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This beautiful dance was written with the intention of planting seeds of potential for the imminent unfurling of Spring. I’ve included some fun classic steps and paired them with elements of my subtle fusion flair, and as always ~ the movements tell a little story. A touch of folk with some Elemental Fusion magic sprinkled on top.

It is simple, elegant and uplifting.

Everything I have assembled in the Conjurer Practice Companion intertwines beautifully with practicing this dance as as well.

The music track I chose is called The Gore by TVINNA


Like the scent of earth
In dawning spring,
Echos our mothers lay
Over awakening lands.
Like the scent of sea
In wrothest night,
Echos our fathers lay
Out of roaring waves.
Like the scent of moss
In the deepest wood,
Echos our sisters lay
Within rustling trees.
Like the scent of rain
On a gleaming day,
Echos our brothers lay
Over sun’s ray.
Grab your dance belt, yoga mat, candle, smudge, hydration of choice and enjoy!