Here is the month of February Oracular Reading by Memorie Ov Eden:

From my seat at the threshold of worlds, I hold infinite hidden knowledge. I have walked the planes of the living world as well as dwelling in the sanctuary of the dead. My dual existence in life and death has revealed to me more wisdom and insight than man could ever seek to fathom, and now I offer you divine guidance.

Working with Persephone as a liminal Goddess encourages us to trust our intuition, develop a connection with our subconscious mind and to grow in wisdom. It is about trusting that seeing is not always believing and that forces are at work that re beyond our understanding. Persephone is the key to higher thinking and guards this knowledge from those who are not ready to connect with this divine feminine energy of receptivity and introspection. Divine feminine energy is not limited to women; it is inclusive of everyone and has the potential to exist within everyone who is open to receiving it. In contrast to masculine energy which is active, projective, assertive and logical, feminine energy is passive, inward, receptive and intuitive.  These aspects do not need to be applied to a gender as they are aspects we all carry as human beings. These polar energies can also be referred to as passive and active, or receptive and projective. You can define the energy in any way that works for you, the key is understanding and tuning into it’s flow and rhythm. Connecting with the fluid creative and patient energy of the divine feminine allows us to enrich our lives by being in touch with who we are, and finding contentment in living in harmony with the flow of life.

Pisces season kicked off February 18, bringing forth an ethereal energy that is poised to collectively heighten our intuition. This water sign is one of the most psychic and compassionate signs of the zodiac, and with the sun shining under this constellation, we will each get a taste of these energies, messages and wisdoms. 

One major side effect of this cosmic climate will manifest in the form of vivid dreams as the stars align to communicate with us as we rest in the germinating womb space during these final days of winter in the northern hemisphere and final house of the astrological wheel. Brace yourself for more strange encounters once you’ve fallen asleep, taking special note of any dreams that feel particularly vivid, emotional, or profound as they could be encoded with messages from beyond the veil.


Spending a few days to purify the diet and release toxins from the body at this time is a tremendous ally when dedicating oneself to clearing away mental clutter and preparing for a new cycle. With the Spring Equinox just around the corner, taking a few days to cleanse the body will set you up for success when embarking upon the upcoming purification rites and initiatory practices that will be unveiled with the 3rd and final installment of the the Rites of Persephone series of Power Prompts. A cleanse will also greatly benefit your dream state and enhancing your intuitive prowess.


Intuition is the instinctive knowing that we experience but can’t necessarily rationalize. It may feel like a sense of unease at the approach of danger, or the overwhelming feeling that a well mannered person has treachery lurking behind their veneer. Your intuition has a way of subtly guiding you towards the path of self-preservation by warning you of danger or steering you towards something highly desirable. It is something that we can learn to listen to and trust in order to to be as perceptive as possible. Intuition is an unconscious process which may contradict our rational, logical thoughts. We may be presented with all of the information and evidence to suggest that a situation is safe and worthy, but a feeling inside us screams ‘no!’. That is your intuition; against all rationality you feel unexplainably repulsed (or drawn) to a situation. It is usually an immediate instinct which may also be described as a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘sixth sense.’ Western education systems tend not to value or encourage intuitive problem solving. However the term ‘gut instinct’ is a common expression and is viewed as an animalistic instinct that is worthy of paying attention to. Some psychologists suggest that intuitive reasoning is the process of interpreting  barely perceptible stimuli. This could be a distant aroma, a facial expression that lasts for a microsecond or a sound that is below the threshold of conscious hearing. These factors may very well contribute to the experience of intuition, yet it doesn’t account for the feelings where no stimuli can be present.  Like thinking of a friend you haven’t seen in years to discover them calling you out of the blue later that day, or having a dream about them beforehand. Developing ones intuition is the same as exercising any other muscle or dedication to mastering a technique, and tapping the trusted frequency of ones intuition is like being tuned into the universes cosmic radio station, allowing you to instinctively detect changes to the energy around you. Everyone has the capacity to tune into their own intuitive capabilities; there are those who are born with heightened perception and others can consciously choose to develop the skill. 

