Dance of Sagittarius

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I’m blessed to have Sagittarius as my rising sign and eternally grateful for it!

I wanted the essence of this piece to reflect all of my favorite attributes of Sagittarius: Adventurous, confident, conscious, visionary and playful. Combined with incredible music of Mongolia and so inspired by their archers on horseback. It doesn’t get much more Sagittarian than that!

Ruled by Jupiter, the granter of wishes, Sagittarius is portrayed as a centaur, the preeminent archer. With the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human, the centaur has four feet on the ground while its bow is aimed at the heavens. Sagittarius’ glyph, an upward arrow still firmly lodged in the earth, reflects this duality well — Sagittarians are creative thinkers with a good grasp on reality and achieving the goals they set out to accomplish.

Many mythological hunters have a close kinship with Sagittarius, most notably Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. Though their element is fire, they have symbolic ties to the earth, deer and other small animals of the woods. Unlike the fiery, passionate signs of the summer or autumn, Sagittarius’ fire represents enlightenment and elevation. They hunt for wisdom in all different forms.

May we all envision our souls’ aspirations with the brightest of clarity as the Winter Solstice approaches, and we embark on our next great adventure in this sacred journey we call life.

Here is the music we practiced with:

SLOW- This is Love by Kosikk

MID TEMPO –  Run by Glen Porter

FAST – Talin Salhi by Egschiglen