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In modern astrology, Venus is seen as the Goddess of Love. She speaks of beauty, connection, relationship, attraction, graciousness, envy, lust and erotic power. To the ancients the world over the planet had different embodiments. As a morning star this heavenly body represented times of pestilence and blood-shed. As an evening star it was seen as symbolizing a time of fertility, a time when folks would gather where the grain grew and get groovy in their birthday suits. Deities such as Aphrodite, Ishtar, Inanna, Lucifer (the name actually means morning star) and the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl are just some of the mythical embodiments associated with this wandering light in its different incarnations.

Nothing is for free. Beauty comes with a cost. Envy is just one of them. Unwanted advances is another. In Virgo, Venus is seen as being in its fall or in a depression. There’s good reason for this. As Venus is responsible for relating and love-making, the sign of Virgo would rather make sure that it gets all the work done than all the plays played. Virgo can be too discerning for love, often stripping away the glorious with the grotesque as a sort of self-defense strategy. Virgo’s energy is pulled in, but Venus wants to connect; whether that be to devour or to dance.

 Much like Psyche sorting the grain, Venus in Virgo’s tasks seem impossible until we rely on the magic of nature to come to our aid; the magic of our instincts and the magic that happens when we trust our connection to life.

What Virgo is absolutely, unequivocally a master of is critique. You can’t just gaze at the beautiful face of Goddess because it doesn’t do Her justice. We need to be aware of the contrasts of life.

When Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves through Virgo, our connections take on a practical bent. The planet of romance and intimacy isn’t immediately at ease in this analytical earth sign. Rather than letting its hair down, Venus in Virgo tends to scrutinize its interactions, pinpoint potential problems, and then get to work researching solutions. It’s not always comfortable scouting close ties with others for their red flags, but doing so can be the ultimate show of care. Virgo assesses its bonds like a healer would examine a body: to figure out where doses of medicine are required in order for it to thrive. And often the remedies offered up are through grounded acts of support: showing up early for the big performance, washing every last dish after dinner, or remembering for years that someone’s favorite fragrance is bergamot. While it’s easy to overlook this placement’s strengths when flashier signs strut past proffering roses and love letters, it possesses an innate knowing of a crucial truth: long-term love comes to life through attention to the details. – Chani Nicholas

The dance I have written to embody and venerate Venus in Virgo portrays the Goddess practicing thoughtfulness and restraint. This dance also reflects the emotional time we were living in during this transit as a global community. There’s no denying it… Times were HEAVY when this dance was written (GAZA). We were reminded at this time that there is medicine in moving through the challenges & grounding into our practice with consciousness… Rather than checking OUT, we can check IN, and carry ourselves with reverence for all of the unfoldings and emotions that we may be processing during emotionally challenging times.

For this class, please come prepared with something sweet to burn as an offering to VENUS, candle, yoga mat, hydration, and something to tie around your waist.


Slow song – Dedication 1 by Rigzin


Full speed: Dusted Compass by The Human Experience with Lila Rose


Can’t you see we’re done
And we have done this to ourselves
Can you feel we’re falling apart
But somehow we’re moving closer

Uncover the reasons
How we could let it go so far
Blinded we’ve been guided
Dusted compass swinging upside down

Something’s broken been plated in gold
Unveil secrets garnished and old
Oh they can’t say
But we can be saved
Come now let our blood carve the path
The pulse that brings us closer to all of that

To the breath that keeps us beating
To the breath that keeps us beating
To the breath that keeps us beating