Intuition is about trusting your instincts to guide you along the best possible path for yourself. It is an inner knowing that presents itself to you in subtle ways, warning you of danger or encouraging you to take a chance. It relates to higher levels of thinkin, meditative states and a deep understanding of yourself. It encourages you to step beyond the veil into the unseen world through meditation and divination. Intuition is representative of hidden knowledge, of that which you may not fully understand at the present and mysteries of the universe. Sometimes you out not to over-think and analyze things, but go with the flow and trust in your own inner guidance. You can work at developing your intuitive skills by implementing the following practices into your life:


Recall a time where you had an intuitive feeling. How did that feeling manifest? Try to remember the way you experienced it, what you felt in your body at the time. Did you follow this feeling? If so, what was the outcome? Learning to recognize how your intuition feels when it presents itself means that you can learn to pick up on these subtle energy signals. It could be a fluttering  feeling in your stomach, a chill down your spine of goosebumps on your skin. Pay attention to these signs, getting familiar with your bodies unique reactions. 


Sitting or lying comfortably where you won’t be disturbed, mentally review your day. Identify moments where you felt energized and motivated in contrast to instances where you felt lethargic or apathetic. Try to identify what impulses directed you to feel or act the way you did. Were you working with or against your intuition? When you live in accordance with your intuition, you should feel a general sense of ‘rightness’ ~ akin to the sense of being in the flow of life. When we ignore our intuition it may make life feel like an uphill struggle that depletes our energy reserves. 


This is truly the most powerful tool in your spiritual arsenal when it comes to introspection and awareness. It allows us to separate the tangled threads of our subconscious thoughts to create a tidy mind. The subconscious has often been described as a messy basement, with the higher self being a brightly lit, orderly room on the top floor. Intuition is experienced when we pull something from the basement into this luminescent room. We don’t know how, but suddenly its there, right where it needs to be The more organized the basement of our subconscious mind, the more readily these little bursts of information will be able to present themselves to us. When we begin to meditate, it may be difficult to still the mind owing to the distracting magnitude of tangled threads waiting to be unraveled, but working through them one at a time, on a regulary basis eventually chips away at the chaos. On the beginning of our spiritual journey we may be tempted to look outward for reassurance and verification, but developing your intuition is about looking inwards for verification and trusting what you find there. 


Dreams can provide us with intriguing insights into the self; they may show us our worst fears or inspire us with innovative ideas. Many mystics practice numerous cleansing rites and deistic ritual invocations to summon the deity into their dream state to acquire sacred wisdom directly from the divine. The same can be practiced with any spirit consciousness: Land spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, ancestors etc. Our dreams are a product of our own thoughts and experiences; paying attention to recurring themes or the symbolism at play lets us get to know ourselves a little deeper. Before consulting any outside source of dream interpretation resources, listen to yourself first . What does your intuition say about what your dreams truly represent for you. This is specific to refining your own ability to connect with your subconscious because the very nature of intuition is that it is generated rom an inward source, not an external one. 


In a dream journal, in as much detail as you can remember. If possible, record them as soon as you can before the memories begin to decay. At the end of each entry, write a few lines about what you think this dream may mean. Don’t overthink it, there are no right or wrong answers here, this is only for you. Over time, as you gain a larger collection of dream entries, look back over them and see if you can spot any recurring dreams or symbolism. If you notice something that presents itself over and over again you can meditate on what it means for your , or use it as a topic for your shadow work.


On February 28th, we have a rare alignment of the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury, who are all gathered at 9° Pisces. When a planet makes an exact conjunction with (aka is in the same place as) the Sun, traditional astrologers view it as a special moment in that planet’s travels. This is called a cazimi (which means “in the heart of”). It’s a time when that planet is thought to go from a dire situation to one that will infuse it with the vitality it needs — similar to being dehydrated and then getting an IV of fluids. It’s also thought that the planet itself is granted special access to the source of all power, light, and life — much like getting a private meeting with a person of great influence, wisdom, and respect. To have two planets align with the Sun at the same time is what is especially rare, and possibly auspicious, about this week’s astrology.

Since Wednesday’s cazimis feature Saturn (the lord of time, structure, commitment, discernment, and delayed gratification) and Mercury (the messenger, scribe, translator, counter, and magician), part of what this meeting could be foretelling is clarity, conviction, and spoken commitments.

This is an oath-making moment.

And because they’re all convening in Pisces — a sign that is known for its vulnerability, imagination, universalism, poetry, kindness, compassion, empathy, and ability to dissolve all boundaries — this astrological event can be thought of as a prayer: an articulation of our commitment to all that we find holy in the world, and beyond.

