Elemental Fusion is a fully structured dance form that incorporates ancient elemental embodiment techniques and spiritual sciences for tapping into and activating the elements within the body to work in relationship with them and integrate their gifts into our foundational dance building blocks and formulas.The Elemental Fusion dance format is comprised with a signature style that has been under development for over 10 years, with strong roots in Tribal Bellydance and distinct flavors of Indian Classical Temple Dance, Egyptian Cabaret, Turkish, Javanese, Folk, Jazz, Butoh and Hula with elements of presence and captivating theatrics.

Here at Animara, we avidly practice everything on both sides of the body to balance the right/left brain and acknowledge these alchemical workings as an empowering method of meditation in motion. The elemental embodiment aspect of this dance formula imbues every movement with meaning and connects our pathways of movement with the very life force of existence itself.

~A Universal Truth~

When approaching mastery of any field and whether a person is mystically driven or not, 

one thing is certain – everyone must begin with the basics.  

And a well rounded practice in the foundational techniques of any artform is a sound path to elegance.