Here is the Animara Coven Oracular reading for the month of November by Memorie Ov Eden:


The month of November brings us into Circe’s throne room, where some of her most notorious enchantments were beset upon many a foolish mortal who stumbled into her otherworldly domain.

After taking a close look at the planetary signatures of November, the mission and theme became clear. This is a month of EMPOWERMENT. During the month of November we are blessed with a potent new moon in Scorpio on the 12th & 13th (Lunar Samhain), followed by a rare and enlivening Mars CAZIMI in Scorpio on November 17th. 

The fact that both of these occurrences are happening back to back is not something to take lightly. This is the dawning of a new era.

A Mars CAZIMI is an exact conjunction between the Sun and Mars, the planet of drive, courage, and agency. As the cosmos’ rabble rouser slips into the golden temple of the Sun, its vitality is replenished and clarified. Whatever is muddying the force of your convictions, the Sun’s rays burn through it. That includes any outdated defense mechanisms. The chip on the shoulder that’s serving no purpose. The tiring battles that are merely distractions. Purified in the Sun’s cosmic kiln, the mission that is really meant for us will emerge.

CAZIMI’S are always auspicious moments for the planet involved, but this Mars cazimi has extra oomph. That is because Mars’ huddle with the Sun happens while our warrior is in its home sign of Scorpio. In astrology, there are certain signs that the planets feel more comfortable in. It’s as if they’re on home turf, with all their resources at hand. Mars has special dignity in Scorpio. While here, its strategy will be more of a slow burn than a flurry of fireworks. Think cloak and dagger precision over brute force.

Scorpio is just fine waiting for the right moment to strike, when maximum impact can be achieved. In a way, we will all be discovering our tactical streaks and inner martial artists. We will be learning to control and contain our power, as patience becomes a virtue — and the ace up our sleeves. 

On November 17th, when Mars is issued a VIP pass into the Sun’s dressing room, a couple of supportive aspects will occur. A trine to Neptune hints at the imaginative — and even transcendent — potential of this new quest, allowing Mars to advocate for an ideal bigger than itself. The coming years will bring a royal flush to your visionary powers. And the tenacity to actually build these castles in the sky. Consider your imagination elevated and your compassion doubled.

This cazimi is also aided by Pluto in Capricorn, helping us to draw on a reservoir of profound inner resources. We will have the courage to flow with, rather than resist, cycles of regeneration. Though Pluto’s long journey through the bedrock of Capricorn revealed the shadow side of cultures of supremacy, it’s time to rebuild from the rubble of the systems that failed us. To forge ahead with reforms that will uplift the collective — and the Earth too. To refuse any bottom line that benefits only a select few.

Both of these transits are helpful to the Mars cazimi mission. On a personal level, this is a particularly potent cazimi to work with, as Mars can flex its full potential in Scorpio. Depending on where the cazimi falls in your chart, you’ll receive a serious power-up in the themes related to that life area. If there’s a project you’re pondering that requires extra stamina and laser-focus, use the Mars cazimi to move boldly ahead.


The cazimi on November 17th is not only the beginning of a new Mars journey, but it also brings revelations. Thunderclaps of epiphany and deep inner stirrings define what’s ready for renewal in relation to our agency, autonomy, self-assertion, and power. Remember that the cosmos speaks its truth in many tongues. Keep your spidey senses primed around this date for synchronicities, profound dreams, and intel in passing conversations. Get curious and tune in.

The Mars cazimi on November 17th isn’t only a time for reflection. Representing such a vital renewal of our will, it’s also an opportunity to clarify everything you’re ready to fight for. A time to recommit to your potential. To relish in everything that makes you feel vital. Mars is the planet of self-assertion, courage, will, and conviction. ~ Chani Nicholas.

I am the spell.

Weaving my soul fire into every thread.

My emotions



Are the strands.

Adding to these,

I stitch in the spirits

The plants, stones and animals.

Colors, symbols and more.

Weaving the magick,

Within and without.

Colling upon my Goddess to guide my hands.


I am the spell.

(From Entering Hekate’s Garden by Cyndi Brannen)


Will, wisdom and work are the 3 keys of masterful witchcraft Will is our passion, seen in our enthusiasm, determination, motivation and persistence. Wisdom is knowledge, intuition, inspiration and guidance all combined. Work is our actions, the commitment to living our truth. All that we do in our magic in relationship to the realm of plant spirits is a combination of these 3 keys. 