Pisces tends to the soul of a situation, not the societal demands placed upon it. It dreams boldly and softly of a world where no one is sacrificed, left, or lonely. Mercury is said to be in double-trouble in this sign, as it is the home of both Mercury’s fall and exile. Here, the planet of communication ponders names for worlds we’ve yet to manifest that whisper to us through dreams and insights, paying little mind to the reality at hand. Still, this can be helpful medicine to those of us swamped by fury at the current depravity of the world.

Saturn has been in Pisces since March of 2023 and will be here until May of 2025. The Madame of Boundaries becomes a deep-diving mer-creature in Pisces, giving shape to our devotion (or embodying the shape of devotion itself). Saturn’s time here is an invitation to commit to tending to the soul of our lives and our world. The two together, being purified, fortified, and infused with Sol’s sacred light, is a meditation in a holy space. The holy space of dreaming what is possible.

Saturn’s significations span the edgier facets of existence (think: structure, boundaries, and obstacles). As sobering as these themes can be, they are the foundation of any successful endeavor. Though Saturn wants to be a constant in all of our plans, the greater malefic is especially powerful when it’s cazimi — aka conjunct the Sun. When the planet enters Sol’s sphere, it experiences a rebirth, which helps clarify the structures in our lives. On February 28th at 1:25 pm PT, Saturn will do just that. In other words, the days surrounding this moment will bring a potent opportunity to make Saturnian magic. – Chani Nicholas

During these final days of Pisces season, we have an opportunity to develop an even more nuanced and enriching relationship between our divine feminine (Pisces) and masculine (Saturn) aspects by nourishing our intuition and establishing clear structures within our lives.

Being Responsible for our Sensitivity & Staying Aligned with our Values

The two and a half years of Saturn’s transit through Pisces offer us opportunities to dissolve structures that are not aligned with Truth, explore our relationship with boundaries and limitations, and renew our commitment to remaining in integrity with our spiritual values and ideals. Saturn’s journey through Pisces will challenge us to find harmony between our spiritual ideals and the practical realities and responsibilities of human life.

Saturn in Pisces is likely to bring up themes of service and sacrifice, inviting us to notice how these two concepts can intertwine in a way that is disempowering. This transit will highlight the need to take responsibility for creating a structure in our lives that supports and respects our sensitivity. At the same time, it will remind us to be mindful of not using our empathy and sensitivity as an excuse to avoid commitment, escape from problems, reject responsibilities, or be dishonest. Saturn in Pisces will invite us to navigate the practical realities of life while staying true to our spiritual values, and to walk our spiritual path while remaining grounded on the Earth.

Saturn’s equivalent in the Greek Mythos is Kronos – The king of the Titans and the personification, or father of Time. The planetary attributes of Saturn are: Lofty, autocratic, cold, sometimes mournful or brooding. The forces of constriction and crystallization. Has an affnity with the land and the depths of the Earth, with advancing age and long passage of tim; but also with artistic creativity, the bringing of ideas into material form. 


Saturn supports how and where you strengthen your commitments. Call on Saturn for helping to fortify your personal disciplinary structures for bringing greater endurance, and longevity into your life.  While working with Saturn can be useful any time of year, it’s especially effective around Saturn’s CAZIMI.

Harness the planet’s power by creating a scaffolding for your hopes and dreams – or any time you need to reinforce your boundaries, self-discipline, or commitment to a project, relationship, or situation. We have been gifted a powerful opportunity here for tuning into the wisdom of Saturn in Pisces with this Cazimi conjunct Mercury which will bring us powerful messages regarding our own commitments in the coming days as Father Time ushers us alongside Persephone towards the next great turning of the wheel at the potent Vernal Equinox with the Goddesses triumphant return to the above from the below. She is making the journey now and as she approaches to embark on her next chapter above ground, Saturn implores us to walk with great care and to choose our steps most wisely. 


Stand up and seize your birthright, your birthright of agency over the path you choose to walk. This is your life, and to let another degrade your power is to let them take your life. No mortal soul can grant you sovereignty, it is yours if you choose to accept the crown of personal power.

Owning your power means loving and accepting yourself as you are. You are valid exactly as you are now. There is no need for you to look, act or dress in a certain way. No matter what, you matter. There is of course enjoyment to be had in dressing up, or adopting a personal style, but your appearance does not define your value.

Owning your power means taking responsibility for your personal development. The feeling of contentment at knowing your worth comes when you decide to work on it. Nobody is coming to fix you; the validation arrives when you value your own opinion of yourself above somebody else’s. 

Owning your power means setting your own boundaries and asserting your needs. If you give without limitation then people will take without limitation. Having the courage to say no is an act of self-preservation. 

