On Sunday August 13th we will find ourselves at the very heart of Venus Retrograde. It is also Hekate’s Feast Day + will be blessed with one of the most significant planetary alignments of the entire year – A Venus interior conjunction – Cazimi. 

A Venus cazimi is an exact union (aka conjunction) between the Sun and Venus. When Venus — the planet of love, connection, and beauty — approaches the Sun within 1 degree (or 16 arc minutes, depending on your tradition), it enters an enchanted state. The Sun’s rays burn through any sediment obscuring our connection to the planet of pleasure, leaving behind distilled messages about intimacy and our inner and outer beauty.

Venus cazimis can happen two ways: 

1) during Venus’ retrograde, when the planet is between Earth and the Sun, 

 2) when Venus is moving in direct motion and it’s on the other side of the Sun, as far as it can be from Earth. 

The Venus cazimi on August 13th is the first kind, marking the halfway point of Venus’ backward trek.

The cazimi on August 13th highlights the halfway point of our subterranean quest, which makes its messages for us all the more potent. Flashes of epiphany or subtle ahas illuminate what we’ve been reclaiming in relation to love, intimacy, beauty, and pleasure. 

Remember: The cosmos doesn’t speak through only one medium. Stay alert around this date for synchronicities, insightful dreams, sudden knowings, and powerful messages delivered by others. Although this underground mission will continue until Venus stations direct on September 3rd, you can continue with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

This retrograde is occurring in fiery Leo, so we are being tasked with retrieving submerged facets of our self-confidence, creativity, and self-expression. Especially in relationships. Think back to what you were unraveling around love and pleasure in July and August 2015, the last time Venus stationed retrograde in Leo. How did your relationship to desire shift? In what ways was your confidence rewired? What did you learn about offering your gifts and talents to others? The lessons you’re encountering now deepen this cycle. 

Every time we tunnel further into the depths of the same themes, 

we arise with more radiance than ever before.

The Venus cazimi on August 13th isn’t only a time for reflection. Because it’s such a gilded moment for the planet of love, it’s also an opportunity to amplify love magic, celebration, and your connection with the muses. Relish life’s sweetness even as you’re undergoing an inner — and maybe outer — makeover. – Chani Nicholas


The emerald tablet states that she rises from the earth to heaven and then descends again to earth which happens in 36 days, thereby combining within itself the powers of above and below .

It is the mixture of the dark & the light that makes Venus retrograde purposeful. 


It is a fertilization of the garden of our psyche .

Complete awareness and complete ignorance are opposite ends of the spectrum….

Anywhere you are in between, you’re somewhat unconscious .

So it is by making the unconscious MORE conscious that we strive to achieve. 

Venus retrograde is a cycle of renewal and rebirth, marking the slow down with a deliberate pause and necessary reflection is essential  before embarking on a new adventure.

Therein lies the purpose behind the alchemical application to this planetary transit.



~ Temperance ~

The Temperance card shows a large, winged angel who is both masculine and feminine. They wear a light blue robe with a triangle enclosed in a square on the front, representing that humans (the triangle) are bound by the Earth and natural law (square). The angel balances between one foot on the rocks, expressing the need to stay grounded, and one foot in the water, showing the need to be in flow. They pour water between two cups, symbolic of the flow and alchemy of life.

In the background, there is a winding path up to a mountain range, reflecting the journey through life. Above the mountains hovers a golden crown encased in a glowing light, a symbol of taking the Higher path and staying true to one’s life purpose and meaning.

As Inanna descends, she is stripped of all her royal vestments – her crown, lapis lazuli earrings, necklace, breastplate, ring of power, ankle bracelets and her royal robe as she crosses seven gates. Naked and humiliated, our royal queen of heaven is reduced to her hands and knees, in honor of her sister. However, Ereshkigal’s court slays Inanna and hangs her up on a meat hook.


Why? Because Inanna had ulterior motives, and her ego ultimately became her undoing. 


After three days, Ninshubar petitions various gods to assist with Inanna’s rescue but only gains the help of Enki, the God of WATER & WISDOM. 

Among a somewhat dominantly masculine pantheon of deities, only the God of Wisdom truly understood how important the Goddess of Love was to the very nature of existence. 

So Enki created two emissaries or “Gala”, Kurgarra and Galatur, sending them down to revive Inanna’s corpse with the WATER OF LIFE.


When Kurgarra and Galatur descend, they meet a suffering Ereshkigal who is screaming in pain from birthing her dead husband’s child. 

Kurgarra and Galatur hold space for Ereshkigal, listening and commiserating with her moans. 

Upon healing, Erishkigal was so grateful to the two envoys that she granted them one wish, to which they asked for the body of Inanna. When they receive the dead body of their queen, they sprinkle the drops of the water of life on Inanna and she is resurrected. 

