(for beginners)

The journey through the path of the pentacle seeks completion through the mysteries of quintessence, the essence of Spirit.


Quintessence of Spirit!

The two who move as one

Silver shining moon,

balance golden rays of sun!

Come power of completion and perfect unity.

From heart to heart and will to will,

So mote it be.

Along the pentacle path of Elemental Magick and Embodiment, the final stroke is one of completion within the topmost point of the star. This top point represents the wholeness of divinity both within matter and transcendent as Spirit or God/dess.

It is within the element of Spirit that all elements find unity through the liberation of the soul.

For this class, please come prepared with your candle, smudge, amulet, dance belt and hydration of choice.

SLOW SONG: Ritual Spirit by Massive Attack

FULL SPEED: Rebirth by Murkury