For this 30 minute session we focus on adding to our foundational dance building blocks with hip anchors and crossroads. With Earth 1: Part 2 we further our development of infusing our Elemental Fusion Dance embodiment practices with the grounding, stabilizing and foundation laying properties of Earth.


Laying the gridlines, power points, crossroads, Indian Classical grounding postures, anchors and the Earth Mudra.

Within the Temple space Earth resides in the North

(or where you face when you do the majority of your practice).

Please be prepared in comfy, dance friendly attire, have your hydration of choice nearby, bring your Dance Grimoire, yoga mat, smudge, candle, Earthy essential oil or essence of Cypress, your Amulet and something fun to tie around your waist.


Powers of the North! Essence of Earth!

I summon you to this sacred place!

Guardians and Elementals of Stone, Bone, and Crone.

Sisters and Brethren of the Great World Tree

Gnomes and Sovereign Ghob of the the realm of Earth!

Be with me now and lend your powers of manifestation, stability and sovereignty.

Strengthen my body for the work at hand.

Awaken your lessons of silence and

resonance within me.

Come dark cave and moss covered stones.

Come growing green from rich, fertile soil.

Come root and seed and arching canopy to nourish this body, this dance, this magick.

Draw the invoking pentagram of Earth.

Beginning at the bottom left corner, moving straight up to the topmost point, down to the right and so on, until you make your way back to the bottom left point. See the star glowing with green light and draw a circle deosil (clockwise) of green light around the star to unlock the gate.

Draw in the green light and power of the Earth gate

with your athame fingers to your lips, kiss them. The circle is now flooded with that elemental energy. A green girder now encircles your temple in the North. Bow with your hand over your heart and say:

“I welcome you with gratitude. Hail and Welcome!”

MUSIC: Slow Track – Amber by Arcana

FULL SPEED: MAYA by Benjy Wertheimer & John De Kadt


(Stand in the posture of Earth – receptive palm at hip facing down, natural athame prana mudra in conductive hand held high).

Powers of the North!

Essence of Earth!

Guardians of stone, bone and chrone.

Sisters and brethren of the great world tree.

Gnomes and Ghob of the realm of earth!

I am grateful for your sturdy presence and aid in these rites of empowerment.

Continue to strengthen my body and Great Work along the path of Sovereignty.

For now, I release you to your fair and earthly realms. 

Hail and Farewell!

See the green light and energy receding back through the gateway of your circle. 

Draw the banishing earth pentagram with your natural athame, like a key in the lock, then encircle it widdershins (counter clockwise) 

Kiss your athame fingers and thrust them at the closed gate to seal it shut.