Hekate / Hecate (however you want to spell it – neither is wrong) is a many faceted Goddess with hundreds of epithets and correspondences. The Animara Dance Coven focused on dancing a Hekate Enodia tribute and embodiment to invoke her spirit in the form of guardian, guide and keeper of the keys. With reverence and utmost respect, we honor her with this dance of empowerment and seek her medicine.


Part I was recorded during Samhain season at the beginning of an eclipse cycle. A solar eclipse in Scorpio,  conjunct Venus, the asteroid Hekate and the asteroid Circe (Queen of Witches & daughter of Hekate).

Part II was recorded at the end of the same eclipse cycle on a lunar eclipse in Taurus.

~ Part I opens the portal & part II closes it. ~

For this class, you will want to be prepared with your yoga mat, smudge,

A RED CANDLE, hydration and something fun to tie around your waist.


(This is entirely optional, but I included it should you feel called to recite it when lighting your smudge and candle).

Hail Hekate!

She who holds the Keys,

She who stands at the Gate,

She who lights the World


Guardian, Guide, Gatekeeper

Illuminator of the path along the Mother Road

Anima Mundi

Goddess of the Crossroads

Bless us with guidance and protection so that we may stay true to our path ahead.

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This class completes the dance tribute in Hekate’s honor as Hekate Enodia, and was filmed on the very night that the witches refer to as NIGHT OF HEKATE which is traditionally observed from sunset on November 16th until sunset the following day and celebrated with a supper in her honor.

Although it was taught during Samhain season, you are welcome to work with this dance and tap into her essence any time of the year. She is ever present, and with us for every season in her manifold fashions.


These offerings of food are both consumed by those celebrating and left out by the front door (the “crossroad” between indoors and outdoors, between one’s private space and public spaces) or at a crossroad, on a (perishable) plate or flat stone, as an offering to Hekate as she roams the Earth by night with her sacred dogs, and to invite her blessings for those who dwell inside.

After completing these classes and journeying with Hekate, if you feel called to deepen your relationship with her, you can make an invocation and petition on a NEW MOON. This is a good time to ask for her assistance to call something into your life or release something from your life, burn your petition (in a fire safe place), and leave your offerings to her at a crossroads (3 way crossroads is best, though any crossroads will do), then walk away without looking back. Encountering or hearing a dog is an indication that your petition has been heard by Hekate and her sacred dogs.

It is said that on the night of Hekate, she roams the earth collecting the wandering dead that remain after Halloween. It is celebrated almost exactly like the Diepnon / Noumenia (New Moon) with offerings of egg, honey, wine, cheesecake and garlic left at the crossroads.

On this night, it is good to acknowledge Hekate’s strength, and recognize her as the Chthonic guiding light, World Soul and ultimate protector of all realms of existence.

And even if you don’t feel the call, or don’t have the time, energy or resources – it’s totally understandable and ok! Simply dancing in her honor is enough, and you can rest assured that when you dance for her / with her / embodying her, you are amplifying her magic, (and therefore your own magic) that is being celebrated by witches all over the world… And there will always be another New Moon.

Hail Hekate!