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Air II brings us further along the path of the heroes journey as we close in on the completion of our sacred geometric motif within the pentagram trajectory.

Air II is inspired by the 2 of Swords Tarot Card which portrays a state of balance, serenity and thoughtfulness while turning the gaze within to approach ones inner crossroads.


Please come prepared with your Grimoire, essence of Lavender , yellow candle + rosemary smudge, yoga mat, blocks, something to tie around your waist and hydration.


Practice the Air II Star Path Dance along with me at least once a day.

Practice the Air Diamond meditation during your hour of power.

Add the correspondences page to your grimoire (listed below)


What is Truth? What one believes to be true or think is true is a matter of perspective. To even construct that last sentence, the words “believe” and “think” were necessary. Both bring us back to functions of the mental body, which are the domains of elemental air. The Hermetic principle of mentalism states; “ALL IS MIND”; The Universe is mental.

If the transcendent consciousness of an embodied cosmos is the Divine Mind of God/Goddess, we could poetically describe God/Goddess as thinking themselves into being. They dream of swirling galaxies and solar systems, dreams of ecosystems, bees seeking nectar, the way roots hold the soil and flowers leaninto sunbeams; dreams of electrons spinning within atoms, molecules bonding; dre3ams of Gods nd Goddesses, of heroes, villains and monsters. The Divine Mind holds beautiful utopian fantasies and nightmares of dystopian destruction; all are within the infinite possibility of God/Goddess. Everything we hold to be relatively “true” and “real” are thoughts affected by thought. The effects of thoughts brings us back to “the Universe is mental.” In this cosmic poem, humans would be a divine thought too, and we are thinking with our own spark of divine mind. 

Through our thoughts (mental), feelings (emotional), and sensations (physical), we have the sentience to integrate all of this information (spirit) and respond with purpose and power (will). This is because we know who we are and where we fit within the grander scheme of things. Witches uniquely realize that we are both the dreamer and the dream.

When applying this intelligence of the Air elemental to a movement or dance practice we are granted the power of bringing the mundane into the magical through thought and intention. The intelligent choices and mercurial connections made in this way awakens the witches jewels of power of WONDER & KNOWING within our magical workings.

The Element of Air and Air Elemental establishes these intellectual links between all of the other elements. Within our existence and magical artistry. 

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Air Diamond Intuition Meditation

The Realms of Thot

Third Eye –  Pineal Gland – Throat Chakra

Hamsasya or Gyan Mudra

The Divine Mind


Introspection – Connections – Inner Crossroads

Personal / Sacred Truth


Sacred Geometry

Education, language, analysis, philosophy, knowledge, intention, meaning, communication, science, travel, pathways, transportation. 

The Earth Grid

Essence of Lavender and the color Yellow / Golde

Dance Movements: Traveling, gliding, foot patterns, fast spins, swirling, cyclones and swift transitions. Celestial embodiment, archetypes, sky feet, characterization, intellect.

Tarot: Suit of Swords


Smudge the space, light 2 candles and set them in front of you like pillars to represent a gateway of transformation. A threshold of conscious loving illumination & metamorphosis.

Practice Earth Elemental Tree Mediation.

1) Make a large square on a piece of paper. On one side of the square, put the word #1 DENYING or AVOIDING, on the other side – #2 COMPROMISING #3 HARSHLY JUDGING #4 WHAT I AM MOST AFRAID OF, and #5 in the center… WHAT I DON’T LOVE ABOUT MYSELF.

2) Now fill in words on each side that say what you are in denial of or avoiding, what you are compromising, what you are harshly judging, what you are afraid of, and what you still don’t love in the self. Give yourself only three minutes.. Write without thinking or mental effort… Just let your subconscious mind fill in the blanks.

3) When finished, circle the most intense and limiting quality on each side of the square.
These things show you exactly where you hold your frequency down and love out.

4) Bring to your awareness any one of the patterns you have circled.

5) Ask the pattern what its GIFT was . What it has taught you. Who you are now, that you would not have been if you had not worked with that shadow, that pattern of limitation. This is an important step, as nothing wants to actually dissolve unless it has been acknowledged, thanked and blessed in its release.

6) With that done. State from the center of your being, what pattern you are choosing to leave behind on this side of the initiatory gateway. Name the shadow you are here to complete as a soul, to embrace and bring it to wholeness in this NOW moment.

Making a clear laser like statement of what you are consciously choosing to step into on the other side of that initiatory gateway. Claim it!

7) Potentize the effects of this process by becoming active in it –  Anoint yourself with oil of Jasmine and invite the Water Diamond Mudra meditation in to serve as a practice for elemental deepening and integration. Allow any mytho-poetic metaphor to emerge in your awareness right now that can assist you in holding space to transmute, through love, the shadow spoken for self and the collective One. Complete the clearing of the negredo of this shadow with” I love my shadow as I Love my light.”

8) Now, take the time to choose to love yourself as you are, with, not in spite of the contraction or shadow that arises.
And if you are willing, genuinely embrace yourself just like that in this moment! For it is in embracing the shadow in your love, that allows it to alchemically dissolve in Divine Grace. It is cosmic law that anything of lesser vibration than Divine Love, dissolves in the higher frequency that unconditional Love is, if you so choose it in full conscious awareness.

Will you choose to love your shadow as whole heartedly as you love your light? If the answer is in this moment yes, then so choose and so state that to the self right now. Witness yourself in that choice! (saying: I love my shadow as I love my light.)


Offer yourself a personal reward for taking the time to practice these essential workings.