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And thus concludes our journey in the realm of the element of Fire.

This session focuses on refinement, quickening the pace and upgrading our Elemental Fusion Fire motif. If you have time to run your homework from Fire class 1I before this session, please do… You will definitely thank yourself for it once we are in the zone.

FIRE III draws inspiration and direction from the message of the 3 of Wands Tarot card.
In the Toth deck, the 3 of Wands signifies Self-confidence, being centered, vitality in connection with a pioneering spirit and urge to move forward.
In the Rider Waite (and most other decks) The Three of Wands represents creation – excitement, optimism, forward motion – a mission. This card symbolizes enterprise, trade, or commerce. Keynotes: Achievement – venture – traveling – and hot pursuit of a journey.


Please come prepared with your oil of Bay and red candle to be ready for our deepening into the realm of Fire + rosemary smudge, yoga mat, blocks, something to tie around your waist and hydration of choice.


To Will is the projective power of elemental fire. The projective power to Will represents how we actualize our personal desire. Through movement, action, strength and assertion we apply our inner fires to making the things we want actually happen. Without essential fire nothing gets done.

The WILL is the “engine” of our being – the drive, action, oomph, the verb in the sentence we write with our lives. There is a difference between personal will and DIVINE WILL, or TRUE WILL. Personal will may be shortsighted by the whims of the moment. In our microcosm, personal will compels us to do whatever it takes to satisfy what our ego wants, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however it is just a smaller part of the ultimate equation: a microcosm subset of our will within the macrocosm of DIVINE WILL.

DIVINE WILL compels us toward our destiny, fueling the achievement of our existence’s spiritual purpose. Tapping DIVINE WILL starts the flow for power from the creative source, then aligns with personal will, opening the conduit between all three planes: Spiritual, through Mental, down to Physical. The Witch becomes the conductor of that divine power. Use it wisely…


The flipside of fire, the passive, receptive, feminine and less obvious lesson is about surrender. In surrender we receive the tools for transforming culture through cooperation. Think about the log on your bonfire. The fuel that is burning must surrender to that catalyst so that its raw material is transformed into something amazing. Nothing set aflame can remain the same. Fire consumes both oxygen and matter, releasing the latent energy as light and warmth. The applied combination of water and fire gives us a powerful steam engine (cauldron). When we cooperatively surrender to the transformation by DIVINE WILL, all impediments to our sacred mission are burned away. Like tempering a steel blade, our impurities and weaknesses are also transmuted into power. After the forge, the sword that remains is sharper, more resilient and far more effective. Similarly essential fire tempers our little egos into more enlightened states of consciousness. With this rarified purpose, and understanding, Witches are ready for a cooperative interrelationship with society and advancing human evolution.

Surrendering is about getting out of your own way, an attitude of not struggling, not fighting the fire, just letting it burn. With this mystery, think of our destiny like a river flowing in the direction of our evolution (collectively and individually). In this metaphor, we are captains of our destiny, in command of our “ship.” The Question is, what is fueling the engines of that ship? When we can appropriately detach from our little ego’s expectations of how we are in control, we can fuel our engines with the limitlessness of this divine fire. This allows us to navigate our destiny harmoniously with the flow of nature rather than egotistically rowing against the current.


Continue dedicating yourself to your hour of power. If you miss a day or two, no need to get discouraged, just get back in the sattle ! Life happens. The most important thing is that we carve out at LEAST 20 minutes per day for ourselves. 

Practice Earth & Fire with me at least once per day.

Run the Tree Meditation & move on into the Fire Diamond Mediation.


Next up, it’s time to add your final pages in the Fire chapter of your grimoire… For now.

1 – Correspondences

2 – The Fire 1 dance movements

3 – Closing the Gate (on the last page)


The Witch Flame

Fire Diamond Meditation

The Middle Realm


Solar Plexus | Sacral | Heart





Divine Will

Core Heat

Vital Force

Ferocity & Sacred Rage




Within the Temple – Fire resides in the South


Fire Mudra (Mayura)


Quick, staccato movements

Upward momentum

Lapping flames

Quick, serpent-like strikes

Playful and fierce articulations

Practice: Building Internal Heat & Core Strength

Tarot: The Suit of Wands


1 – (1 – 4) Mayura Mudra shoulder blasts

     (5 – 8) Close mudras into diamond w/hips OTU (on the up)

2 – (1 – 2) Feet: Cross | open | hip bump out (opening mudra half-way).

      (3 – 4) Feet: Cross | open | hip bump in (opening mudra all the way).

      (5 – 6) Feet: Cross | back | hip bump out (closing mudra half-way).

      (7 – 8) Feet: Cross | back | hip bump in (closing mudra all the way into diamond).

3 – (1 – 4) Big, playful inner hip bump, swirl back, land in Clever Lalitha pose.

      (5 – 8) Head slides x4 (times 4)  B,F,B,F (back, front, back, front)

4 – (1 – 4) 2 back hip lifts + press/release arms transitioning to 2nd position

      (5 – 8) Firecracker Combo: Inner shoulder up, inner hip up, chest pop, chin lift.

5 – (1 – 4) Fire arms with shimmy up

      (5 – 8) Sorcery arm swirl back to front into Mayura cross at heart.                                             



Face the south in the posture of Fire.

Powers of the South!

Salamanders and Sovereign Djinn!

I am grateful for your empowering presence and your aid in these rites. Continue to strengthen my WILL and great work along the path of power. 

For now I release you to your fair and fiery reals.

Hail and Farewell!

 See the red girder receding back through the gateway and draw the banishing pentagram. 

Encircle it widdershins (counter clockwise) to close.

Kiss your natural athame and thrust  it forward to seal it shut.

I look forward to dancing with you again in 2 weeks for our entry into Water.

Happy Beltane!

Love T.