It is at this time during the retrograde cycle (just after the Cazimi) that Venus becomes visible in the sky once again, returning to us as the MORNING STAR.

INANNA’S ASCENT – by Deanna Emerson:

I have seen the piercing eyes

Of the Dark Goddess

As she stands naked in the silent shadows

Planting the seeds of vision

Reached into the arms 

Of my deepest sorrow 

And looked into the eyes of death

Yet the world dance did not cease.

By the light of the waning moon

I have seen the faces 

Of the shining ones

And taking the sword of wisdom

Cut the cords that bind me

Armed only with love

I have entered the healing 

Power of the moon

Drawing it down around me

To enter the sacred womb

Of the dark goddess

And turning pain into power

I have returned.


 Initiation (the liminal churning, solitary journey)

After the burning away of the decay – the cleansing comes. 



Washing away the old, and from this washing away comes the white light of the Albedo.


Albedo WHITE = sudden influx of spiritual awareness. 



~ The whiteness comes out of the blackness ~

Liminality is where creation happens. 

New things can’t be born from something old…

New things can only be born from a place of liminality.

The old must give way to liminality, and from liminality something new can be born.


A revelation of the inner opposite comes out of this hieros gamos – sacred marriage of yin and yang.

Interconnectedness of the right and left brain. More complete than either one by itself.

As Above (Conscious | Light) ~ So Below (Unconscious | Dark)

The two are merged to create greater wholeness within.

Solve – break apart 

Coagula – put back together

There are 2 aspects to shadow – which are:

1- That which is no longer you – that which you are going to allow to pass away.

2 – And there is that which is not yet you. Things that you don’t know yet about yourself, the unlived life of your human experience as spoken about by Jung.

So it’s up to us now to ask ourselves the question:

Do I want to see what life organically brings into this sacred space I have just created within myself? Or is there something that’s actually calling to me, crying out for my attention? If the latter is the case, it is time to begin to allow space for it and cultivate it within that liminality ~ your sacred space for it to gestate and grow.

Look at as though you are now inviting a new guest into home and welcoming in a new version of yourself to return as the divine guest who you wish to honor with the most accommodating environment that you are capable of creating for them so that their presence can vivify and re-complete us into the upgraded new version of ourselves.

And it isn’t always the case that you or aspects of yourself are in need of or going to go through a complete transformation. This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. 

This process could just be a nice upgrade to certain aspects of yourself.


There are 3 stages of consciousness within the Heroine’s journey:

1 – Separation (Acknowledgement of what must be relinquished / sacrificed, self- separation)

2 – Initiation (the liminal churning, solitary journey)

3 – Return (the reintegration with the new updates)

It’s a process of purification for the Body, Mind and Spirit during which amazing new insights and instincts emerge within our programming endowing us with newly attained superpowers.

The Venus Cazimi brings us an invaluable opportunity for integration of the rational consciousness with the intelligence of the heart. 

Spiritual practices for Albido (especially during cazimi): 

~ Vision quest ceremony ~

 Find the medicine you need to aid your transformation. 

Animal spirits, plants, education, mentors, keys. Consult the oracle. Divination. Vision board. Go on a pilgrimage to a sacred site or excursion into nature. Any place of beauty where Venus resides. Sleep with dream inducing herbs and herbs of Venus + Rose petals to dream with her. Create a beautiful space for dreaming. Invite the albedo in through the beauty way.

If you are unable to do this on the Cazimi day (August 13th) the days before and after will still be very potent and this portal will lead us right into the New Moon in Leo. It is all interconnected and potent. Feel into it to find your sacred process and timing. Your intuition is your greatest ally at this time.

At the very least – light a white candle and pull some cards.


Clear out what is ready to go from your Blackening Altar, while keeping what you wish to remain. 

Begin integrating white, watery, angelic & intuitive significators to your altar.

Crystals, White flowers (Roses are a definite bonus, especially wild roses) & feathers, found objects and herbs.


Mugwort, Rosemary, Yarrow, Eyebright


Clear Quartz, Celenite, Apophalyte, Celestite, Amethyst

If you’ve already done this – wonderful!

Take some time to do an altar clearing – dusting everything off and rearrange it in a new way that holds significance to you. 

Allow your intuition to be your guide.


The Temperance Tarot Card


Pre-ritual cleansing bath: Cleansing baths are created specifically for cleansing our energy field, and an essential pre-ritual prep tool. Please prioritize this before your Albedo | Whitening ritual.

