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Solstice is the first day of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. The Old One.

For the Ancient Greeks, this time of year was known as Saturnalia. The festival of Saturn – who before the rule of the new Gods was said to have led a Golden Era of peace and plenty. That Golden Era returned during Saturnalia, it was a festival of lights, when hierarchies were turned on their head, masters served the slaves, and the order of the universe was shaken down.

Like Hekate, Saturn too, is Guardian of the Threshold. The Old One who can see into the realms of death and time without fear — he who can look back on life and youth with the wisdom of experience. He who, for the ancients, stood at the edge of the known universe, his rings draping between the worldly realms of humanity and the Mysteries of the Gods.

Music: Wights by Osi And The Jupiter (available on all platforms)