We nurture and sustain our practice with the rejuvenating qualities of water.

Water corresponds with:

The Heart Chakra


Divine Love



Within the temple space, Water resides in the west.

Elemental water forms our emotional bodies, while governing shape and form. Water will always form into the shape of its container and is easily molded by intention. Water is the element of the astral plane and the subconscious mind. Ruled by the moon, water is the psychic energy shaped by the other elemental influences, yet forms the matrix out of which our reality blooms. Just like physical water, its power flows everywhere, connecting everything.

With water we dive deeply into our intuition, dreams and visions. These spiritual waters are where our subconscious mind goes to dream and our watery essence is poured back into the astral ocean of Divine Love.

Water teaches us that existence is cyclical, tidal; there is an ebb and flow to all of life. These mysteries are mirrored throughout the cycles of nature.






Offering / Receiving of Blessings / Gifts

Emotional Body

Elixir of Life

Womb Space | Heart Center | Third Eye

Trikola Mudra

Circular, spiraling and spherical movements


Soft Power

Softening around the edges

 Treating the dance as an offering to self and all of existence.

Movements convey the essence of deep wisdom, compassion, love, grace, trust, surrender & release.

WATER I draws inspiration from the Ace of Cups tarot card as we tap our own sacred well, and immerse ourselves into the mysteries of water.


Please come prepared with your oil of Jasmine and blue candle to be ready for our deepening into the realm of Water + rosemary smudge, yoga mat, blocks, something to tie around your waist and hydration of choice.

MUSIC TRACK: Whales by Podval Capella


Practice the Water mudra meditation once a day, visiting your internal sacred well.

Take a jasmine oil infused salt bath.

Practice Water 1 with me – both speeds at least once per day.

Begin writing down all of the elemental fusion information in your rough draft grimoire notebook.


(Stand in the posture of Water facing the West within your Temple Space  – Receptive hand at head height like a crescent moon, visualize blue and the fluidity of ocean waves. Projective hand with Natural Athame raised in salute. Shift your conscious connection to your roots dipping into the dimensional aspect of water.)


Powers of the West!

Essence of Water!

I summon you to this sacred place. 

Guardians , elementals, undines, merfolk and niksa of the ocean depths!

Be with me now and lend your powers of intuition and emotion.

Open my heart!

Awaken your power of daring and acceptance within me.

Come crashing wave and foggy dusk.

Come glistening dew and river rapids to buoy and carve the way for this magick.

Draw the invoking pentagram of water beginning on the upper left corner and moving to the right, all the way through the star and back to where you started.

Encircle the pentagram deosil (clockwise) unlicking the gate.

Draw the power inward.

Kiss the athame fingers, drawing the essence of water into you.

The portal opens, the circle is flooded with elemental energy and the blue girder encircles your sphere.

Hand over hear, bowing say~

” Water I welcome you with Gratitude. Hail and Welcome!

Magic is described by the most powerful magicians in history as “change in accordance with will.” In water magic, we exert our will and intent through our physical and energetic bodies to perform rituals and spells that can change the properties of water.

This is why water magic can be so powerful. Moreover, if we accept that words and intent influece the structure of water molecules & we define magic as change according to will, and we consider will and intent to be virtually synonymous, we can state a clear and simple formula for water magic.

Intent + Water + Delivery Method = Magical Change

~ Exerpt from Water Witchcraft by Annwyn Avalon



Essential Properties:

Love, creativity & feminine energy

Jasmine derives from the Persian word for “fragrance,” and is renowed for her sensual, bewitching scent. In India, she is known as the Queen of the Night for her delicate white blossoms bloom in the evening and invite a restful sense of peace.


Jasmine – infused green tea can help to improve your mood, and may also relieve symptoms of cirrhosis (liver disease). Jasmine can also bring relaxation, heighten sexual desire (she is a renowned aphrodisiac), and has been studied for uses in treating cancer.


If you practice fertility Magic, jasmine will amplify your spellwork, particularly when you are working to birth new creative ideas, projects, wealth and of course, pregnancy. You can brew up  some jasmine tea to drink and to pour into your bath – do both and allow her to take you deep within your heart space.

Heart space energy is the bridge between life and death.

Wearing jasmine will draw true love to you – those with pure hearts, who will be faithful to you and love you dearly. Placing jasmine in your bedroom is also a great way to elevate romantic energies and attract heartfelt conversations. 

Jasmine will help you tap into the Divine Feminine. She will give you the confidence to stand in your own femininity, with all the beauty, vulnerability, intuition and wisdom that entails. Plant her in your garden by your front door to attract good company and abundance into your home. If Jasmine visits you in your dreams, an abundance of love is on its way to you.