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For this final session we recap all of the dance motifs and meditations from each element, and put the finishing touches on our Embodied Elemental Alchemy Grimoires.


You are a magician of movement.

And this is just the beginning…


1 – Send photo copies of your beginner grimoire (at the very least) – your hard bound grimoire if you made one.

2 – video of you dancing one of the elemental motifs in it’s entirety

3 – A written essay about your experience connecting with the elementals through the mudra yoga practice and movement, your personal favorite elemental and how you plan to proceed with your Elemental Fusion Dance practice.


Please come prepared with your yoga mat, hydration, TAROT DECK + DANCE GRIMOIRE (hard bound journal), oil of FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH, purple, black or white candle + rosemary smudge and something fun to tie around your waist.

It’s time for the Spirit Elemental Ensouling Ritual for your Dance Grimoire.

Make sure that you ensoul and perform the anointing ritual at least once more, and incorporate the Prana Diamond  Meditation when your Spirit Gateway page is complete.

Your Spirit Elemental Invocation and Banishing incantations are available below the images of the remaining pages of the Embodied Elemental Alchemy Grimoire. See below:


Quintessence of Spirit!

The two who move as one

Silver shining Moon

Balance golden rays of Sun!

Come powers of Completion

And perfect Symbiosis

From Heart to Heart 

And Will to Will

In Unity

So Mote it Be


Welcoming Spirit

Ancestors of the Land! (stomp foot twice)

Ancestors of the Blood! (pound fist on heart twice)

Ancestors of Spirit! (clap hands overhead twice)

All Beings of Good Will

Who guard, guide and inspire my spiritual journey

Be Welcomed into this Sacred Place

Aid my Magick

For the Highest Good of All Involved

Harming None

Hail and Welcome!


Prana Mudra

White Dragon of the Above & Red Dragon of the Below

Improvisation & Emoting Authenticity


The Gift of Presence

Subtle Messages

Opening perception to see how all is Spirit

The 5th Element


Unlimited Potential


Ancestral Wisdom


Balance | Synthesis | Temperance | Symbiosis


Essences: Frankincense and Myrrh

Tarot: Major Arcana


Prana Diamond at Sacral Chakra

1 – (1 – 4) Kahiko Hula step with Prana mudra out and up.

     (5 – 8) Kahiko step drawing Prana Diamond down.

2 – (1 – 4) Kahiko step graze 3rd eye to circle mudras out and down.

      (5 – 8) Kahiko step raise diamond to solar plexus and return.

3 – (1 – 4) Tribhangi step to right with Maha Mudra & Lotus.

      (5 – 8) Raise lotus high raising right foot

4 – (1 – 2) Kahiko step R foot FWD, L arm up, R hand to Heart.

      (3 – 4) Kahiko step with R arm up

      (5 – 8) Kahiko step drawing Prana Diamond down.

~ Repeat on other side ~



Ancestors of Spirit! (clap hands overhead twice)

Ancestors of the Blood! (pound fist over heart twice)

Ancestors of the Land! (stomp foot twice)

Thank you for your Guidance and Protection

Throughout this Rite and Ever Onward

Along my Spiritual Journey

I release you now

Stay if you will

Go if you must

Depart in Peace

Hail and Farewell!


One item representing each element

A Purple, Black or White candle (or all 3)

Purple black or white fabric (i used my black assuit fabric)


The High Priestess to the left (Receptive Divine Feminine) 

The Heirophant to the right (Conductive Divine Masculine)

The Magcian in the center (You and your spiritual journey)

Your essences of Frankincense and Myrrh

To keep the practice alive and strong in your body, mind and spirit: Try practicing one element per day for 5 days out of the week for 5 – 10 minutes (at minimum) reciting the invocations and banishings with your Grimoire. 

The Animara platform is also a wonderful way to continue working with me. Doors will open again around the Spring Equinox.

Consult your 2 tarot cards along with the tree meditation or one of the elemental diamond meditations before each elemental dance session: Make this an integral part of your daily ritual.

It’s also important to give yourself time off, so give yourself 2 days per week to rest.

If you just don’t have it in you to practice – at the very least revisit the tree meditation for 5 minutes and it will keep the current alive within you and your life.

Brightest Blessings on your Spiritual Journey as a Magician of Movement!

Sending you so much love.