Seated upon her subterranean throne, Persephone is crowed the Queen of the Underworld. During this dark coronation she is regal and confident; she accepts her own sovereignty. She accepts herself wholly; no longer wrestling against repressed emotions. She respects and loves herself because she knows her value, and requires others to respect her too if they want her time. Initiated into the mysteries of the Underworld, Persephone is no longer a maiden living sheltered in the paradise her Mother provided. The terrified girl who was forced to face her inner darkness has endured the transformation and now possesses wisdom and serenity that could never have been acquired without descent. The iron crown adorning her head symbolizes self actualization, the feeling of attainment and self-esteem. Persephone the Queen is the master of her destiny; she makes decisions that represent her beliefs and she accepts any consequence that these decisions may bring. She speaks her truth and she sets her boundaries based on limits she has defined. Her feelings of validation are derived from an inner sense of self worth and not the flattery of others. The Queen compares herself to nobody because she understands that we are all equal and diminishing anothers worth will not improve her own worth. Content in her feelings of wholeness, the Queen seeks to raise the self esteem of others with careful support and gentle encouragement. She does not force her opinions and ideals onto others, instead she guides them towards their own authentic path, and shares in their joy along the way. 

Accepting yourself as a powerful being, worthy of love and respect can be challenging if you have spent a lifetime of believing the opposite to be true. It means that there will be many self-effacing behaviors that have to be unlearned if you are to truly believe that you are deserving. Such behavior cannot be unlearned in a day, however, as long as  you are taking small steps in the right direction you are on the right track. Self sovereignty is not a destination that you reach, it is a journey that you continuously take every day of your life. Growth and progression never stops; it is not a static thing that can be achieved then placed on a shelf, unchallenged and unchanging. Our personal growth is just as cyclical as the world around us; there are times we blossom greatly in our wisdom and self esteem, and there are periods of doubt where we may question ourselves. Every obstacle or trauma in our life is an opportunity for transformation because weathering turbulent times holds valuable lessons. We come through difficult periods with a little more wisdom and experience in our arsenal; wisdom that will contribute to our feeling of power and self worth. Owning your sovereignty doesn’t mean that you will be an infallible creature of perfection, it means that you have the power to pick yourself up when you fall. It means not being afraid to ask for help when you need support. It means that even during your episodes of grief, anxiety or trauma you don’t feel any less worthy; you accept your human limitations and give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling because that’s authenticity. It’s not always pretty, but it’s real. 


Define You – Journal Prompts:

1 – What are my greatest fears?

2 – What are my passions that I neglect?

3 – When have I sought out approval from others?

4 – Who do I allow to control my life or make decisions for me?

Take Action:

5 – What is an action that I can take now that will enable me to take further steps towards making the changes necessary to my own Sovereignty? (It doesn’t have to be a big drastic action if you’re not ready for that; even a baby step in the right direction is beneficial).


Try this technique and see how it feels:

A stranger walks past you on the street. They are thinking negative thoughts about you, but displaying no outward or obvious signs of their opinion. 

What effect does this have on you? 

Can you tell what they are thinking?

Can it cause harm to you?

Repeat the visualization but with a small difference:

A stranger walks past you on the street. They are thinking positive thoughts about you, but displaying no outward or obvious signs of their opinion. 

What effect does this have on you?

Can you tell what they are thinking?

Do you feel validated?

The purpose of this exercise is to illustrate that the private inner workings of another persons mind are just that – private. It is not for us to know what other people think about us. Humans have thoughts all day long; some of them may be about you, but it is not healthy to concern yourself with the inner workings off a strangers mind. As long as a persons thoughts remain private, they can’t do us any harm. How can we feel bolstered by positive thoughts about us that we are unaware of? How can our ego be deflated by negative thoughts that are never expressed? We can’t let our fear over what others think of us stop us from living the life we want. The opinions of others can be hurtful or complimentary, but understand that these opinions don’t change the truth about who we are. Opinions are such volatile things that can change with the seasons; there is no sense of worth to be derived from seeking approval in the opinions of others.


If you are a chronic people pleaser and struggle to say no to anyone, you may be wondering how you can ever hope to define your own. The thought of telling a person ‘no’ may make you feel self-centered and mean. You might feel as if you can only say no to something if you have a ‘valid reason’ to give. Even the thought of saying ‘no’ may fill you with anxiety and self doubt, so instead you allow yourself to suffer, spending your precious time running someone else’s errands or attending social gatherings that leave you drained. You may fall anywhere on the spectrum of personal boundary health and it is something that we are always better of taking our precious time to consider deeply for our own self-care. 

