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This dance is all about grounded sensuality and elegance.

Ample and assured, Venus in Taurus helps us to center and appreciate the interconnectedness of the natural world. The organic rhythms of nature are healing, plain and simple. Venus in Taurus teaches us this through all it has dominion over.

Sensuality is how life sustains itself. Shame does not exist in a forest, jungle, or desert. Pleasure promotes growth. The beauty of a rose entices us all, big and small.

As Venus in Taurus beckons us towards all that delights, it encourages us to do so steadily, slowly, and sustainably. By nurturing what holds us, we become aware that we are a part of a whole. Bearing witness to beauty’s animating force in our lives affirms our beauty too. Lingering long enough to bear witness to the beauty in our lives is a practice to put front and center now.

For class, please come prepared with your hydration of choice, smudge, a candle, your amulet and something fun to tie around your waist.