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And so concludes our journey with the Elemental of Water and the Path of Love.

WATER III is a culmination of the Elemental Fusion Level 1 Water Motif and draws inspiration from the 3 of Cups Tarot card.

According to the Rider Waite Tarot: The meaning behind the Three of Cups represents a period of happiness and quality time. A celebratory sence of completion.

The Thoth Tarot refers to it as the card of ABUNDANCE. It denotes fulfillment, joy, fertile exchange, gratitude, well-being, spiritual love and an overflowing heart.

MUSIC TRACK: Seeds Dream by Subaqueous


Please come prepared with your oil of Jasmine and blue candle to be ready for our deepening into the realm of Water + rosemary smudge, yoga mat, blocks, something to tie around your waist and hydration of choice.


– Practice the Water Diamond mudra meditation for 5 minutes before your dance practice.

– Take a jasmine salt bath and meditate on the water temples in your heart, womb and third eye.

– Practice the Water III motif along with me at least once per day.


Hermetic witchcraft requires  the Witch to walk the path of love in equal measure to those of Truth, Power & Sovereighty. Loving and respecting yourself is the most important prerequisite for successful magiclal work. Whatever you feel about yourself deep down in your subconscious is exactly what your magic will reinforce. Therefore, the work of elemental water magic and rebalancing the emotional body is to ensure that you feel your sacred place within the greatness of Divine Love. The feminine way is to embrace everything, to call everything home to be loved into wholeness. The feminine knows that love is the most powerful healing energy and catalyst for transformation. Our inability to love ourselves or to receive love from others is the source of all illness. Our difficulties with love often result from early childhood experiences or perceptions of betrayal, abandonment, humiliation or rejection, which lead to feelings of unworthiness, unlovability, shame and guilt. These deep seated shadow feelings result in a sense of separation from self, from one’s own body and spirit and from other people. While this perceived separation may at first be our psyches effort to defend itself from fear, isolation and pain, it eventually becomes the source of continual feelings of separation, alienation and anxiety. 

Here me say this – – – there is nothing that needs to change about you, except your ability to open more to love. Changing your job, your relationship, your location, changes nothing. Love is the only variable that needs to be changed. Focusing on continuing to show up for yourself and applying the practices learned here is a powerful way to support our expansion in our capacity to love.

It’s time to make the final additions to the Water altar and chapter in your grimoire: 

1 – The Water 1 dance motif instructions.

2 – The Banishing call to close the water gate.

Both featured below:


1 – ( 1- 4) Head swirl forward

     (5 – 8) Lateral Chest circle forward

2 – (1 – 4) Crest Curl, BRD (Belly Roll Down)

      (5 – 8) Taqsim Back/Front with arms rising and lowering

3 – (1 – 4) BRU – Water Diamond up

      (5 – 8) Heart Burst over chest circle back, Diamond Down

4 – (1 – 4) Jellyfish Omi

      (5 – 8) Crossover turn out to face in

5 – (1 – 4) Front shoulder F-8 front/back

      (5 – 8) Front hip F-8 front/back

6 – (1 – 4) Chest F-8 OTD (On The Down) front/back

      (5 – 8) Maya back/front

7 – (1 – 4) Flow into Tribanghi

     (5 – 8) Maha Mudra Swirl

8 – (1 – 4) Offer down over hip

      (5 – 8) Hook turn with water arm wrap



Face West in the posture of water and say:

Guardians of the West!

“Essence of Water, Undine & Niksa!

I am grateful for your lessons of daring to Love and of Acceptance.

Continue to nurture my heart and Great Work along the Path of Love.

I release you now to your fair and fluid realms.”

See the blue girder recede through the gateway as you draw the banishing pentagram to close the gate beginning at the right point, moving left and continue through the star until you reach the right point once again. Draw a circle around it counter clockwise (widdershins). Kiss the tips of your fingers forming your natural athame and thrust any remaining energy out through the gate. Bow and say “Hail & Farewell.”

Next week we begin our heroe’s journey through the realm of Air! Practicing all 3 of the primary elemental dances learned thus far will set you up for success with this element. See you soon!

Love T.