(All Levels)

Libra is the natural placement for Venus and when in her native sign, and it is in this house that Venus can be highly graceful and beautiful. Venus in Libra is magnetic, harmonious and inquisitive. Venus gets us thinking about and appreciating the beauty of all that is around us, inspiring us to bring more beauty and balance into our lives.

Ruled by the element of Air, Libra elevates Venus and gives her wings to soar above the trivialities of life with grace, and a sense of effortlessness.

The dance I have for our Venus in Libra embodiment displays an air of clever weightlessness composed with big time sensuality.

For this class please come prepared with SOMETHING SWEET TO BURN as an offering to Venus, a candle, hydration of choice and something fun to tie around your waist.


Slow song: Seeds Dream by Subaqueous

Fast song: Angel Aura by Empress Sunbow


Enjoy dear hearts!