Boundaries are the limits we define for ourselves, concerning what we are willing or able to do. It is a personal restriction that protects our well being and our time. Boundaries protect us by letting in what is good for us, or trustworthy, and keeping out that which may harm or deplete us. A healthily determined boundary is a form of self-protection that defends us from spreading ourselves too thin. The limits we define for ourselves protect our energy reserves and help us to stay on track by focusing on what is important to us, and letting go of unnecessary commitments and distractions. Your boundaries should be an invisible perimeter that contains all of the things that you hold valuable and dear, and only you are able to set them for yourself. 

We hurt ourselves when we give our time, the minutes of our life span, to pursuits that don’t match our values. Giving your time to everyone that asks for it means that you end up spreading yourself so thin that nobody can benefit from you at your best – least of all yourself.


1 – Do I have the courage to say no to people?

2 – Are my limitations clearly defined?

3 – Am I comfortable asserting my boundaries when they are challenged?

4 – Do I feel that I need to explain or justify my reasons for not wanting to do something?

5 – Do I value my time as precious?

6 – Am I clear as to what my boundaries are?

7 – In what ways do I feel that my boundaries need improvement?

8 – What am I afraid will happen if I assert a boundary?

9 – How would I handle a potential negative consequence to asserting a boundary?

10 – What do I gain when I give my time and energy away without thought for myself?


Take baby steps – Even the tiniest step int he right direction is an act of progress. To get used to saying no, take the opportunity to say it in a low-stakes, non-threatening environment. Gift yourself these small victory opportunities to have a few wins under your belt so that you can move on to saying no in more confrontational situations. 

Open and honest communication can usually prove beneficial. Let your friends and family know you are working on asserting your boundaries and ask them for their support. 

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and accept that the discomfort you experience when saying no is the price you pay for maintaining your values. It’s unpleasant, there’s now way around it. Equally unpleasant is the resentment and discomfort you will feel when you are subjecting yourself to a situation that you don’t want to be in. Some discomfort is inevitabke, so use it to protect your boundaries. 

Choose your words carefully. Being assertive does not mean being rude. There are ways of saying no that cause you the least amount of discomfort without needing to overexplain or lie.

You don’t need to justify yourself for taking care of yourself. If a person that you’re dealing with becomes angry at your lack of compliance then that creates an opportunity for you to evaluate your relationship with this person. Is their approval subject to you satisfying their whims? Is there compromise between you? 

A person who values you will respect your decisions. It’s that simple. 

Practice empathy – A barrier to our own empowerment is envy of others. Is your self worth measured by how much you’ve achieved in comparison to your peers? Does another persons success cause pangs of jealousy and an inability to be truly happy for them? It’s part of the human condition to experience these feelings to some degree, but allowing them to dominate your thinking is detrimental to your well being. Acknowledge that it is okay to simultaneously feel happy for your friend and inwardly sad. Feel your feelings rather than denying them because they are a part of you.

Next visualize the joy that your friend is experiencing. Imagine it as if it was your own and allow yourself to feel what they are feeling so that you can respond to them appropriately. Consider the negative ways in which you felt triggered by the success of another and examine why it caused you envy. Do you truly covet the goal they have achieved or is it envy for envy’s sake/ Perhaps you feel sad because it forces you to acknowledge that you aren’t doing everything you could in order to progress in your own life. Accept that you feel the way you feel, but separate those feelings from he joy you could be feeling at hearing happy news. Negative feelings can’t be brushed way and hidden, we feel them for a reason. If we tap into the reasons for our negative thoughts then we can transform them into something beneficial.

One way of viewing the love between Persphone and Hades, and the empowerment that it brought to her as sovereign Queen of the underworld – is by addressing the integration of our own shadow and underworld journey with the balm of love. For love is the singular universal force that remedies all limiting beliefs, brings harmony between polarization and synergy to any relationship or situation. By choosing radical love for all aspects of ourselves we truly become sovereign. 


Saturn in Pisces = Spiritual Maturation

When Saturn transits affect us personally, they mark key stages of maturation that invite us to step up to new levels of commitment and take full responsibility for how we have been living our lives. Around this time, we experience the consequences of our past choices and actions, we are invited to think for the long-term, and commit to the effort it takes to manifest our visions. 

