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Our Fire embodiment practice really gains momentum in this class. This will be a packed 2 hours of instruction. If you have time to run your homework from Fire class 1 before this session, please do… You will definitely thank yourself for it once we are in the zone.

The motif you will be learning is inspired by the 2 of Wands card from the Tarot Deck invoking courage, willpower, dismantling what no longer serves, spontaneous assertion and boldly forging ahead.


Please come prepared with your oil of Bay and red candle to be ready for our deepening into the realm of Fire + rosemary smudge, Grimoire, Tarot Deck, yoga mat, blocks, something to tie around your waist and hydration of choice.

MUSIC TRACK: Kamakhya by Imagika Om

Kamakhya is a mother goddess in India. She is a Shakta Tantric deity considered to be the embodiment of Kama (desire)and is regarded as the goddess of desire. Her abode–Kamakhya Temple is located in the Kamarupa region of Assam, India. The temple is primary amongst the 51 Shakti Pithas, and is one of the most important Shakta temples.


Take time to light a candle and connect with the spirit of Bay while deepening your connection to the Fire Mudra breath-work. Practice the motif with me at least once a day & count those shimmies!


On the back of your Fire Gate page, you can now add your Invoking and Banishing pentagrams, with the arrows guiding you to display how the gates are opened and shut. You are welcome to color the pentagrams red as well (though I didn’t) it’s really a matter of preference and time. 

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On the following page, write down the Fire Invocation for opening the Southern Gate and remember to recite the call + open the gate over your Fire Gate page along with the 2nd annointing to ensoul your Fire chapter in the Grimore.


Face the south and stand in the posture of Fire. Prana mudra natural athame raised

 in your dominant hand, fist at the hip in your receptive hand. 

Exhale and see the red light of fire beaming from your projective hand as your receptive recieves the inflowing energy, then recite:

Powers of the South! Essence of Fire!

I summon you to this sacred place.

Salamanders & Sovereign Djinn of the Inferno!

Be with me now and lend your powers of courage and transformation. Strengthen my power of the work at hand. Awaken your lessons of willing and surrender within me. Come glowing ember and fiery sun and blazing plasma to temper and empower this magic.

I welcome you with gratitude. 

Hail and welcome!

Draw the invoking pentagram of Fire beginning at the topmost point and moving to the bottom right corner until you make your way back up to the top, then encircle it deosil (clockwise) unlocking the gate. Draw your fingers to your lips, pulling in a stream of elemental fire. Kiss your fingers, then with your hand over your heart bow to the gate as the red girder of light now encircles the temple.

See you all next week!

Love T.