The intentional summoning of energies and then directing them to achieve a goal is the most basic definition of spellcraft. A spell is our intention and energy combined with external forces. A spell uses words of power through declaration and incantations. We may petition deities and guides for their assistance. Sells create entities that work independently of us according to our directions, in the form of our potions and talismans. That is the heart of witchcraft: summoning and then commanding spirits, weather they be botanicals, colors, or lower-order spirits like elementals and some daimons. These are then crafted into a new spirit in the form of a potion, talisman, sigil, or poppet. This is cery different from a ritual, in which we may feel the impacts long after the ritual ends, but no spirit is created to do our work.
An intention is the focus of a spell. It’s a sort of mission statement that focuses in strategically on the goal. When commanding botanicals, as with all spellcraft, it is necessary to speak as if the task is already accomplished. All spirits respect confidence and FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD. It keeps the harmful ones away and draws your allies closer. Beginning all workings in this way sets the tone for success.

Depending on the spirits summoned, you may petition for their favor or you may command their services. Generally speaking, petitioning higher-order spirits and deities is an appropriate way to work our magic with their blessing and aid. For summoning deities like Hekate, Venus, Mars or Circe – it is best to petition. For commanding the sacred forces of existence, we instruct and direct without asking. The energies of the worlds and elements as master currents are omnipresent and available for our use without seeking approval. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express gratitude for their support, however. Gratitude is an essential part of any effective spell. Higher-order spirits and deities are best petitioned rather than being told what to do.

MARS CAZIMI SPELL (time sensitive)

~ To be enacted on November 17th 2023 it goes exact at 9:42 pm PT ~


(to be ingested before the spell)

Named after the Roman deity of war, this planet is charged with the energy of action. When a boost of power is needed, Mars can be of great assistance. When danger threatens or a situation calls for us to make a stand, this is a power to channel for success and/or victory. Mars is the natural ruler of Aris and the classical ruler of Scorpio (it’s modern co-ruler with Pluto)

Keywords: Will, passion, force, aggression, courage, conquest.

Mars joins the Sun once every two years, marking a potent rebirth moment on our path to whatever we’re striving for. This CAZIMI clarifies our life’s mission, cranks up our courage, and reinforces the stamina we need to see this journey through. Strike while the iron is hot.

Mars is the planet of self-assertion, courage, will, and conviction. The following ritual will help you to hone Mars’ fire, call on your courage, and reclaim your power.


2 cups water

1 tablespoon peppermint

1 tsp basil

1 teaspoon coriander

1/4 teaspoon allspice

Heat the water on the stove and add the remaining ingredients (following the “Process of Empowerment” in the Potions with Circe Part I Power Prompts located here: https://animara.life/coven-power-prompts/

Charge the potion with the desire that all the correct qualities of the planet Mars are drawn into this potion. After the potion has steeped, strain through a sieve and drink before conducting the following actions of the CAZIMI SPELL. (This potion can be utilized whenever an extra boost of strength and energy is needed for magic related to action, self-assertion, standing your ground, passion, sex, courage, determination, protesting and drive.


(to be charged on a Tuesday or during the CAZIMI)

 ~ What you need ~


(any amount of your choosing in an olive oil or jojoba carrier)

A pinch of Five Finger Grass (Cinquefoil)

A pinch of Wormwood

Shavings of High John the Conqueror root


Enact the “Process of Empowerment” over the oils and herbs before combining them.

This is an ideal time to PETITION CIRCE &/OR HEKATE for their blessing and aid in your magic.

To combine begin with the oil of Ginger (Mars) for success and power, followed by the oil of Clove (Jupiter) for protection and attraction of what you desire, then add the oil of Cinnamon (Sun) for an added zing to bring about a quickening to your magic.

Next – add in your pinch of Five Finger Grass (Jupiter) to attract your desires, followed by the pinch of Wormwood (Mars) for attuning to the psychic current and lastly the shavings of High John the Conqueror (Mars) for an added boost of attraction, success, and happiness.


Hail, Mars, ruler of red
Environment of Geburah
Where only fearlessness
Can tread…..

Come out from beneath
the embers so deep
Raise thy mighty sword
with blade all agleam
Impale upon it ruthlessly neat….
All doubts and insecurities.