This ritual can be performed anytime during the remaining days of Pisces season in preparation for the equinox and will have an added benefit if performed, or at least beginning the process on February 28th or surrounding dates when the effects of the CAZIMI can be felt most or on a Saturday (Saturnday).


Clear off your altar, only leaving your dish of earth and tarot significators from our previous magical workings.

Add elements representing the ocean (Pisces) and deep earth (Saturn):

Seashells, seafoam and soft blue colors, starfish, amethyst, aquamarine, obsidian, black tourmaline skulls, hourglass, clock, scythe etc.


A pomegranate

3 candles:

1 black – Saturn

1 seafoam green – Pisces

1 white – Persephone

A small instrument to carve with

Blank petition paper & a pen

A small cup of water

Incense of Sandalwood, vanilla or rose

Essential oils of Vetiver (Saturn), Sandalwood or Vanilla (Pisces) and Pomegranate or Rose (Persephone)

Anoint each candle Black with Vetiver | Green with Sandalwood or Vanilla | White with Pomegranate or Rose

Carve into your black candle the names Saturn & Kronos with the symbol of Saturn

Carve into your green candle the names Pisces & Neptune with the symbols of Pisces and Neptune

Carve into your white candle the name Persephone with her symbol shared in the Rites of Persephone Power Prompts Part I and carve a crown at the top.


A petition for Pisces and one word that will benefit you most in becoming more receptive. Fold it towards you, turn clockwise, fold it towards you again, turn clockwise, fold one more time, turn clockwise and draw upon the top of it an eye representing intuition. Place it underneath your seafoam green candle on the left (receptive) side of your altar folded towards you.

A petition for Saturn and one word that will benefit you most in becoming more assertive. Repeat the folding and rotating actions that you did for your Pisces petition. Draw the symbol of Saturn on top of it and place it underneath your black Saturn candle on the right (assertive) side of your altar folded towards you.

A petition for Persephone with one word that will benefit you most for stepping fully into your sovereignty. Repeat the folding and rotating actions that you did for your other petitions. Draw the symbol of Persephone on top of it and place it on top of your dish of earth folded towards you.

Cut open your pomegranate into four quarters and place it atop your petition on the dish of earth.

Place your white Persephone candle in the center of your pomegranate.

Take 2 seeds from your Pomegranate and place each one in front of your green and black candles. One seed represents intuition, the other represents sovereignty.

Light your candles and your incense.

You can say the following incantations should you feel called to do so:


(Add a few drops of your Piscean oil to the water & holding your cup of water recite)


Ageless ocean eternal

of immortals and mortals

your waves set the boundaries of our shores

From you come all seas

every river, the pure flow

of freshwater springs

I honor you

Your currents carry ships

to the ends of the earth

hear me divine purifier

grace me with your favor

– Now anoint your forehead with your water and pour the rest around your pomegranate into the dish of earth. 

~ Eat your intuition pomegranate seed ~

(Add 1 drop of Vetiver to each thumb on your hand & holding your EARTH MUDRA recite)


Eternal father of immortals and mortals

pure, mighty, resourceful,

you consume all, you nourish all

Your unbreakable chains bind everything to time

I honor you.

Kronos, maker of spirals, 

Wily shifter of stories, 

First child of earth and starry heaven

In you we have birth and decline.

With one hand you give hope

& with the other cruelty.

You end struggle and suffering

but also contentment and love.

Revered source of foresight

Husband of Rhea the divine

Ancient root of all

You are everywhere

Give a noble end to a good life.

– Now pound on your chest 3 times with your earth mudra, dip your right thumb into the dish of earth and anoint your forehead with it.

~ Eat your Sovereignty pomegranate seed ~

(Rub the Persephone oil on your heart and place your hands over your heart then recite)

Hear me Persephone, Maiden of Light

Be with me Persephone, Queen of the Night.

Come blessed Goddess, source of life,

Underworld Empress, Hades’ honored wife.

Lend me your wisdom, your clear sight and justice,

Shroud me with sanctuary, this space shall encompass.

Open my eye & sharpen my gaze,

walk steadfast beside me for all of my days.

For my path is your path from below to above, from river to sea,

To embody your wisdom, your grace and sovereignty.

– Now sweep your hands over the crown of your head and know in this moment that She is with you. Sit with Her in contemplation and reflection for as long as you see fit.


You can access the Saturn Cazimi Renewal Spread here:

(Dispose of your candle remains by burying them on your property or out in a natural setting that hold significance for you.)