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(Class Length: 1.5 Hours)

The sign of the rebel holds a special place in its heart for the universe’s black sheep, heretics, and inventors. Venus in Aquarius is capable of offering up just as much affection for friends as for romantic partners. It’s also able to absorb all the intricacies of human interaction with a certain level of detachment. This zoomed-out lens is what makes this placement so enthralled by others who are nothing like them. Humanity as a complex whole has its rapt attention.

This sense of curious distance can also be experienced as disconnection. When this placement resists getting lost in the muck of sensations, jealousies, and passions in favor of cool-headed analysis, it risks losing the vibrant core of its relationships. By allowing forays into feelings to be as fascinating as someone else’s bright idea, this sign transforms from an interpersonal robot into the compassionate humanitarian it was always meant to be.

– Chani Nicholas

The dance I have written for Venus in Aquarius embodies the Water Bearer and resident extra terrestrials of the zodiac as buoyant, playful and fluid with a focus on thoughtfulness and celestial grace.

Please come prepared with your smudge, candle, SOMETHING SWEET TO BURN for Venus, hydration, and something fun to tie around your waist.

MUSIC: Alien Vibratory Field by Halfred