The Natural Witch

The Natural Witch is an eclectic online occult shop & cottage apothecary.

Founder Autumn Sage Kalimah has brought her life-long vision to life by offering a handmade collection of tools of the craft for both your body and your spellwork, that indulges the senses and awakens the raw magick within. 

Focusing on simple alchemy and natural magic, it is the passion of The Natural Witch to work directly with our closest kindred and best allies – The Elements, to empower and revive our natural ability as born witches and influencers of our reality.

Our offerings for sale range from intentionally crafted anointing oils and spell candles, artisan-made natural soaps and herb-infused salves, handcrafted ritual tools, thoughtfully blended sacred herbs & incenses, custom spellwork, along with a variety of crystals, handmade trinkets and other enchanted creations.  


The Natural Witch relishes in the philosophy that…

We are all born with magick, 

All elements are Sacred Tools,

Earth is our Living Altar, 

Life is our Sensual Gift, and

All Acts of Love and Pleasure are Witchcraft and Ritual.

You can visit Autumn’s apothecary online at: