Ravedo: RED The Reddening / revivifying. 

The hard work of creating the new reality out of this vision that comes from the Albedo (whitening) all that you learned and vowed during the CAZIMI. 

This is the final stage of the transformation.

Venus has arisen as the morning star known by the ancients as Lucifer – to light our way onward and into a bold new chapter of our lives.

The Star of Ishtar or Star of Inanna is a Mesopotamian symbol of the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna and her East Semitic counterpart Ishtar. Ishtar is mostly associated with the planet Venus, which is also known as the morning star.

Lucifer is a Latin word that means “light bearer” and was originally the name for the planet Venus, known as the “morning star.” In the Old Testament the planet Venus is referred to under this name.

No star, among the countless myriads that twinkle over the sidereal fields of the night sky, shines so dazzlingly as the planet Venus – not even Sirius-Sothis, the dog-star, beloved by Isis. Venus is the queen among our planets, the crown jewel of our solar system. She is the inspirer of the poet, the guardian and companion of the lonely shepherd, the lovely morning and the evening star. 

For, “Stars teach as well as shine”.

Venus, characterized by Pythagoras as the sol alter, a second Sun, on account of her magnificent radiance – equaled by none other – was the first to draw the attention of ancient Theogonists. 

With the rising of Venus Morningstar – so too has our time come to rise with her. To spread our newfound set of wings and learn how to soar with them.

During the NEW MOON IN VIRGO (Sept 14th | 15th) – Mercury will station direct. Finalizing this heavy season of personal planet retrogrades and kicking all of our plans into high gear with the aid of  earthy, mercurial Virgo to help us strategize a plan suitable for our greatest benefit and longevity.  Venus in Leo will also be squaring Jupiter during this time, providing us with exciting opportunities for shaking things up and setting our trail ablaze with a passionate flair.


The best term I could come up with for this particular Ravedo phase is The Ethical Strut.

Let your hair down, strap on your favorite heels, spread your wings and go for the gold… With calculated precision and patience serving as your right and left wings. 


Apply the same process of breaking down and re-heating to the beautiful white vision of the Abedo and re-vivify the vision so that you can to take it to the next level.

This is the time for us to really put our newly formed versions of ourselves to practice. Through distilling the pure vision by sacrificing it to the fires of trial and error and allowing the forces of the world to work on it, we make it real and refine it. This is our reintegration into life as we emerge from the depths of the retrograde and journey along the star-path of Venus into the heights of our new chapter and gradual re-adornment. 


Revisit your blackening and albedo altar, refresh it with a cleaning and find what is ready to go. Keep your petitions and revisit your intentions, then add in your Reddening items.

Symbols: Phoenix rising from the ashes, Star of Inanna|Ishtar, Aphrodite, Babalon, Dragons, Hekate, Crimson Queen.

Color: RED

Plant Allies: Red roses

Incense: Nutmeg Success Incense (recipe available in the Conjurer Power Prompts)

Crystals & Gems: Carnelian, garnet, ruby, cherry quartz.


Spellwork Ingredients:

1/2 cup pink Himalayan salt

1 red taper candle

1 piece of petition paper

1 small bottle of Crown of Success Oil

Herbs: 1/4 cup Dried rose petals (love, power, protection, passion)  7 Dried Juniper Berries (confidence, higher wisdom, protection, follow through), 1 tsp ground cinnamon (firey amplification).

1 glass of Pomegranate Juice, Grape Juice or Red Wine


Take a CLEANSING BATH (instructions are in Power Prompts Section 2)

Dress yourself and your altar in RED.

Fine tune the clearest and most vital direction you are choosing to take during this new chapter in your life. Write it down and fold the petition towards you, turn it clockwise and fold it again. Turn it clockwise and fold it towards you once more. Seal it by drawing a pentagram, anoint it with Crown of Success Oil and a kiss from your lips.

Place your petition at the center of your altar folded towards you. 

Bless and grind the rose petals, juniper berries and cinnamon together as you speak your intentions into them and activate their magical properties with your words.


Cleanse and anoint your candle with Crown of Success Oil.

Carve your intentions into your candle going from the bottom to top. 

Lay our your activated herbs on a plate or table and roll your candle through the herbs coming towards you, as you speak your intentions and welcome them into your life.

Keep rolling until you feel like its a good tine to stop.

Wrap a piece of your hair around the candle from bottom to top.

Place your candle in a safe holder directly on top of your petition.

Encircle your candle with the Himalayan salt and red roses.

Light your candle as you speak your intentions and offer your glass of libation to Venus Morningstar, Venus Lucifer, Inanna|Ishtar and DANCE your intentions into BEING.

Optional Incantation:

Hail Venus Morningstar!

Lightbringer, Sister of Earth, Shining Sovereign

Illuminate my body, mind and spirit with your wisdom.

Guide me through the 7 gates of realization on the path of wholeness.

I honor and praise you as the beacon of love and for the empowerment that you bestow upon all who embrace your light within us.

To know you is to know love.

To know you is to know truth.

To walk with you is to walk in sovereignty.

 I offer this libation to you as the Queen of Heaven,

And adorn myself in your grace.


1 – What were your most magical moments of the past few months? Take a peek through your journal, planner, or calendar to see what stands out.
2 – What were your dreams, goals, aspirations this time last year?
3 – What areas have you grown the most in over the past year? Celebrate your progress.
4 – Where did you find inspiration in the past few weeks?
5 – What big risks have you taken in the past few months?
6 – What fears might still be holding you back?
7 – Choose 1–3 big life goals.
8 – Detail how you’ll feel when you reach each goal.
9 – What do you see, hear, taste, and even smell while you’re going after each of your big goals?
10 – What reasons (or excuses) do you have for not reaching those goals yet?
11 – Brainstorm a list of actions you’ll take to start making progress toward one goal.
12 – Imagine you get to go back in time — what message do you have for your younger self? 
13 – What does your big life goal need from you? More concentration, devotion, focus, committment?
14 – Where were you feeling fired up, mad, or passionate over the past few months?

15 – How do you intend to channel that passionate energy into your goal?

Consult the oracle::: Click on the image below to access the Coven Ravedo Spread: