The shortest day, the longest night, the stars brought closer by the primordial dark.

On Midwinter’s morning as the lambent glow of magic sidles closer, we go out in good company with a flask of something spiced to stand in sacred waiting for the birth of something precious, for Deer Mother to carry the sun back on her uplifted antlers.

In this moment the ancient stirs in us, illuminating our heart’s deepest chambers, renewing our strength to challenge the injustices we were born into, born to stem.

Everything we care about pivots on this one thing, the life and light that have left the world, the love we will be returning.

—Debra Hall Mother Tongue Ink 2021 


Sirius, Jupiter & Vesta Conjunct The Full Moon In Cancer

Sirius is a star brighter than our Sun and is revered by many ancient cultures. Monuments have been built in alignment with Sirius, and there are countless stories of beings descending from Sirius to leave their advanced wisdom and knowledge.

In astrology, Sirius is said to be our Spiritual Sun. When it is activated, it radiates a powerful energetic force that can penetrate our light body and upgrade our frequency.

Sirius energy can be viewed as a powerful blue light that can activate a sharper intelligence, strengthen our psychic senses, and help us to create more freedom.

Sirius energy can also be used to help us problem solve, work through any technical difficulties, tune into our intuition with greater ease, and release all that is blocking us from being authentic.

On December 26, the Full Moon will align exactly with Sirius, activating its energy and beaming it into our beings. Because the Moon is primarily connected to our emotions, this is where we are going to feel Sirius energy playing out the most.

We may feel ourselves emotionally shedding all that is holding us back. We may receive a wave of inspiration about how we can navigate a situation we are moving through. We may also receive energetic downloads about what our emotions are trying to teach us.

Creating balance and neutrality within our emotional state as much as possible will help us to activate these energies with greater ease.

If you are naturally psychic or sensitive, you can expect this Full Moon to enliven your dreams, stimulate your higher senses, and boost your clairvoyance.

Jupiter Supercharges and Softens

Jupiter is also active under this Full Moon, making a harmonious trine alignment with the Moon. Jupiter has the power to expand and supercharge, so it will strengthen and fortify the energies of this Full Moon and the energies we are feeling from Sirius.

Jupiter is considered the planet of benevolence and luck. Ancient astrologers believed that when Jupiter was strong in the sky, it would shine down abundance and good fortune.

If nothing else, make this Full Moon a good reminder to tune into all the abundance and gifts around you. We have so much to be grateful for, even if we only have a little, and making time to focus on that can help to align us with a higher vibration.

As this is the last Full Moon of the year, you may even wish to reflect on all you feel grateful for in 2023. Look back through each month of the year and celebrate your triumphs, your hurdles, and all that has unfolded. Acknowledge the beauty that has surrounded you and see if you can view things from the lens of miracles.

Vesta, the Goddess of Hearth and Fire

Vesta is one of the Goddess asteroids and will be active under this Full Moon. The Goddess asteroid Vesta will help this Full Moon feel nourishing and comforting and show us that we are right where we are meant to be. As Vesta is the Goddess of Hearth and Fire, and as the Full Moon falls in the sign of Cancer, the sign of home and family, this is a good Full Moon to pay attention to your environment. Are you in an environment that lifts and nourishes your soul? Are you surrounded by people that champion you higher and bring out the best in you?

Set an intention around creating a more aligned home and family life and see what steps you can take to align your space and your surroundings with the type of energy you wish to attract.

The Cancer Full Moon Conjunct Sirius, Jupiter & Vesta Closes 2023

There are some sensitive energies under this Full Moon that may trigger our emotions and all the feels. But, overall, it is a beautiful Full Moon that can remind us to feel powerful in our skin while opening us up to new and vital perspectives for the greater good. This Full Moon definitely feels like a gift from the Universe as we wrap up 2023. Every full moon is a time of profound ILLUMINAITON that offers us important keys for unlocking our greater potential. Those of us who choose to take the time to slow down, quiet the mind and listen to the voice of Spirit at this time will be well rewarded as we move into the vibration of 2024. I hope you are able to enjoy its energies and soak up that powerful high frequency energy beaming in from Sirius, our Spiritual Sun.


Within this potent Winter Solstice full moon portal, we are reminded that this is the time when all of the sleeping leaves within the trees just begin to stir… And remember their soul purpose to live vibrantly once more. If we were to listen to the spirits of the trees, what would they whisper to us? If we were to listen just as closely to our hearts… What would they say?

At this illuminated turning point of the wheel, I have put together a magical companion for divining our way through the liminality of change during our incubation stage for all that shall be birthed in the new cycle. What does Spirit have to say to us? Let’s tune in… 

*** This is a powerful time to practice writing down your dreams every morning. ***

Each of the following spells can be utilized at any time during the month of December, although the window between the Winter Solstice on 12/21 and the Full Moon / Sirius conjunction on 12/26 will offer the most potency for these workings. 




With sprigs of evergreen and fragrant herbs this brew is truly in alignment with all of the delicate yet potent magic of this special day.


2 cups water

1/4 cup cranberries

2 tablespoons rosemary

2 tablespoons orange zest

2 tablespoons peppermint

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 sprig fir

1 sprig pine

1 holly leaf (optional)

1 ivy leaf (optional)

Empower each ingredient (directions for empowerment are mentioned in Potions with Circe Part I) to attune with the power of the sabbat and brew slowly over low heat, uncovered so steam can be released. If you are going to work ritual outdoors, this brew (once cooled and strained) can be pored in a circle around the working site. If indoors, it can by placed by the front door set beside the hearth or left on the stove to continue to invite the seasons energy. 


