Next week is our final class! 

We will recap all of the dance motifs from each element.


1 – Send photo copies of your beginner grimoire (at the very least) – your hard bound grimoire if you made one.

2 – video of you dancing one of the elemental motifs in it’s entirety

   3 –  A written essay about your experience connecting with the elementals through the mudra yoga practice and movement, your personal favorite elemental and how you plan to proceed with your Elemental Fusion Dance practice.

NO DUE DATE: Certificates will be granted upon proof of completion.


 This is the Elemental Fusion Dance: Level 1 Certification course gateway. 

All LIVE classes will be on Thursdays from 12-2pm PST, 3 weeks per month with breaks for observance of holidays. All classes will be online via ZOOM, with an invite sent out on the morning of each class day. Every class will be recorded and shared here in addition to the follow-along practice video’s and course curriculum. As much as I encourage doing your best to keep up with the program schedule – this is a GO AT YOUR OWN PACE course. Certification is rewarded once the course requirements are completed. 


OCTOBER 5th | 19th | 26th

NOVEMBER 9th | 16th | 30th

DECEMBER 7th | 14th | 28th

JANUARY 4th | 18th | 25th

FEBRUARY 8th | 22nd | 29th


1 – Amulet ( as special pendant of your choosing).

2 – Five 7 day candles in glass: 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue and 1 purple or white.

3 –  Anointing Oil (each separate): Cypress, Bay, Lavender, Jasmine,  Frankincense & Myrrh.

4 – Smudge: dried rosemary

4 – 1 Notebook & 1 hardbound journal.

5 – Yoga Mat, blocks and straps

6  – Dance belt & Dance wear

7 – Tarot deck 

I look forward to dancing with you!

Love Tiare.