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Earth: Consecration | Laying the Foundation

The Path of Sovereignty

Root Chakra Activation

Anchoring power points and defining pathways.

In the Tarot – 2 of Earth /Pentacles reflects balance amidst change. 

With Earth 2 – we build the next layer of foundational stability within our elemental embodiment practice.

Powers of the North & Essence of Earth

Guardians of Stone, Bone & Crone

Sisters and Brothers

of the Great World Tree

Gnomish spirits of the realm of Earth

We are grateful for your sturdy presence & aid in these rites

Continue to strengthen our bodies & Great Work along the Path of Sovereignty

The Circle is open, yet never broken.

Please be prepared in comfy, dance friendly attire, have your hydration of choice nearby, bring your Dance Grimoire, yoga mat, smudge, your Amulet and something fun to tie around your waist. 

Music track is Maya by Benjy Wertheimer and John de Kadt (available on apple music)