your macrocosmos. I love to give my altars a deep cleanse, with an all natural cleaning solution mixed with Florida Water for an added boost, followed by a good old fashioned smudging. If you haven’t heard of Florida Water – you can find it at just about every magical bookstore or apothecary. It’s amazing. I can’t live without the stuff. 

2 – Therapy Baths & Sacred Cleansing Baths (there’s a difference)

Please prioritize your baths in the coming weeks. One candle-lit, epsom salt & essential oil hot bath per week (minimum). Take as long as you want. Shut the world out. Turn off your phone. Play your favorite calming music. Just unplug. Fall in love with your self-care practice. Go all in. 

  • Pre-ritual cleansing bath: Cleansing baths are created specifically for cleansing our energy field, and an essential pre-ritual prep tool. Please prioritize this before stepping into the circle on the 17th. If you can’t fit it in before our session that day, please make sure you do this on the morning of the 17th or the evening beforehand. The closer you can plan it to coincide with the ritual, the better. But most importantly is that you make sure it happens. 
  • How it is done: Fill the tub with cool water (not freezing) just enough coolness to bring about an elevating experience. Cleansing baths are meant to be more refreshing than calming. Toss in a dash of salt you have blessed, some florida water and a lemon sliced into 7 pieces, squeeze the lemon slices into the water and toss in the peels. Drop in some fresh Basil and white rose petals. Smudge the space. Light a single candle and say a prayer over the bath – calling on your ancestors, benevolent guardians & guides to bless and consecrate the waters for you. When you get into the bath, make sure you submerge yourself completely at least once for the full benefit. And it is suggested that you stay in the bath from anywhere between 7-13 minutes. Once your bath is done, proceed to anointing yourself with sacred oils and dress yourself for the Ritual. Now you are ready.

3- Daily Hour of Power: It is time to activate your hour of power! Making a daily commitment to this practice will strengthen the spheres and structuring of your Ritual Mandala Effect and microcosmos emanation. Your hour of power is paramount to this process. I like to do my hour of power in the morning, before I tackle the day. 

What it entails: 5-20 minutes of yoga. 5-10 minutes of meditation + daily tarot journaling.

Your hour of power can be during any time of the day that you prefer. What’s important is that you make the commitment to doing it no matter what. Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to take an entire hour either. Although, I have discovered that an hour never feels like enough once I’m really in my groove. But let’s face it – we are busy! We have a lot going on, so at times an entire hour can feel like a tall order. So just do what you can. Even if it’s 30 minutes or 20. It can be in any order you like and whatever feels natural is ideal. This is YOUR SACRED TIME to connect with your divine oracular nature. 

  • Your yoga practice can be whatever you feel called to doing. Sun salutes are always a great idea.
  • The meditation aspect can be difficult for some, so I have created a guided meditation that is exactly 11:11 in length for you to use during your hour of power to stay focused and activated. Here is the link to the meditation entitled Tree of Consciousness on Spotify:

Daily Tarot Journal Prompts: 

My recommendation for this practice is a 2 card daily spread: 

  • 1 card for what you should avoid for the day
  • 1 card for what you should approach for the day

Honestly you can pull as many cards as you like, it’s totally up to you. The two card spread is just my suggestion as a starting point or staple to carry you through the coming weeks. 

Journal your spreads and how you interpret their meaning.

Lastly – Journal your Dreams! 

If you can make the time, try to write down your dreams every morning as soon as you wake up. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes. This practice helps you to achieve more lucid states in the dream realm and learn subconscious truths that may not be apparent in the waking world. 


  • Florida Water   –  Epsom Salts    – Sacred Oil (Frankincense is wonderful)
  • Tarot Cards  –  Candles  – Lemon  –  Fresh Basil  – White Rose
  • Journal    –  Tree of Consciousness Guided Meditation Link 


Symbols – skulls, bones, crows, crossroads, coffins, tarot death card




 Ereshkigal, Hekate, Lilith, Kali, Medusa, Medea


White Lillies, White Roses


Thyme Loose Leaf Purification Incense (recipe available in the Conjurer Power Prompts)


Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Jet, Smoky Quartz, Onyx




A Black Veil or Shroud

5 sprigs of Rosemary


1 Black Pillar Candle 

1 candle holder or mount 

1 plate or dish

1 piece of parchment 

A pen


To banish anything unwanted from your life

(1 or all of these oils can be used together)

½ part Frankincense

⅛ part Bay Laurel

⅛ part Basil

A single drop of eucalyptus


Rosemary (Protection & Cleansing)

Angelica Root (Purification)

Lemon Verbena (Clears away unwanted things)


~ Begin with a Cleansing Bath & Dress in Black~
Cleanse your sacred space, sacred ritual items and your body with smudge.

Adorn yourself with your black veil or shroud.

The room you are in should be dimly lit.


Anoint your candle with the banishing oil with your fingers starting from the top of the candle and going downward towards the base candle while turning the candle in a counter clockwise or widdershins direction – VERY IMPORTANT: Pray over your candle as you anoint. Call on your ancestors, guardians & guides to bless the candle to aid you in your magic.


Begin with the back of your head in a downward motion

Back of the neck


Between the shoulder blads



Palms of your hands




Souls of the feet from back to front

Start at the top of your head with a prayer to your ancestors, guardians and/or guides to remove that blocks and binds and visualize that you are full of black smoke that gets vaccumed out into the candle as you are rolling it down your body.

Always with prayer & always in a downward fashion.

Once you are done, the candle is now full of all the nastyness to be banished / eliminated.

The candle has been blessed, so it knows what it is doing.

Roll the candle AWAY from you 3 times calling on the powers of (whomever you call to when in prayer or asking for help. Your ancestors, deity – you know who.) to aid in banishing all that blocks and binds you.

Now carve words of intention into your candle associated with what you are releasing.

Get real specific here.

Anoint the candle with oils once more as you pray over it.

Roll the candle in your loose leaf herbs of Rosemary, Angelica & Lemon Verbena away from you.

Bless your candle again by praying over it with the same thing you’ve been saying throughout this process.


Place your candle in its holder and bring your candle to your altar.

Write your intentions of all that you are releasing onto your piece of parchment paper. 

Fold the parchment paper away from you. 

Turn it counter clockwise

Draw an X on it.

Fold it away from you again.

Turn it counter clockwise.

Draw a skull 

Fold it away from you a 3rd time.

Turn it counter clockwise.

Draw a pentagram and write your name and birthdate on it.


Say your prayer again.


The flame eats away all of the negativity that you are releasing until it is completely burned away.


Wash your hands when you are done.

Sit with your candle and meditate on the flame for as long as you like. 

Allow yourself time to mourn the aspects of yourself, your life or things you are releaseing.

Cry therapy is highly encouraged. 

Keep your shroud at your altar and return to engage with it as often as you wish.

Work with the daily tarot prompts and hour of power at your death altar.

Move slowly and with care in the coming days.

Give yourself lots of space.

~ Blessings on your Death Rites Dear Ones ~