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When Venus — the planet of love, relationships, beauty, and creativity — strides into Capricorn all things lush reach their limits. In a good way. This Saturn-ruled sign isn’t the easiest place for the Goddess of romance and revelry to romp in because its focus on structure, discipline, and hard work tends to thwart more free-spirited pastimes. But Venus in the sign of the grounded sea goat offers up other gifts: high standards, timeless style, and a commitment to transforming frivolity into fine art.

Like the physical restraint employed by a gifted ballerina or the careful precision of a skilled painter’s linework, this placement understands how to dedicate itself in service of loveliness. Understated outfits, mature agreements with romantic partners or friends, and carefully set boundaries flourish here. In this cardinal earth sign, Venus is prepared to invest time and diligence into perfecting its many art forms. What’s lost in spontaneity is made up for in stamina and the ability to make passionate desires seem like the work of a true professional.

– Chani Nicholas

The dance I have written for Venus in Capricorn is bold, regal and pristine, with a focus on structure, clear lines, a grounded sense of timelessness and class. She’s a boss lady who plays for keeps, and I adore her for it.

Please come prepared with your smudge, candle, something sweet to burn for Venus, hydration, and something fun to tie around your waist.


MUSIC: All Mine by Portishead