Here is our Solstice Tarot Spread by Memorie Ov Eden:


This bath is great for those who work with oracular modalities, and divinatory methods. Bay Laurel is a plant with powerful oracular energies and protective qualities. Rose water will increase psychic abilities and help facilitate any changes you are seeking.


Full Moon


9 fresh or dried bay leaves (Laurus Nobilis) – 

You can also add 3, 6, or 9 drops of bay laurel oil to the bath (optional)

1/2 cup of Rose Water

2 cups of sea salt

1/2 cup of baking powder (baking soda)

2 white candles


Carve a full moon on one candle with your name and the symbol of Vesta.

Carve the symbols of Sirius and Jupiter on the other with the word illuminate.

Set the candles safely on or hear the bath. Light the candles and say:

Precious light bless my sight, at this time of longest night.

Full Cold Moon shine the way, open the gates ~ this I pray.

Mix together the sea salt and baking powder, the add them to the running bath water.

Stir in the rose water. 

Float the bay leaves upon the bath water once it is fully drawn.

Empower the bath water (directions for empowerment are mentioned in Potions with Circe Part I).

Lie in your bath and relax completely. Just let go. Empty yourself out.

Focus your gaze on one or both of the candle flames, allowing everything else to disappear.

Ask for a sign and allow what wishes to come through enter your mind without trying to force anything.

When you have finished your bath, drain the water, collect the remains (including the candle ends) and write down what you received.

Once you are finished with your divinatory session, gather your bathing items & candle ends and bury them in a dark place on your property along with your journal recordings (make two copies if you wish to keep one).


The word “tasseography” refers to divination by means of reading patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, and other mixtures. This potion uses tea and other herbs to provide a means for the patterns to form while also awakening the psychic channels.


2 cups water

1 teaspoon white tea

1/2 teaspoon yarrow

1/4 teaspoon mugwort

Empower the ingredients (directions for empowerment are mentioned in Potions with Circe Part I) to tap the psychic mind and to read true. Heat the water until it begins to steam and then remove it from the heat. At this point, add the herbs ad cover for at least three but no more than 9 minutes. If you want to focus on a question or a specific time period, focus on this when preparing and drinking the potion. 


Firs choose a tea cup without any decorations on the 8inside of it so as not to hinder the reading. Additionally make sure to have a saucer or plate on which to overturn the cup when necessary. After the potion has brewed, stir it lightly and ladle some into the tea cup, making sure to include some of the leaves and sweeten slightly if desired. After drinking the tea until there is only a slight amount of liquid left in the bottom of the cup, the cup is swirled, often three times in a clockwise motion and then the cup is quickly overturned onto the saucer and then turned upright once again.

The images deciphered near the rim of the cup related to the now, those found in the middle areas relate to the near future and the ones found at the bottom f the cup relate to the distant future If you are doing a reading for the past, then the top is still the now or just passed, the middle is the recent past and the bottom is the distant past. To read the leaves, look at the patterns that appear to be formed in the cup. It is very helpful to have a notebook and pen handy. Perhaps draw a wide half oval to represent the teacup and jot down notations of the symbols you see on the paper where you see them in the cup. This will make for easier interpretation. You may see numbers, letters, or symbols in the cup and these can then be interpreted in regards to a question or simply to life in general.

Some of the most commonly seen symbols and their meanings are:

Arrow: Direction and movement; the direction in which the arrow is pointing and any symbols that appear close to it provide clarification

Bell: An alert, expect news

Bird: Freedom, flight, travel

Circles: Wholeness, balance, gifts, money

Clouds: Trouble, clouded judgement

Coins or paper money: Financial changes – look to nearby symbols for insight

Cup (or cauldron): Emotions, love, what you value

Doors: Beginnings or endings, opening or closing; look to nearby symbols for clarification

Eyes: Vision, clairvoyance, seeing clearly, sometimes being watched

Flowers or leaves: Nature, growth, hope, advancement

Hands: Help friendship, partnership

Heart: Love, emotion, good feelings

Horseshoe: Luck

Key: Opportunities, unlocking doors

Kite: Hopes, wishes

Letters: These can be initials or clarifying clues for other symbols

Lines: Direction and travel\; the longer the line is, the greater the length of the trip

Moon: Intuition, hidden things, subconscious mind

Needle or spear: Making a point, action, willpower, recognition

Numbers: These can 8indicate 8increments of time or amount of people or objects

Question mark: Uncertainty

Runes and other magical symbols: Usually indicates their traditional meanings; consult books of symbols for interpretation.

Star or pentagram: Happiness, power and magic, especially if the star is within a circle.

Sun: Happiness, expansion, conscious mind

Sword (or knife): Thoughts, skill, alertness, conflict

Zodiac symbols: These and other astrological symbols can indicate people or the time of year in which an event takes place.

After all of the symbols have been uncovered and recorded, they can be interpreted according to the framework of the reading and their placement in the cup. Be sure to write down any additional impressions you receive beyond the meanings given here, as the potion will help to add a level of depth and specificity to the reading. 



Sometimes we don’t necessarily want a powerful psychic experience but just one where we can quiet the mind a bit and relax. If you have trouble relaxing or meditating, the next recipe is very helpful.

These ingredients all carry a calming and meditative energy that helps all meditative work. 


2 cups water

1 teaspoon hibiscus

1/2 teaspoon yarrow

1/2 teaspoon lavender

1/2 teaspoon chamomile

Honey to taste

Empower the herbs (directions for empowerment are mentioned in Potions with Circe Part I) with lavender light energy for meditation and calm. Brew in the usual manner. After the potion has cooled and been strained, sweeten with honey as desired. Sip as warm as possible, then relax and attempt meditation.

Here is the tree meditation to accompany your tea:

Blessed Solstice Dear Hearts!