I managed to remedy the major audio issues, although I am still obsessing over attaining an even better sound quality. What has been filmed is waaaaay better than what we had to deal with in class yesterday, so I am relived and yet… Still working on it. 

For this class we focus on solidifying the grounding techniques and stabilizing structural movements of the Elemental Fusion Dance Format while deepening our connection with the Earth Elemental through the wisdom of the essence of Cypress. 

With Earth II – we build the next layer of foundational stability within our elemental embodiment practice. 

Please come prepared with your Amulet, Oil of Cypress, green candle, yoga mat, hydration, and something fun to tie around your waist.

EARTH: Consecration | Laying the Foundation

The Path of Sovereignty

Root Chakra Activation

Anchoring power points and defining pathways.

In the Tarot – 2 of Earth /Pentacles reflects balance amidst change. 

Essence of Cypress: As you deepen your connection with the Spirit of Cypress, by engaging with your oil, you can welcome the spirit of Cypress into your heart  & ask it to aid you in harnessing a strong foundation for longevity within your dance practice. Cypress will carry your roots deep into the great below, connecting you with your ancestors and encourage your branches to grow high into the far reaches of the realms of the Divine while offering protection as you work your magic. 


Earth is an elemental energy representing the diversity of forms and physical existence. Earth energy also aids our awareness of practicality, physical pleasure and recourses. Earth rules the sense of touch, of simply being present in our bodies and sustaining them. In Hermetic Alchemy, elemental earth is thought to have a dry, cold nature and primarily feminine mental gender; however, in my experience, earth holds a multifaceted gender fluidity.

The planet Earth is far more than just a home; we are made of earth, and the energetic expression of earth is EMBODIMENT.

HOMEWORK: Connect with your Oil of Cypress and practice the Psoas exercise with hip anchors,  then dance along with me in the combo video demonstration at least once a day for 5-10 minutes.

MUSIC TRACK: Glitner by Danheim (available on all platforms)