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Venus in Scorpio is the mysterious and brooding romantic who keeps their heart a bit guarded. With incredible emotional depths and sensitivity when Venus is in Scorpio, she prefers to have an air of mystery about her. and frankly, Venus in Scorpio isn’t exactly the easiest Venus sign to have. Venus is actually considered to be “in detriment” in Scorpio because Venus rules Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite. (Planets are in detriment when they’re in the opposite sign of the sign the planet rules.)

What it ultimately gets down to is that Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so there is always going to be an ‘underworld’ flavor to Venus when she is transiting this sign. This is Venus Cthonia. This fixed water sign isn’t interested in superficial flirtation or mainstream glamor. Instead, Venus in Scorpio angles for intimate heart-to-hearts, complex depictions of beauty, and the chance to shed its shiny surface layer. Just as the scorpion crawls through the world with a venom-loaded tail, this placement is viscerally aware of its dark side — and everyone else’s. From the occult to the taboo to the naughty, Venus in Scorpio will likely find pleasure in things that might be unsettling, however here’s a certain seductive quality to this Venus placement.

The dance I have written is stealth, beguiling, unpredictable and alluring…

With a bit of a sting. 

Written to TABOO by AMANATI.

For this class please come prepared with SOMETHIG SWEET TO BURN for Venus, a candle, hydration of choice and something fun to tie around your waist.