We begin our Elemental Fusion Dance embodiment practices with the grounding, stabilizing and foundation laying properties of Earth.

Earth corresponds with:

The Root Chakra & Sacral Chakra

Personal Sovereignty & Freedom

Our True North

Winters darkness, the Void & Potential

Within the Temple space Earth resides in the North (or where you face when you do the majority of your practice). 


Earth is an elemental energy representing the diversity of forms and physical existence. Earth energy also aids our awareness of practicality, physical pleasure and recourses. Earth rules the sense of touch, of simply being present in our bodies and sustaining them. In Hermetic Alchemy, elemental earth is thought to have a dry, cold nature and primarily feminine mental gender; however, in my experience, earth holds a multifaceted gender fluidity. 

The planet Earth is far more than just a home; we are made of earth, and the energetic expression of earth is EMBODIMENT. 

It is called GROUNDING when we tap into elemental earth to soothe our subtle bodies. It is an especially useful practice when we are out of balance and experiencing anxiety, agitation, or absentmindedness. Practical forms of grounding include rest, eating nourishing food, drinking enough water, working up a sweat, making bare-skinned contact with the literal ground is tremendously helpful, like lying on the earth, leaning into a tree, holding a stone, walking barefoot outside and extending our energetic roots deeply to find stability in the bedrock , core of the earth and underworld. Elemental Earth energy is our way of linking with our natural environment as a part of the ecosystem.