(this class is 2.5 hours in length)


Please come prepared with your journal, oil of Bay + red candle ready for our entry into the realm of Fire. Your rosemary smudge, yoga mat, blocks, strap, something to tie around your waist and hydration of choice.


Fire Diamond breathwork with the essence of Bay & drill the Fire 1 exercise with me once a day.


We awaken the Witch Flame within our practice with our sacred mission and the alignment of will.

Fire corresponds with:

~ The Middle Realm ~

The solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra





Divine Will

Core Heat

Vital Force


Sacred Rage



Within the Temple space Fire resides in the South

Dance movements: Fire Mudra (Mayura) Shimmies, quick staccato movements, upward momentum, lapping flames, quick serpent-like strikes, expression, playful and fierce articulations.


Elemental Fire energizes the body of WILL. Dynamic and aggressive, fire governs our determination, passions and willpower, spurring our charge into battle like a warrior of Divine Love on a sacred mission. The movement of our muscles is provided by the chemical reations of our body, releasing our inner matabolic fire. It is also the infernal, spiritual fire of divinity within us. Our sense of sight is associated with the fire because it holds the power of light. 

In hermetic alchemy, elemental fire is thought to have a hot and dry nature and anchors the divine masculine and sacred shakti within our being.

Fire is the first essence to emerge from Spirit and is the least dense energy in all of the elemental realms. Fire is a transitional state between matter and energy, between our talents and actions, regulating our sex drive and intensity. It is also the curious spark that fuels imagination and drives one to manifest those imaginings. 

Fire also fuels our work – weather that be ones career or sa red mission, how one creates opportunity, and then makes good use of those opportunities. 


Face the south and stand in the posture of Fire. Prana mudra natural athame raised

 in your dominant hand, fist at the hip in your receptive hand. 

Exhale and see the red light of fire beaming from your projective hand as your receptive recieves the inflowing energy, then recite:

Powers of the South! Essence of Fire!

I summon you to this sacred place.

Salamanders & Sovereign Djinn of the Inferno!

Be with me now and lend your powers of courage and transformation. Strengthen my power of the work at hand. Awaken your lessons of willing and surrender within me. Come glowing ember and firey sun and blazing plasma to temper and empower this magic.

I welcome you with gratitude. 

Hail and welcome!

Draw the invoking pentagram of Fire beginning at the topmost point and moving to the bottom right corner until you make your way back up to the top, then encircle it deosil (clockwise) unlocking the gate. Draw your fingers to your lips, pulling in a stream of elemental fire. Kiss your fingers, then with your hand over your heart bow to the gate as the red girder of light now encircles the temple.


“Noble Laurel”

(laurus nobilis)

Planet – Sun & Jupiter, Element – Fire, Deities – Ceres, Apollo & Eros

Bay Laurel’s history goes back to a time immemorial. Bay has long been associated with attracting benefits from love to success. The latter use of bay has become quite common in contemporary magic, with many a simple spell proclaiming that benefits can be manifested through burning a single leaf or carrying one on your person. 

Bay was chewed by the priestesses at Delphi to induce a prophetic state while they proclaimed their visions, and also inhaled their fumes. Wreaths and other objects made out of bay laurel were both status symbols and recognition of achievement in the ancient world. ***Avoid ingesting large amounts, although it is generally safe otherwise, Bay has mild narcotic properties.***

Bay is a protection and purification herb par excellence and can be worn as an amulet to ward off negativity. In ancient temple rites, a sprig of bay is used to sprinkle water during purification ceremonies, and the tree planted near the home is known for protecting its inhabitants against sickness. Bay leaves have long been used for giving strength to those engaged in athletic activities and worn at times of competition. 

Bay Laurel was believed to be such a powerful healer that doctors would wear garlands of bay every day, and it is said that Emperor Tiberius of ancient Rome wore a bay laurel wreath for protection during a thunderstorm. Bay laurel placed beneath a pillow can invite prophetic dreams, and dried bay can be burned to dispel any lingering sickness or negative energy. Bay laurel is a powerhouse at bringing in success, especially business and athletics (dance).

Bay laurel was used to fashion the laurel wreath of ancient Greece, a symbol of highest status. A wreath of bay laurels was given as the prize at the Pythian Games because the games were in honor of Apollo, and the laurel was one of his symbols. According to the poet Lucian, the priestess of Apollo known as the Pythia reputedly chewed laurel leaves from a sacred tree growing inside the temple to induce the enthusiasmos (trance) from which she uttered the oracular prophecies for which she was famous. Some accounts starting in the fourth century BC describe her as shaking a laurel branch while delivering her prophecies. Those who received promising omens from the Pythia were crowned with laurel wreaths as a symbol of Apollo’s favor.

To connect with Bay, in addition to communing with the essential oil, spending time with some fresh leaves with gratitude in your heart can work wonders. Hold the leaves close and thank the Bay for working with you – it will make her spirit happy, and uplift yours at the same time.

Meditating with Bay Laurel:  Sit and allow her to travel within, filling you with healing love and creative inspiration. 

Work with essence of bay as you establish your relationship with the Fire Diamond breathwork exercise for empowering your Sacral chakra, solar plexus and purple witch flame