Venus in Leo

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You will want to skip through the first 5 minutes as I was experiencing audio issues. Thank you Autumn for helping me get it sorted!

Venus in Leo wears the ultimate little black dress and some very, very expensive jewelry. This is Venus in full-on glamor mode, but with added heart. When Venus transits Leo, we can expect big romance, big gestures and big drama to match.

Everyone knows that Venus in astrology is about love energy, but Venus is also about the things we value, and, by extension, about wealth.

Leo is a fire sign, so in love this Venus energy is hot, exciting and full of dramatic flair.

Creatively, this astrological transit favors the arts, so artistic or creative hobbies are likely to bring a lot of joy.

Excited to see this cosmic signature through dance on my witches!

Adorn yourselves and enjoy!

Music is LYRAN LOUNGE by ABSTRACT JAGUAR (available on itunes)