Dance of Virgo

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I had so much fun working on this piece. The story of Virgo that we are dancing is as follows:

Our Empress basks in the golden hue of the waning September sun, and bows in reverence as she blesses the land. 

Heart shining boldly, she celebrates the ripeness of her voluptuous body and the season from which she was birthed. 

With a coy gaze (for she is too smart for her own good) she flaunts her intelligence well, and diverts the onlooking eye, so enamored by her beauty to the delightful game she has made of picking the ripest fruit of the vine.

Playfully, she dances upon the bounty of the harvest, kicking and flirting her way through a crimson deluge, only to win over our hearts under whos admiration ~ ~ ~ she basks. 

The music chosen for the Dance of Virgo is Bells Books and Candles by Graeme Revell from The Craft motion picture soundtrack. (Available on ITUNES)

(I mentioned in class that she was picking berries – I meant GRAPES! lol)