This is an advanced level tier which grants you access to all of the classes and content in the Conjurer & Dance Coven level subscriptions in addition to the ANIMARA framework for soul-centered cultivation of divine mythic embodiment. It is an esoteric deep dive into the mysteries, practical magick studies, dance grimoire development and talismanic arts. 

Applications will be required for entry into this program from initiates who are well versed in the structure and language of Elemental Fusion Dance fundamentals.

By signing up for the M.A.P. waitlist, you will be automatically advanced to the front of the line and among the first to know when the program becomes available to a limited amount of applicants in the spring of 2023.


The MYSTIC ARTS PRACTIKA (M.A.P.) is a deep dive into Ritual Theatre studies, personal dance grimoire development and talismanic arts. This is the top level for the ANIMARA 3 fold framework which merges advanced dance discipline and medicinal Moon Yoga with an integrative practical magic companion to help you achieve your greatest potential as an empowered dance alchemist. The M.A.P. inspires artistic growth by nurturing creative development with an essential, interactive structure which serves as a gateway of guided technique for stepping into your power, connecting with Spirit and developing your own vibrant mythos of impactful divine expression. Deeply rooted in ancient arcane principles, the Mystic Arts Practika aligns our souls journey with the rhythms of nature, the wheel of the year, and the astrological houses while taking you on a journey through ancient magical sciences and imbuing your artistry with applied intentional workings. It is an immersive ephemeris, designed for attuning  M.A.P. practitioners to the ever-evolving cosmic unfolding and working with it favorably as our core trajectory for educational mentorship. Steeped in the wisdom of the ancients, M.A.P, is an alchemized movement methodology for the modern day mystic to utilize as a holistic framework for achieving empowered embodiment of their uniquely divine mythos and anchoring deep within their magical fluency.