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This 30 minute session focuses on one thing and one thing only… shimmies!

With shimmies we activate the sacral chakra and build our core heat. Class is opened with a Fire Elemental guided meditation and mudra yoga exercise for purifying the sacral chakra and creating a conscious link of creative energy between the sacral and solar plexus power centers.

If you would like to deepen your practice and relationship with the Elemental of Fire, you can say the opening incantation before class:


Powers of the South!

Essence of Fire!

I summon you to this sacred place!

Salamanders and sovereign Djinn of the Inferno!

Be with me now and lend your powers of courage and Transformation.

Strengthen my power for the work at hand.
Awaken your lessons of willing and surrender within me.

Come glowing ember, firey sun and blazing plasma

to temper and empower this Magick.

I welcome you with gratitude

Draw invoking pentagram beginning at the top point, heading down to the right and back around up top. Open the circle Deosil (clockwise) and welcome the red light into your temple.

Hail and Welcome!


Face the south in the posture of Fire.

Powers of the South!

Salamanders and Sovereign Djinn!

I am grateful for your empowering presence and your aid in these rites. Continue to strengthen my WILL and great work along the path of power. 

For now I release you to your fair and fiery reals.

 See the red girder receding back through the gateway and draw the banishing pentagram. 

Encircle it widdershins (counter clockwise) to close.

Kiss your natural athame and thrust  it forward to seal it shut.

Bow and say:

Hail and Farewell!