How it is done: Fill the tub with cool water (not freezing) just enough coolness to bring about an elevating experience. Cleansing baths are meant to be more refreshing than calming. Toss in a dash of salt you have blessed, some florida water and a lemon sliced into 7 pieces, squeeze the lemon slices into the water and toss in the peels. Drop in some fresh Basil and white rose petals. Smudge the space. Light a single candle and say a prayer over the bath – calling on your ancestors, benevolent guardians & guides to bless and consecrate the waters for you. When you get into the bath, make sure you submerge yourself completely at least once for the full benefit. And it is suggested that you stay in the bath from anywhere between 7-13 minutes. Once your bath is done, proceed to anointing yourself with sacred oils and dress yourself for the Ritual. Now you are ready.


For a cleansing of the soul and welcoming divine insight.


– 1 large white pillar candle (and a safety dish to go beneath it for catching the wax)

– Anywhere from 3 to 8 smaller chime candles


You can appoint a guardian or guide to each of the chime candles – this will help you decide on the number that you choose. These guardians and guides can also be ancestors, goddesses or deities. 

1 White Rose

5 sprigs of fresh Rosemary

– Piece of petition paper & a pen

– 1/4 cup of sea salt

– 1 Dish, bowl or shell of spring water

– Essential oils, from 1 to 3 of the following:

Mugwort, sage, blue lotus, cedar, peppermint, lavender, frankincense or rosemary. 


– Cleanse your candle with smudge or Florida water and anoint it with the oil/s of your choosing from the bottom up to the top, turning the candle in a clockwise direction. As you are doing this speak to your candle – welcome the light of Venus, divine insight from your guides, and new allies who may be ready to enter your life. 

Anoint the smaller chime candles in the same fashion. If you are using small votives – you can apply the oil and rub it around in a clockwise direction with your middle finger (center channel) as you speak your prayers into the wax.

Lay some of the herbs you’ve chosen out on a table and roll your candle through the herbs towards you (not away) always towards you – as you continue to speak your prayers of welcoming. You can also sprinkle some of the remaining herbs onto the smaller chime candles.

Set your chime candles in a circle at the center of your altar.


Write down what it is you are welcoming into your life. Be very specific and try to keep it simple.

Fold the petition towards you and draw a heart on it.

Turn the petition clockwise and fold it towards you again – now draw a sun on it.

Turn the petition clockwise and fold it one more time – now draw a pentagram on it, your name and your birthdate.

Place your petition folded towards you in the center of the circle of smaller candles.

Place your large pillar candle on top of the petition.

Encircle your pillar candle with some salt and then encircle it with the 5 sprigs of Rosemary.


Take your dish or shell of spring water outside with some sea salt, your essential oils and your rose. Try your best to do this in the sunlight. Add a few granules of salt to your dish or shell of spring water and stir it clockwise using your White Rose to stir as you pray over it – calling in the blessings of Venus from the heart of the Sun, from your guardians and for divine guidance as the waters soak up the light of the Sun.

Now add some drops of the essential oils you have chosen to include and do the same thing – clockwise & with prayer.

You are welcome to add any crystals to the water that are water compatible if you like, and some white flower petals as well.


“By Earth the body of the Goddess,

By Water her flowing blood,

By Air the breath of the Goddess,

By Fire her burning soul.

May these waters be made blessed and made pure.

May they be consecrated and ensouled by the light of Venus in the heart of the Sun!

Blessed be the Water of Life.”

Allow the waters to become illuminated with the Venusian infused sunlight before bringing it back inside.


Now you can anoint your temple space and yourself with the waters.

Dipping  your rose in the Water, sprinkle it in the 4 directions:

“Let this Water of Life consecrate this space in honor of Venus | Inanna!

Anoint yourself however you see fit. Allow the soft rose petals to kiss your skin.

Place your dish on the altar in front of your candle and light the chime candles as you call out the name of each guardian that they represent while moving in a clockwise direction.

Now light your central pillar candle as you pray over it.

Light some incense or smudge, offering it to Spirit and to Venus.

“May these offerings arise and pervade all space.

May they take the form that is most desired.

Spirit of Venus find nourishment and  fulfillment in these offerings! 

Sit with your waters of life, breathe deeply and gaze into them as the candle burns.

Allow any images to take form in the waters that wish to come through. 

You can burn your candle for as long as you like and make it last for as many days as you like, for returning to the sacred space.


1 – Write down three things you’re grateful for.

2 – Set your timer for 5 minutes and pour what’s on your mind to paper. No filtering. No editing. Just scribbling.

3 – What kind of support do I need for this new version of myself to thrive? 

4 – How can I best support myself in seeing this through?

5 – What am I ready to commit to at this time?



Click on the image below to access the CAZIMI Tarot Spread by Memorie Ov Eden:

~ Many Blessings upon your Venusian Rebirth! ~