I stand before thee
and want thy power
Thy energy and thy courage,
To cut away weakness
and false desire
To make me courageous and fair.

Impart to me your strength
Merge with me, Come with me
Oh gallant, tall and glorious Mars,
Walk through the fires
of conflict with me.

Uncoil the energy that lies beneath
Scorch me with passion and heat
And set my body ablaze.
Oh Geburah, how I want thee.

Burn me with your fiery eyes
Burn in my heart, my soul, my womb.
As the flamelet spits into a roaring fire
I emerge aggressive
from your flaming pyre.

My energy is sweltering
You are sweating and
burning within me,
And I am drunk on your severity,
I am Fire! I am Fire!

Your Oil of Mars is now ready for use.


(to be enacted on the day of the CAZIMI – November 17th, or even better when the CAZIMI is exact at 9:42 pm PT).

~ What you need~ 

1 red candle

Your Oil of Mars

A pinch of Basil (Wealth and Protection)

A pinch of Bay (Success)

A pinch of Peppermint (Stimulation, Money & Psychic Currents)

A piece of petition paper

A red pen or dragons blood ink and quill (black pen is fine if you don’t have red)

A 1/4 cup of salt

5 sprigs of rosemary or fresh clippings of Bay (or both)

1 Charchoal

Resin of Dragons Blood or Frankincense (or both)

A Tarot Deck


Enact the “Process of Empoerment” over your candle and herbs.

Annoint your candle with the oil of mars in a clockwise manner moving from bottom to top and carve the symbol of Mars into your candle along with any other words you wish to incorporate into this magic. 

Sprinkle the combination of empowered herbs on a table or dish

Roll the candle over the herbs drawing it towards you while stating what it is you are calling in.

Place your candle on your altar surrounded by any items or minerals you wish to work with and/or charge with these energies for future use.

Encircle your candle with salt (clockwise)

Then encircle it with the Rosemary and/or Bay (clockwise)

Light your carchoal and burn the resin of Dragons Blood, Frankincense or both. Fan the smoke onto your candle and onto yourself.

Light Your candle and recite the incantation to Mars mentioned above, followed by anything else you wish to call in and fortify.

Write your petition with the red or black ink (or Dragons Blood) folding it towards you 3 times and seal it with the symbol of Mars, then place it beneath your candle.


Happy casting!


Enjoy working with this potion at any time.

Each herb in this recipe is linked to one of the major planetary bodies acknowledged in Astrology; each may be called upon to lend their energies to the greater whole.


2 cups water

1 tsp rosemary (Sun)

1 tsp sage (Jupiter)

1 tsp mint (Mercury)

1 tsp grapefruit zest (Saturn)

1 tsp basil (Mars). 

1 tsp lemon juice (Moon)

1 tbsp honey (Venus)

*** And a Tarot Deck ***

Charge each of the herbs and the honey separately (under the blessing of Circe &/or Hekate) for inspiration. In a cauldron or pot, heat the water to just under the boiling point when the steam begins to rise. Add the herbs one at a time, and allow the brew to come to a boil. After the pot is fully boiling, turn off the heat and cover the pot. Allow the brew to steep and cool for at least 15 minutes. Uncover the pot and stir in the honey. Pour a cup of the brew, straining it if necessary, and relax as you take slow sips of the potion allowing your mind to open to wisdom. This potion can be used not only to find inspiration, but also to expand the consciousness to greater forces and the unknown allowing you to discover that which may be hidden.


Pull some cards:

This is a wonderful time to work with the Magical Mirror Spread created for us by Memorie Ov Eden located here:


(Ideally formulated on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday)

Part of what is considered luck is relate to success in any chosen endeavor. The following brew helps to tip the scales in our favor. It can be used in the bath, to anoint talismans for luck, as a floor wash to keep the environment attuned to your good fortune, or poured into a witch bottle and sealed to radiate is power like a magical battery ~ but definitely DO NOT DRINK IT.

(can also be charged during your Mars CAZIMI Spell)


2 cups water

2 tbsp High John the Conqueror Root

1 tsp frankincense

1 tsp myrrh

1 tsp allspice

1 tsp lemongrass 


Empower the ingredients for luck and influence with the blessing of Circe and/or Hekate and brew in a cauldron or pot, stirring it clockwise as you speak your intentions into the brew. After it has cooled, strain it and pour it into a jar or bottle with a tight fitting lid, and label it for future use.