We begin our Elemental Fusion Dance embodiment practices with the grounding, stabilizing and foundation laying properties of Earth.

Earth corresponds with:

The Root Chakra & Sacral Chakra

Personal Sovereignty & Freedom

Our True North

Earth is associated with winters darkness, the Void & Potential

Within the Temple space Earth resides in the North 

(or where you face when you do the majority of your practice).

~ Tribanghi step with earth mudra

~Prana Mudra (natural athame)

~ Breathing from the above into the below, from the below into the above.


Face the south and stand in the posture of Earth. Prana mudra natural athame raised in your dominant hand, flat palm turned downward at the hip with your receptive hand. 

Shift your consciousness to your roots deep in the earth, drwar power from the bedrock. Inhale as green light from below, exhale this light through the your athame.

Exhale and see the green light of fire beaming from your projective hand as your receptive receives the inflowing energy, then recite:

Powers of the North! Essence of Earth!

I summon you to this sacred place! 

Guardians and Elementals of Stone, Bone, and Crone. 

Sisters and Brethren of the Great World Tree

Gnomes and Sovereign Ghob of the the realm of Earth!

Be with me now and lend your powers of manifestation, stability and sovereignty. 

Strengthen my body for the work at hand.

Awaken your lessons of silence and resonance within me. 

Come dark cave and moss covered stones.

Come growing green from rich, fertile soil.

Come root and seed and arching canopy to nourish this body, this dance, this magick.

Draw the invoking pentagram of Earth. 

Beginning at the bottom left corner, moving straight up to the topmost point,  down to the right and so on, until you make your way back to the bottom left point. See the star glowing with green light and draw a circle deosil (clockwise) of green light around the star to unlock the gate. 

Draw in the green light and power of the Earth gate with your athame fingers to your lips, kiss them. The circle is now flooded with that elemental energy. A green girder now encircles your temple in the North. Bow with your hand over your heart and say:

“I welcome you with gratitude. Hail and Welcome!”


5 minute meditation per day breathing green, nourishing light from the below and into the above, white light from the above into the below with prana mudra & harnessing the Earth Elemental energy for directing at your intentions of growth and stability.

Set your bare feet upon the earth.

5 minute daily practice of Tribanghi step.

For this class, please come prepared with your AMULET,  journal, essential oil of cypress, your green candle, hydration, yoga mat, blocks + strap, and something fun to tie around your waist.

MUSIC: Maya by Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt


Associated with the Elemental of Earth, Cypress is known historically for carrying the symbolic potency of eternity and immortality. It is also a cthonic tree spirit, carrying an ancient connection with the underworld (great below).

The ancient Minoans worshipped the cypress as a divine symbol, and spread the cult to Cyprus from Crete. Cypress wood was also used to make coffins in ancient Egypt. 

Deities associated with Cypress: Mithras, Pluto, Aphrodite, Ashtoreth, Artemis, Apollo, Cupid, Jupiter, Hekate, Hebe and Zoroaster.

Powers: Longevity, Healing, Comfort & Protection.

MAGICAL USES: The tree is quite protective when grown near the home and boughs of cypress are used in protective and blessing capacities. Since the cypress is the symbol of eternity and immortality the wood has long been carried to lengthen life and used for making invocations to the gods. The root and cones of the cypress are also healing, as is the greenery when dried and burned as incense.  

FOLKLORE: Throw a sprig of cypress into a grave to give the deceased luck and love in the hereafter. And a mallet of Cypress wood was once used to discover thieves, but as far as is known, the exact procedure is lost. 


Welcome the spirit of Cypress into your heart and spirit asking it to aid you in harnessing a strong foundation and longevity within your dance practice. Cypress will carry your roots deep into the the Great Below, connecting you with your ancestors, and encourage your branches to grow high into the far reaches of the realms of the Divine while offering protection as you work your magic.