The White Raven is an animal totem that we summoned and embodied for our December / Winter Solstice Coven embodiment class. To call on the medicine of the Albino Raven is to invite the following into our sacred dance practice:

The message of the Albino Raven is that you have wisdom and ancient energy flowing through your ‘veins.’ Now you are walking into a new alignment of the spirit. The White Albino Raven is a sign of miracles manifesting themselves. It is a time of prophetic unfolding and seeking the medicinal insight of the White Raven will be easiest on a FULL MOON.

For this class, please come prepared with your hydration of choice, yoga mat and favorite props, smudge, a WHITE CANDLE, your amulet and something fun to tie around your waist.

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Music: Kvitravn by Wardruna


Into twilight1
Lure you in
White raven
Veiled and dwelling
Let me ask!
Lend me a feather
I will turn it
into white wings
Let us fly,
wide on winds
With hunting minds
and sorcerous songs
Let me ask!
Lend me your wide-sight
Let me espy,
in fumes of fog
Let me ask!
Teach me the song
that allures you… that allures me
that finds you… that finds me
Will you follow me
throughout my time?
Will you watch over me
throughout my time?
Gave me wings
White raven
Gave me foresight
Gave me the song
White wings
Follows me

This dance also incorporates key runes that are included in the bindrune I created for us to accompany our dance magic & practice:

Ansuz: Odins Rune –Ansuz refers to divine inheritance and the connection to the old gods. The Ansuz rune is for divine wisdom and power to flow into the human world from the old gods. It is linked to speech and mouth such as the power of persuasion, creativity, and communication.

Fehu: Freya’s Rune ~ Wealth & earthly bounty.

Tiwaz (Tyr): God / Temple Rune –

The rune of the warrior, Tiwaz is named after the god Tyr. The god of justice and law, this rune is a representation of honor, righteousness, and warrior. It is trust in the path that has been chosen, that is the one true path towards greatness.

Odins Rune – Dagaz: Dagaz represents fulfillment at the end of a path and is the rune of an awakening, light and transformation. Its shape also depicts the balance between negative and positive energy and the balance between light and darkness.

Ancestors Rune – Othala: Othala symbolizes our genetic inheritance, DNA, unconscious knowledge and spiritual power that comes from our ancestors. Othala helps to unite people and their stories in search for something greater.

Nothing in the universe is random, for the intricate web of co-creation weaves together all events and has done so since the beginning of time. Coincidences have meaning, and White Raven Spirit appears to remind you to pay attention to these synchronicities so that you might recognize patterns. Even the winds dance in a pattern, participating in the magic of Spirit’s plan for all. Align with the highest good and intentions, and you will come to see that White Raven is guiding you, an ally to you and a messenger from Spirit. Align with the Light, and you will start to recognize that all is working together harmoniously in ways the eye can’t always see and the mind can’t always comprehend. The universe is conspiring on your behalf right now, drawing you to the light and bringing you the magic and miracles that are your birthright. Now is the time to trust in the magic of the world that is everywhere and in all things. Pay attention to how things come together as if by magic, and you will see the hand of Great Spirit arranging things in your favor.