Intermediate level dance and talismanic practical magic ~ monthly membership



This is where things start to get really interesting.

Members of the Dance Coven have full access to EVERYTHING that the Conjuers do… And then some.


 This includes – 1 Elemental Fusion Fundamentals Motif class

+ 2 Elemental Fusion Basics Technique Drills classes

+ 1 LIVE Deity Embodiment All – Levels Choreography class

+ 1 Intermediate Honed Technique Drills Class
+ 1 Intermediate / Advanced Choreography – Deity Embodiment Class
+ 3 Therapeutic Moon Yoga classes (gentle vinyasa)

+ Unlocks a beautiful, growing library of recorded class content including the intermediate level Astrological Series and embodiment workshops to practice with at your leisure. 

+ Monthly custom tailored ritual magic recipes.

+ Monthly Oracular Readings and Tarot Spreads to aid us in our mystical dance integration and embodiment practice.

+ Membership access to the ANIMARA SECRET SOCIETY – our private social network.

The Animara Dance Coven is for those of us who crave intermediate to advanced level technique.  This membership offers Deity Embodiment choreography classes for leveling up your training and developing meaningful relationships with historical Goddess Archetypes by honoring them through intentional movement as tribute to their meaningful existence in our lives. We do this to honor their spirits by familiarizing ourselves with them intimately through embodiment and recognizing their essence within our own nature. Communing with these Goddess archetypes through both academia and dance is an integral aspect of our Animara Dance Coven devotional practice. 



The Animara Dance Coven 2024 spring quarter will feature A mythological deep dive & 3 part embodiment series dedicated to the Goddess Artemis / Diana, paired with a customized practical magic companion for potent manifestation magic. 

Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt and is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities. It is thought that her name, and even the goddess herself, may even be pre-Greek. In later times, she was identified with Selene, the personification of the Moon.

For this Spring series the Dance Coven will be drawing our bows and aiming our arrows with intention for a powerful season of magic and dance. 

The Animara 3-fold approach weaves in a Coven Practice Companion to aid you on your magical dance path. This includes Devotionals for Dance Grimoire development: Lessons, spellcraft, a monthly reading by our Oracle in residence – Memorie Ov Eden, guided meditations, journal prompts, tarot spreads and more…

Have you ever played with the curiosity about weather it was possible to seamlessly bridge the gap between movement and the applied practice of practical magic? Have you felt as though you were doing all of the things yet in need of an actual methodology to devote yourself to that is guaranteed to grant you tangible and lasting results? By results I mean, feeling the magic move through your being at will, a deeper understanding and attunement to the sacred cycles of nature and the cosmos, a healthy relationship with Spirit and rewarding results in your applied magical practices?

If so, you are definitely in the right place.

Animara is a haven for our global community of mystics to deepen their relationship with the medicine of movement and nourish their souls journey of empowerment with devotional vitality practices for the mastery of impactful divine expression.

Elemental Fusion is a fully structured dance form that incorporates ancient elemental embodiment techniques and spiritual sciences for tapping into and activating the elements within the body to work in relationship with them and integrate their gifts into our foundational dance building blocks and formulas. 

An illuminating journey through the elements with an innovative blend of sacred dance and mudra yoga. Elemental Fusion Dance is the foundational practice of the ANIMARA vocabulary, which seamlessly fuses the power of the elements of nature with guided intentional movement. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit each lend their own unique essence to serve the growth of intentions from thought to reality. Merging the elementals with foundational dance structure in a healthy relationship from the get go – vivifies and charges each movement with their honed energies. These tailored dance motifs are hermetically endowed with esoteric wisdoms. Ancient alchemical, magical practices embedded within the flowing sequences to awaken our connection with the elementals through every movement. Elemental Fusion Dance grants meaning to our actions, while imbuing them with the energetic signatures and elemental forces of nature. A cauldron of empowerment and pure dance delight.

The Elemental Fusion dance format is comprised with a signature style that has been under development for over 10 years, with strong roots in Tribal Bellydance and distinct flavors of Indian Classical Temple Dance, Egyptian Cabaret, Turkish, Javanese, Folk, Jazz, Butoh and Hula with elements of presence and captivating theatrics.

Here at Animara, we avidly practice everything on both sides of the body to balance the right/left brain and acknowledge these alchemical workings as an empowering method of meditation in motion. The elemental embodiment aspect of this dance formula imbues every movement with meaning and connects our pathways of movement with the very life force of existence itself.


Loving all this information and ritual/rites. Thank you for your wisdom sister and for being our guide during these pivotal times. So grateful for the teachings I received thus far. Such a beautiful, sacred container.
Cassandra Arias
I cannot thank you enough for your teachings! You are offering the guidance and tools I have felt lacking for many years and I am incredibly grateful. I feel inspired!
Selena Madden PHD
This is so in depth!! The companion and astrology updates?! You put sooo much work into it. Wow.
Paige Roselene