(This class clocks in at 2 hours. I promise to do my very best at keeping remaining classes under 1.5 hours)

This class covers the deeper meaning and foundational reason for why the M.A.P. exists, how it links in with the rest of the Animara format and also how it stands alone as a powerful personal practice for cultivating an integral relationship with the Spirit of Creation. This session is a savory truth serum created with the intention of  sparking our imaginations for inspiring a new trajectory and chapter for aligning with our own unique channels of divine consciousness and Dao. 

Our unique Soul signature and personalized practice for keeping our connection to the divine currents healthy and clear.


1 – Commit to you daily hour of power:

(The Hour of Power is what keeps the Dao of the Animara circuit vibrant and clear)

– Begin by writing down your dreams

– Smudge your space and light a candle

– Stretch and meditate with the tree breath:

– Visit your Astral Temple tending to the altar within it

– Consult the oracle with a polarized pull: What to move away from and what to move towards.

2 – Cleanse your home, altar and body in preparation for the New Moon in Cancer on Friday July 5th. If you don’t have enough time for a complete home cleansing, just do the best you can and make sure you cleanse your altar. Bonus points if you can manage to cut sugar, alcohol and narcotics from your diet leading up to the new moon, Sirius Gateway. This new moon is the ideal time for going inward and stepping into the role of hermit. This is the time of returning to our own Divine Mother within. Allow yourself time to slow down, tune in and listen intently.

3 – Begin to gather your sacred items for this work: 

A Talisman

A Vessel

A Crystal


2 Notebooks

Candles to have on hand

& A special pen to be used only for this work.

3 – Sit with these questions during your hour of power and in your astral temple if you can manage it:

– Why do you need this?

– What is calling you to this work?

– What do you want to be known for?

– What is it that you stand for at this time that you want to be known for?

– What is your legacy?

– What is it in service to?

– What is the biggest contribution that you want to make?

– What is your deeper intention?

– What are you in service to?

– What do you really want to be in service to?

The answers to these questions may not be immediately clear, which is totally normal and ok. I invite you to sit with these questions over the coming weeks and keep them at the forefront of your thoughts with your daily hour of power. And even outside of that – in your places of joy and in nature so that you can approach these questions with different versions of yourself to contribute to the refinement and clarity of your answers. 

The practices we will be working on in the M.A.P. will help us to keep these pieces of ourselves alive and happy in a conscious way. These are our own sacred Jewels of Power. Excavate them.


The MYSTIC ARTS PRACTIKA is about the spirit of this work. It is the North Star and guiding light of the Animara framework for refined mythic embodiment and wholeness. It is the path, the Dao and methodology for attuning to our own divinity. It is though a healthy and harmonious relationship with the divinity within oneself and all things that we become Supernatural. 


Forces or events that transcend scientific understanding or explanation.

Becoming Supernatural is going quantum by attuning to frequencies that transform our brain circuitry and chemistry to access transcendent levels of awareness and the divine. 

This is the Dao or Way of Animara: Which is living in harmony with the spirit of creation 

and cultivating an intimate relationship with the divine spark of existence. 

There are multitudes of names across the globe for this divine spark: Shakti, God, Goddess, Allah, Ra, etc.

ANIMA is my personal favorite because it is non-binary (although Jung insisted towards a feminine leaning). 

The name ANIMARA translates as the Spirit or Soul of Creation.

However you choose to approach your perspective of divinity – that is deeply personal and entirely up to you.

The perspective of divinity that has informed this work runs along the lines of Animism, Pantheism and Panentheism.

ANIMISM is the belief that the natural forces, natural objects and phenomena have individual spirits.

PANTHEISM is a belief that divinity is imminent within nature. 

Everything exists as a manifestation of an unknowable and impersonal Spirit. 

PANENTHEISM is a belief that divinity is both immanent within nature (all matter) and also has a transcendent consciousness with whom we may interact with personally. Divinity interpenetrates every part of the cosmos, and extends timelessly beyond it. Therefore, everything in the cosmos has a spirit and is interconnected at a fundamental level. People, plants, minerals, animals, stars, planets, individual deities, all beings of spirit are all aspects of divinity, which is fundamentally benevolent. 

This understanding can awaken, heal and empower on multitudes of levels. 

It can also get tricky when the ego is not kept in check, so it is crucial to return to your Jewels of Power on a regular basis as a standard protocol of self maintenance and check-in.

Enjoy your process of cleansing and excavation! Keep an eye out for the New Moon in Cancer Ritual coming up very soon on the Conjurer Power Prompts page. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s live.

See you soon…

Love T.